Kami Rice

Pau 64000 France
Website: http://www.kamirice.com

Professional Experience

My path to freelancing was far from linear and predictable, but I'm a better writer because of it. My subjects often include religion, the arts, international culture, higher education and nonprofits, but my natural curiosity means I'm game to cover anything. My attention to detail means I'll do it well. I'm presently based in France and have spent months in Africa, Haiti, the U.K. and India covering stories for magazines and nonprofits. I also write newspaper articles, essays and press releases. I blog. I tweet. I have sold photos. I've served as the English audioguide voice for tours of a former French internment camp. I've covered part-time public relations duties for a higher education association, research duties for an author and various duties (of the production, marketing and fulfillment varieties) for a film production company. I edit too! And bake cookies and fix lawnmowers. Just kidding about the last part, but I'd be glad to write about someone who does fix lawnmowers!


Copy Editor
7 Years
7 Years
12 Years


Arts & Humanities
7 Years
8 Years
7 Years


Academia Other
6 Years
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

12 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

United Methodist Communications (10+), Nashville Arts Magazine (10+), Outreach magazine (6-10), Nashville Scene (3-5), High Calling (3-5), GIFT SHOP magazine (1-2), Burnside Writers Collective (1-2), Prism magazine (1-2), Relevant Magazine's Reject Apathy (1-2), The Tennessean (1-2), Washington Post (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

CCCU (10+), Franciscan Media (10+), LivingSocial (10+), Thomas Nelson Publishers (10+), Upper Room/Africa Upper Room (10+), University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences (6-10), Vanderbilt University (3-5), Global Oceanic (3-5), Adventures in Missions (3-5), Forbes Travel Guide (1-2), Camp des Milles (1-2)

Other Work History

* Voice Over Talent, English audioguide - Camp des Milles, Aix-en-Provence, France (2015) *Writer/Editor/Communications Consultant (contractor) - Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, Washington, DC (2010-2013) *Booking Agent/Road Manager - various signed and independent musicians, Nashville (2001-2003) *Asst. Director for Student Activities - Messiah College, Pennsylvania (1999-2001) *Staff Assistant - U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (KY), Washington, DC (1999) *US Telecommunications Training Institute, Washington, DC (1998-1999) *Liaison Officer - Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting, Atlanta (1996)

Foreign Language Skills

professional proficiency in French

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, blog applications, social media


laptop, digital SLR camera, digital audio recorder, printer/scanner/copier; iPhone

Work Permits & Visas

I have a valid passport. I have a multi-entry tourist visa for India.


Available upon request.


Society of Professional Journalists Club de la Presse Marseille Provence Alpes Sud



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