Pam Frost Gorder


Professional Experience

I’m an award-winning science writer, blogger and freelancer specializing in mathematical and physical sciences and engineering. I’m as likely to write about the brightest supernova ever seen as I am the rise of a mummified forest, whether we can avoid a robot apocalypse, or why we like cars that go vroom-vroom!


23 Years


23 Years
23 Years


Academia Other
20 Years
Newsletter - Trade
2 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
23 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

23 Years

Other Work History

1996-Present: Ohio State University, Research Communications 1995-1996: Technical Insights, Inc. (now a division of Frost & Sullivan) Freelancing for magazines including • New Scientist (cover story) • The Sciences • Science World (cover story) • Chemistry, member magazine of the American Chemical Society (cover stories) • Perspectives, research magazine of Ohio University. • Dayton Engineer, alumni magazine of University of Dayton School of Engineering (cover story) • Michigan Tech Magazine, research magazine of Michigan Technological University. • Physical Review Focus, news column of the American Physical Society • Kellogg Insight (Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University) • Materials Today (Materials Research Society).

Computer Skills

word processing, document editing, photo editing


National Association of Science Writers