Robin L. Barton

Brooklyn, NY USA

Professional Experience

Need someone to explain complex legal issues, statutes and court cases in plain English? Look no further. A former Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, I've been working as an award-winning legal reporter for the past 8+ years, writing articles on diverse topics such as fair housing law, shopping center/office building management and Canadian workplace safety and environmental law. I've proven adept at boiling down legal mumbo jumbo into clear and concise language for non-lawyers. A thorough researcher and skilled interviewer, I'm up to the challenge of writing about any and all legal issues.


9 Years
2 Years


9 Years


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
5 Years
Newsletter - Consumer
9 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

9 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

ALM (3-5), Habitat Magazine (10+)

Other Work History

Bongarde Media Co., staff reporter, July 2006-present ALM, freelance reporter, Oct. 2009-present Habitat Magazine, freelance reporter, wrote 12 articles, including 2 features, 2005-2007 Vendome Group/Brownstone Publishers, staff reporter/editor, June 2000-2006

Computer Skills

Word, Excel


laptop PC, Flip video camera, digital camera

Work Permits & Visas

valid Passport


Nicole Lefton, (212) 313-4476, Mark Obbie,


SIPA Editorial Awards 2008, Best Instructional Reporting, Third Place



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Monthly newsletter for Canadian environmental health and safety coordinators. I wrote all the content.
Monthly newsletter for Canadian workplace safety coordinators. I wrote all the content.