Susan Dalzell

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Professional Experience

I’m a journalist, author, blogger and communications specialist with more than 20 years of experience working for universities, non-profits, newspapers and magazines. As a reporter, I’ve covered higher education, the arts, food, health, travel, business and numerous lifestyle topics. I excel at feature writing, especially human-interest stories, but I’m not afraid to tackle tough, complex subjects. I’m also a meticulous editor with a background in editing internal publications for universities. I take my work seriously: I meet deadlines and always strive to measure up to my clients’ high expectations. My first book, Poetry 101, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2018. As of August 2022, I am living in Kuwait City, Kuwait.


20 Years
13 Years
20 Years


Arts & Humanities
20 Years
20 Years
Other, Specify
10 Years


Academia Other
10 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
5 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
6 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Tokyo Families magazine (3-5), Wall Street Journal (1-2), Currents (CASE) magazine (1-2), Military Spouse magazine (1-2), Metropolis magazine (Tokyo) (1-2), Dayton Daily News (10+), Forbes Travel Guide (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Canvas8 (1-2)

Other Work History

Author, Poetry 101, Adams Media/Simon & Schuster, September 2018 Internal Communications Manager, International Baccalaureate (IB), 2020-present Communications Manager, Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA 2017-2020 Communications Officer and Editor, Staff Newsletter, The University of Cambridge, 2007-2009 Communications Temp/Volunteer, Emmaus UK (Non-profit charity), 2006-2007 Managing Editor, onCampus faculty-staff newspaper, The Ohio State University, 1998-2006 Religion Section Editor, The (Medina County) Gazette, 1997-1998

Technical Skills

Basic HTML, WordPress

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Adobe InDesign


Laptop, digital camera (Canon G9X), Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

Work Permits & Visas

U.S. citizen


Available Upon Request



She's a prime-time TV anchor, a wife, a lawyer with a prestigious firm, and the mother of two teenagers. Inside the hectic life of Colleen Marshall.
They're young, they're smart, and they're the next generation of Cambridge's computer scientists. Meet Women@CL, an organization working to help women in computer science feel supported as they pursue their studies and careers.
A 280-farm smack in the middle of the city serves as a giant lab for The Ohio State University. Operated by the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, the facility provides hands-on experience for scientists and farmers.
As head groundsman of Jesus College, University of Cambridge, Allan Moore is responsible for the care of nearly 12 acres of sports grounds.
A faculty and staff bowling league is a Monday night institution. onCampus stops in to check out the action.
At Cambridge, ceremony is not just about graduation -- it's rooted in the fabric of university life. Meet Timothy Milner, who has made it his mission to study the ins and outs of the ceremonies that punctuate the university year.
For 12 years, Sara Rhodes has worked as Butler of Trinity Hall. She dislikes wine, she's good at keeping secrets and if you want her job, you're going to have to wait 20 years until she retires.
The catering teams in St. John's College and Girton College, University of Cambridge, partner with Cambridge Mencap and Huntingdonshire Regional College to give students with learning disabilities valuable work experience. The 'Newsletter' spent a day in St. John's to see the students in action.
The latest Cambridge landmark -- the Corpus Clock -- plays with our sense of how time works. Unveiled by Professor Stephen Hawking on 19 September, the clock attracts crowds day and night.
Rita Townsend manages the university's telephone switchboard. Officially, her role is to connect callers. Unofficially? She's a font of practical information.
Twice a day, the bronze bell of the SS Terra Nova lets loose a fearsome sound when it is rung from its position on a stairway landing in the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. Staffers know its time to gather for coffee, tea and gossip.


Tokyo woodblock printer Dave Bull invites tourists into his shop to create their own prints.
Choreographer Bebe Miller continues to thrive artistically as a dancer but is relishing her new role as a professor.
Parenthood inspires two Ohio University artists to take creative risks.
Thirty-two actors, writers and directors gather to create six plays in 24 hours.
Stand-up comedy nights at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, attract some of Britain's best comedians.
Columbus' BalletMet rides the wave of a successful New York premiere but faces challenges on its home turf.
The University of Cambridge's Trinity College Choir and its director, Stephen Layton, are poised for an ambitious year of recordings, concerts and tours.
Hidden treasures abound inside some of Cambridge University's oldest libraries.
Renowned folklorist reflects on Ohio's traditional tunes in new book published by Ohio University Press.

Health and Wellness

Jon Peterson leads the fight to increase state funding for the severe disorder that affects his 11-year-old daughter. It doesn't hurt that he carries more clout than other parents: He's a member of the Ohio House of Representatives.
A little girl in West Africa's Ivory Coast is now able to walk and run, thanks to the efforts of health professionals and volunteers in the Miami Valley.
A growing number of parents, teachers, doctors and therapists have discovered the iPad's many uses for individuals with disabilities.
Oral cancer survivor Hank Deneski founded the Western Ohio Oral Head and Neck Cancer Support Program. Even as he battles his own illness, he's making a difference in the lives of others.
Julia Schaefer is a 12-year survivor of liver cancer. She is circulating a petition to Congress to improve the Social Security benefits available to those with chronic illnesses.
Travis Lovejoy, a graduate student in psychology at Ohio University, conducted several recent studies-with Jennette Lovejoy as co-investigator, to better understand the factors that influence Appalachians' decisions to be screened for cancer.


I had the best of intentions to learn Japanese when I moved to Tokyo. And yet, more than halfway into my three years here, I’m still essentially mute in the language millions around me speak.
Tales from Tokyo is a blog that shares my family's adventures as we adjust to life on the outskirts of Tokyo. I moved to Japan with my husband and young son in July 2014. AngloINFO is the world's largest network of websites for English-speakers living abroad.
A travel blog highlighting my ongoing adventures as an expat living on Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan. My husband was stationed here with the U.S. Air Force in July 2014.
Personal essay about how getting thrown repeatedly into alien environments has taught me a few things about myself. My most valuable lesson? Screw shyness. When I move to a new place, I have to figure out a way to play extrovert-at least long enough to make a few friends for support.
In this piece, co-written with Tracy Slater, we offer survival tips for trailing spouses and accidental expats, including advice on how to handle reentry after a trip back to your home country and how to redefine your sense of self while abroad.


U.K. universities have discovered that joining forces -- with each other, the government, and private organizations -- is the key to building more effective international alumni engagement programs.
Tapping into the inclination to give can be a daunting challenge for international schools. Cultural differences, transient families, perceptions of institutional wealth and relatively young pools of alumni all conspire to make fundraising difficult. And yet: More and more international schools are recognizing the importance of alumni relations, communications and fundraising.


It's easy to pass on inaccurate info to our kids about nature. Here, a naturalist gives us the scoop on what's true and what isn't.
In this essay, I write about the attention my son attracts as a blond kid in Tokyo.
Tips and advice from experts for preventing heat-related accidents for kids.
Ten tips to get your preschooler cooking.
Early education experts share their favorite tips for instilling a love of reading in little ones.
It might be a baby's footprint, a child's name, or a favorite portrait, but whatever the design, more and more Dayton women are choosing tattoos which reflect their roles as mothers.

Home and Garden

While the glorious reds, oranges and yellows of autumn leaves can be showstoppers, trees don't have to be the only beautiful things in your garden this fall. With the right plants, a bit of elbow grease and a little imagination, fall gardens can be lovely, vibrant places to enjoy.
Expert tips for creating eye-catching centerpiece and vase floral arrangements.
Interior designers share their tips for adding elements of autumn to your décor.
Nursery designs are getting less cutesy and more chic.
Builders and remodelers say the concept of his and hers bathrooms in master suites is just the thing for some couples, providing private time and separate storage.
A messy home office is more than just an eye-sore. It wastes time, money and energy and can even be emotionally draining. Here are eight expert tips to help get that space in tip-top shape.


The girl-power retailer has rebounded after its mishmash mistake.
Cheryl Krueger recently sold her made-from-scratch cookie company to 1-800-Flowers.Com for $40 million. But don't expect her to bow out any time soon.

Food and Entertaining

Making gingerbread houses from scratch can be fun but frustrating. Here, a pastry chef shares his tips for making the process go smoothly.
Wicked cocktails for your Halloween party.
Cheese mongers offer advice on preparing cheese boards to impress your guests.
Chefs in the Miami Valley are turning to beer as a key ingredient for new menu items.
Local group drums up business for restaurants by planning 'raids.'
A wine expert provides an introduction to port wines.
In honor of Mother's Day, chefs share the best cooking advice their mothers' gave them.
Supplier delivers organic and local food to members' homes.
A little research and planning can save you big money at the grocery store.
Bakers find ways to make cupcakes even better by experimenting with beer and wine as ingredients.
A classic gets its own month and some twists in flavor and texture.
Jan. 25 gatherings mark birthday of beloved Scottish poet Robert Burns.