Tess Forte

New York, NY USA
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tessforte/

Professional Experience

Passionate senior-level ideator, writer, and problem-solver recognized for creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. In 20+ years as a big-idea/copy lead, 16 as an independent consultant, I’ve worked with all the greats across every category, seamlessly collaborating with art directors, designers, marketers, and sales teams to flawlessly deliver on-point, engaging solutions that consistently exceed expectations. SPECIALTIES: Consumer-facing lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and health content. Known for lightning-fast turnarounds and well-thought-out copy that simplifies even the most complicated objectives. PORTFOLIO: CLICK ON PROJECT NAMES NOT IMAGES BELOW TO VIEW SAMPLES


16 Years
22 Years
Other, Specify
22 Years


6 Years
22 Years
22 Years


Marketing (in-house) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
4 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
22 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
22 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

22 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Oprah.com/OWN (10+), Cooking Light (10+), MyRecipes.com (10+), Southern Living (10+), Real Simple (10+), All You (10+), POPSUGAR (10+), Sunset/Coastal Living (3-5), Book of the Month Club (6-10), WWD (1-2), Health (6-10), Hearst Integrated Media (10+), jet.com (10+), The Foundry at Time Inc. (1-2), GLAAD (3-5), Food Network Magazine (3-5), Weight Watchers (1-2), America Media (1-2), Ellen Digital Network (10+), Eating Well (1-2), Coastal Living (1-2), Midwest Living (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Madison Square Garden/Radio City Music Hall (3-5), Cozi (10+), Markstein Strategic Marketing and Public Relations Agency (10+), 98point6 (10+), Chart + Foster Co. Brand Consultancy (10+)

Other Work History

Copy Director/98point6, 2/2019-present; Fill-in Copy Director/Real Simple, 7/2014-1/2015 and 2/2013-7/2013; Marketing Manager/PARADE Magazine, 2/2005-10/2005; Senior Promotional Writer/TV Guide, 10/2002-2/2005; Promotional Copywriter/Modern Bride, 9/2002-3/2003 (downsized); Assistant Editor/Teen People Book Club, 1/2000-8/2001; Editorial Assistant/Book-of-the-Month Club, 6/1998-12/1999

Computer Skills

Proficient on Mac and PC


Available upon request; 30+ references and recommendations viewable on my LinkedIn profile.


2005 min Integrated Marketing Award for Best Print/Online Bundle; Best Print/TV Bundle for Milano Cookies - Frasier Finale Promotion


Media Bistro Avant Guild


Online Branded Content/Minisites/Native Advertising

Native slideshow showcasing fun recipes using chocolate milk. The recipes were written by participating bloggers in Real Simple's A-List Network-- this piece tied it all together and provided a drive to the individual blogs.
How to outsmart your kid into having good manners, proper hygiene, money management skills, and more.
How to wear Not Your Daughter's Jeans Fall selections every day of the week.
Part of Cooking Light and Marzetti's Farm to Fork produce guide, this article offers creative Game Day tips, including how to make veggies the party MVP.
Online blog post-style advertorial touting Hypnotiq's "sparkling" message by offering users fashion and beauty tips to stay sparkling during the holiday season.
Slideshow of ideas for giving your home and your routine a refresh for the spring season.
How to create a bedroom environment that balances morning get-up-and-go inspiration with a relaxing evening atmosphere.
Post for BellaSugar promoting the incredible 2-day "weekend" turnaround of Crest 3D White family of products.
Blog-style advertorial with easy, fun lunch-packing tips for Mom.
Native advertising post offering back-to-school clothes shopping advice for Moms, based on mini Boden's website.
Online slideshow with advice for making your home guest-ready for the holidays using products from IKEA.
Created "Couture Meets Casa" name as well as (5) posts about how to incorporate the latest runway trends into your home decor.
Online advertorial playing off of RealSimple.com users' love of checklists-- this one promotes P&G laundry products among other troubleshooting laundry solutions.
Blog-style advertorial post for BellaSugar promoting a Pinterest contest, sponsored by Renuzit.
Holiday gift guide for Gillette that appeared on Bella Sugar. For features such as these, I usually act as "editor" as well as writer, and choose the gift suggestions myself based on current trends.
Part of a series of advertorials for FitSugar and BellaSugar, sponsored by Abreva, with editorial-style tips on dressing for your body type or concealing problem areas at the gym.
Blog-style advertorial post for BellaSugar promoting Juicy Couture's new line of jeans.
Advertorial post for Tampax, geared towards college students, with spotlight activity ideas for summer.
Advertorial post for Red Bull integrating their new "Red" flavor with date-night style. Part 2 of a 3-part series.
Recipe gallery highlighting classic Italian dishes perfect for your next family dinner.
1 of 2 advertorial posts promoting the latest summer trends from Macy's Impulse line to match every occasion.
Native content combining facts about Rosacea with helpful beauty tips and solutions, like prescription Mirvaso.

Print Advertorials - Consumer

Advertorial in Real Simple's April 2017 issue promoting Elmers crafting supplies you can get at Target.
Created a two-page spread (ad and advertorial) with the Integrated Media team aligning Amope gel insoles messaging with spring shoe and nail trends.
Advertorial for Chinet disposable tableware; like all great spring pairings, Chinet goes perfectly together at your most memorable get-togethers.
One of three customized pieces offering Nate Berkus' expert tips for a forever kitchen. Versions in slightly different voices went in HGTV and Veranda magazines.
Advertorial promoting the Tide Odor Defense line of products as a key component to all your outdoor family activities.
Conducted a telephone interview with celebrity chef and reality show contestant/judge Antonia Lofaso (Top Chef); this served as the basis for a Q&A promoting Bertolli sauces around Mother's Day.
Advertorial aligning Clinique's newest multi-tasking product with Real Simple's multi-tasking reader.
In-book advertorial with tips for keeping a seamless indoor-outdoor party flow, integrating Shaw Floors.
I suggested the interactive quiz concept for this non-branded advertorial promoting flu prevention tips.
Advertorial for NexGard promoting dog-friendly vacations across the South from the point-of-view of the "Clever Canine."
Part three in an in-book advertorial series for Goodyear Tires. This month's focus: Care & Maintenance.
Advertorial promoting Suave Professionals products with testimonials from All You readers.
Full page advertorial integrating Minute Maid's new "MMOJO" campaign with summer's hottest fashion and beauty trends.
Instant, colorful upgrades for your home using Devine Color for Target.
In-book advertorial aligning Neutrogena's sun care and protection products with Real Simple messaging.
Part of Food Network Magazine's ongoing 1-2-3 advertorial booklet series, this time promoting Land O Lakes Butter.
Print advertorial for Real Simple magazine showcasing new XBox Kinect as the solution for family entertainment every night of the week.
The ultimate summer fun guide to 10 top U.S. cities, with categories including Family Friendly, Outdoor Fun, and Food & Drink. I was responsible for category concepts, all research, and writing.
1/3-page advertorial tweaking the messaging from Minute Maid's May In Style advertorial to fit the Entertainment Weekly brand.
Part of Food Network Magazine's ongoing 1-2-3 advertorial booklet series, this time promoting Dekuyper Cordials for your summer cocktails.
Peel-away unit (advertorial copy beneath editorial) followed by spread advertorial promoting Buitoni as the solution for your summer entertaining menu. Note page one is a placeholder for the edit that was tk.

Print Ads--Consumer

Ad promoting MyRecipes.com for the holidays.
"Emotional" Mother's Day ad promoting Cozi as the must-have app for families.
Print ads to run in Southern Living driving readers to connect with the brand via their social media channels.
Ad promoting the many benefits of the Cozi app to today's busy families.
Worked closely with Real Simple Creative Studio Director and VP Marketing on a series of ads to revitalize the Real Simple brand-- still solutions-oriented, but with a more "beautiful" aspirational tone.
One-page ad promoting Real Simple for Bed Bath and Beyond products, available at BBB.
Ad for new line of Real Simple Dinnerware, available exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Special Event Collateral

Invite to ALL YOU advertising partners and clients inviting them to a pre-Black Friday shopping event. I also named the event.
Post inviting POPSUGAR users to a NYC tailgate-with-a-twist, sponsored by Smirnoff Ice.
Mock up for a Lancome counter card that will encourage shoppers to make an appointment for a Real Simple experience at Lancome this Fall. The piece would also serve as a tip card for shoppers to use at their actual appointment.
Series of emails promoting simple skincare events in multiple cities, featuring targeted skincare facts based on each city.
Script focused on choosing the right undergarments. Real Simple's Merchandising Manager presented this speech at the Jockey Event at Macy's Atlanta, and used it to voice over the fashion show.
Advertisement for annual "Accessoiree" that appeared in In Style magazine's September 2007 issue and on instyleinsider.com.


Work with Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Branding to strategize, develop, and update messaging; responsible for all copywriting, proofing, and editing.
Worked closely with team to conceptualize and write copy for entire website relaunch.
All positioning language and messaging for the GLAAD Media Institute tab on the GLAAD website.
Strategy, copywriting and continuous updating in liaise with physicians to provide the latest trusted information and guidance around COVID-19.
Web page educating patients about the dangers of antibiotic overuse and the 98point6 commitment to keeping medicine effective for everyone.
Worked with team to conceptualize and write copy for website relaunch.

Guest Blogger/3rd Person Blogger

Memorial Day-themed post promoting Sargento's "45 Reasons to Love Ultra Thin Slices" messaging with a Cooking Light turkey burger recipe.
Sponsored post for MyRecipes.com's "Taste This" blog with a fun suggestion for making the most of Manwich's "Messy Monday" theme.
Blog post featuring tips on how to get the most out of your salad, incorporating Panera's new "clean" menu offerings.
Blog post promoting Hillshire Farms' sandwich ideas and their summer food truck.

Direct Mail and Mailers from Employers/Health Plans

Mailer to Banner/Aetna members about their virtual health benefit from 98point6. Focus on women's health issues.
Mailer for Banner/Aetna members about their virtual care benefit through 98point6. This was a back-to-school effort showcasing all the ways primary care on-demand can make parents' lives easier. Conceptualized the child's board game idea in addition to writing copy.
Mock-up for a direct mail piece promoting Lancome's Fall must have's while driving consumers to a Real Simple Experience at the Lancome beauty counter this fall.
Mailer for Nautica home holiday promotion, sponsored by Real Simple magazine.
Page from a direct mail piece that went out to Travel + Leisure Players Club members, promoting the summer's hottest tropical golf vacation packages.
Postcard mailer promoting 98point6 virtual care to parents.

E-Mail Blasts to Advertisers

Email blast to advertisers inviting them to be a part of Southern Living's 50th anniversary issue.
E-blast touting Real Simple's new partnership with Wayfair.com.
Email blast sent to prospective advertisers promoting In Style Magazine's twice-yearly Home issue.
Monthly newsletter to clients from Entertainment Weekly's publisher, talking about the hottest trends this month in the digital world.
E-mail Blast sent to iVillage advertisers to encourage them to buy up inventory in Q4.


To meet IKEA's objective of showcasing their variety of sleep solutions, I came up with the concept of a choose your adventure-style infographic/game. Thanks to some great collaboration with a talented designer, client and agency were thrilled with the results!
Oprah's audience loves hands-on accessible tools for self-improvement. This is an example of one of several I have helped the marketing group create to align a brand with positive self-change.

Medical Office/Spa Collateral

In-office signage for October promotion at Yager Esthetics Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medispa in NYC.
In-office signage and email blast for February laser promotion at NYC cosmetic surgery center/medispa.

Consumer Newsletters

Responsible for conceptualizing and writing quarterly newsletter to 98point6 members. Work with physicians to brainstorm, create, and write content.
Newsletter for Yager Esthetics in New York City. In addition to naming the newsletter, I am responsible for content ideation and creation on a monthly basis with assist from office staff and Dr. Yager.

Style Guide

Condensed version of Style Guide I created and continuously update.
The first of many style guides I have created and/or collaborated on, with the goal of promoting consistency, clarity, and grammar correctness across creative, ad sales, and marketing departments.


Letter from Cooking Light to their Bloggers Connection, gauging interest on doing a blog post on behalf of Luvo.
Letter congratulating the winners of the In Style Your Look "Most Wanted" award at the NACDS Marketplace convention. NOTE: Due to space constraints on mediabistro.com this is not the final designed file-- the copy, however, is final.
Letter from ESPN The Magazine's General Manager to readers and advertisers acknowledging their 2006 National Magazine Award win.
Pub letter introducing new publisher, announcing EW's new social viewing platform, and thanking advertisers for their continued support.

Branding/Product Development

"Renew" and "Subscribe" e-mails for more than 20 Conde Nast publications, as part of their holiday "free gift/subscription with purchase" effort. Worked closely with Consumer Marketing team to create a new, streamlined e-mail template that offered quick, impactful messaging. Five examples shown her
Developed a name and tagline for a new brand of organic cat food. Studied competitive audit to gain understanding of market; brainstormed multiple names and tags before client settled on this final.

Promotional Pages

Promotional/added value pages featuring prominent Real Simple advertisers.

Souvenir Program

Worked closely with the creative team on the production of this year's souvenir program for the Christmas Spectacular. Streamlined existing copy and crafted original copy for new scenes added to the 2014 show, such as "Rag Doll."
Souvenir program for the premier season of the Radio City Spring Spectacular, starring the world-famous Rockettes as well as celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Derek Hough. Copy included welcome letter, bios of the cast and creative team, and a scene-by-scene guide to the entire show.


Click on "Browse Our Catalog" in the upper right corner to review copy and captions for this fun and whimsical new line of women's loungewear.


Holiday e-greeting card from OwnEnergy, a renewable energy developer, marrying their mission with the spirit of the season. Card went to their entire mailing list including current and potential clients.
Two versions of holiday card sent to advertisers from Real Simple; one with a gift, one without a gift.

E-Mail Blasts to Consumers

Email blast from Real Simple Promotions highlighting FAGE yogurt and the results of a recent contest featuring Bobby Flay.
E-blast sent to iVillage subscribers promoting Target's Holiday Gift Guide.
Added value email blast to consumers promoting Crate & Barrel's new "Clean Slate" line of products and an in-store event.

Print Ads- Trade

MTN's main message is how the company's people make the difference. I created a personals-ad concept and supportive copy for in-book and online ads that positioned MTN as a potential "soulmate" for clients.


Advertorial post driving users to Hawaiian Tropic's Facebook page where they can enter to be the new spokesmodel for the brand.
Contest for Crest 3D Whitestrips that included tips to brighten your winter style.


Quiz that breaks down American Eagle's Fall looks into style categories-- choose the items you love and determine your style personality!

Content Integration Boxes

Content integration box that combines OxiClean messaging with general Cooking Light messaging to appear run-of-site.
Content integration box that combines OxiClean's messaging with the Breakfast & Brunch recipe section on CookingLight.com.

Print Advertorials - Trade

Advertorial discussing the challenges newspapers face in keeping their Sunday supplement; promotes a new solution from TV Guide. The advertorial ran against TV Guide ads that I concepted/wrote, available upon request.

In-Store Collateral

In-store handout offering tips and discounts on beauty products, sponsored by Real Simple.

Digital Ads and Social Series

Banner ad promoting Valentine's Day discount at TinyPrints.com.
Created and executed bi-weekly social series for 98point6, offering a timely topic, tip, and Q&A around COVID-19 concerns.

Special Sections - Travel

Over the past three years, I've written multiple travel sections for Southern Living, many with the same advertisers. One of the challenges is keeping it fresh, which is why I had fun making this a "Choose Your Adventure"-style section, promoting the same locale in a fun new way. This is just page one due to space constraints-- entire sample available upon request.

Sell Sheets

Sell sheet promoting new digital extensions of one of Real Simple's most popular in-book franchises.
Sales enablement one-pager around 98point6 behavioral health virtual care option.


Tip card with takeaways about how to get dressed quickly and easily in the morning, incorporating styles from Eileen Fisher.
Holiday calendar focusing on Macy's looks for every day of December.


Wrote packaging for Uniden Guardian Complete Home Surveillance System.

Marketing Collateral

Brochure to car dealerships explaining the ReferAppointment system, a web-based platform that allows satisfied customers to earn cash by referring contacts to their car dealership. This brochure explains the process and benefits to Dealers.
Marketing and sales support materials for OwnEnergy, Inc, which can be downloaded here. I was responsible for the BROCHURE, FAQ's and COMMUNITY WIND materials.

Marketing Campaigns

Conceptualized the "No Excuses" to get care concept around the marketing manager's Q1 campaign objective. Responsible for creative direction and copywriting of associated collateral including a flyer, mailer, postcard, digital and banner ads, and email copy.

Consumer-facing One-pagers

One-sheeter for parents, created in collaboration with 98point6 Director of Pediatrics, offering credible medical information and trusted reassurance around return to school post-pandemic.
One-sheeter in conjunction with our "No Excuses" campaign (see Marketing Campaigns section) presenting 98point6 as an easy way to get care, especially during the pandemic.
One-sheeter to 98point6 members about building immunity.
Fact sheet written for kids at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Non Profit

This is just an online sampling of a 22-page Case for Support booklet created to generate awareness and fundraising for the GLAAD Media Institute.