Triona Guidry

P.O. Box 69 Cary, IL 60013 USA

Professional Experience

I'm a freelance writer with over 20 years' experience in computers and information security. As an award-winning consultant I specialize in computer support for homes and small businesses, web site design, and IT security. As a writer, my specialties include computers and technology. I'm the author of Triona's Tech Tips, a blog and newsletter providing computer help to consumers, as well as a regular contributor to several publications.


10 Years
Other, Specify
20 Years
Web Designer
15 Years


Business (general)
20 Years
20 Years
Women's Issues
20 Years


Book Publishing Consumer
5 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
5 Years
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Guidry Consulting, Inc. (10+)

Other Work History

President, Guidry Consulting, Inc. Part-Time Instructor, College of Lake County (Illinois) Business School, Computer Science Department Help Desk Supervisor, ScottForesman/AddisonWesley Publishers Network Administration Supervisor, Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering And Applied Science, Dean's Office


Windows and Mac computers



Describes the shoddy advice provided to computer consumer users by most Internet providers.
Explains why consumers are dubious about the Windows Vista operating system.
A blog and email newsletter offering computer help for consumer and small business users. Triona's Tech Tips provides news, tips, tricks, and security advice for Windows and Mac users.


Explains why access to adoption records should be restored in states where such records are sealed to participants.
Describes how closed adoption records render adult adoptees a largely ignored minority in U.S. society.
Cover story about the Evan B. Donaldson study "For The Records: Restoring A Legal Right To Adult Adoptees."