Allison Williams

also at Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Professional Experience

An essay writer, radio producer and travel journalist, I've written about race, culture and comedy for National Public Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, McSweeneys Internet Tendency and Travelers Tales. Currently based in the Middle East, frequently in USA.


6 Years
4 Years
10 Years


Arts & Humanities
14 Years
8 Years
6 Years


Academia Teaching
5 Years
Broadcasting - Ent - Radio (National)
2 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

5 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (6-10), Christian Science Monitor (1-2), New York Times (1-2), National Public Radio (3-5), Brevity Literary Journal (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Theatrefolk (6-10)

Technical Skills

sound editing in the field

Foreign Language Skills

Hindi, Czech, French, Arabic

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Mac


Audio recorder and mic Macbook Pro

Work Permits & Visas

USA and Canadian citizen, UAE work permit beginning April 2014, Indian visa through 2023


Heidemann Award finalist Martin Critchell Award for Drama

Work Samples


(Deep South 5/30/2016)
Daddy was real particular about having the yard raked. He came home at the end of the day, yard had to be raked, no footprints, no holes, no castles, no puddles, just raked. So me and Jonathan are playing Barbies...
(Smokelong Quarterly 5/30/2016)
Jay had a statue of Kwan Yin, and whenever you moved the statue, you had to say a special mantra to help her feel at home in a strange place. The mantra was quite long, nine lines, and if you messed up in the middle...


(Self-published 5/30/2016)
Editor for street performer's memoir.
(Penguin Random House 5/30/2016)
Editing work for literary horror novel by Christopher Buehlman.
(Penguin Random House 5/30/2016)
Editing work for literary horror/historical fiction by Christopher Buehlman.
(Penguin Random House 5/30/2016)
Editing work for literary horror novel by Christopher Buehlman


(The Christian Science Monitor 5/30/2016)
I sat in a hot, crowded second-class ladies-only car on the train into Mumbai. The open doors and unglazed windows let in some relief of moving air. With three stations to go, an elderly woman boarded the train. She was bent and thin, but elegant still in an emerald-green sari...
(New York Times/International Herald Tribune 5/30/2016)
Forbesganj is almost at the Nepali border, in the northeast corner of Bihar, India's poorest state. It's an overnight train ride from Calcutta then a three-hour 4X4 ride from Katihar, on bumpy roads and dirt tracks, dodging cows, dogs, donkeys, buses and pedestrians. Tourists don't come here...


(Intersections on CBC Radio 5/30/2016)
Talking about using racial humor, when it works and when it bombs. I'm the first guest.
(Definitely Not The Opera on CBC 5/30/2016)
My story about doing physical therapy with my dad is at 52:05
(Definitely Not The Opera on CBC 5/30/2016)
Wearing saris in India. My story is about 12:00 in.

Pop Culture

(Magic Magazine 5/30/2016)
Adventures in reality television - my experience on a show I call America's Got Lawsuits (If You Reveal The Ending Before The Episode Airs)