Allison Ellis

Seattle, WA 98105 USA

Professional Experience

Well-published freelance writer and magazine journalist with 20+ years experience in lifestyle and consumer media. My work has appeared in Redbook, Marie Claire, Working Mother, Fodor's Travel Guides, NBC, MediaPost, ParentMap, Seattle Weekly, and The Seattle Times. Please see for more info.


Content Editor (online)
15 Years
15 Years
23 Years


Family, Children & Teenagers
20 Years
10 Years
5 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
12 Years
Online/new media
15 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
6 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

23 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Redbook (1-2), ParentMap (10+), Marie Claire (1-2), The Seattle Times (10+), SELF (1-2), Working Mother (3-5), Fodor's Travel Guides (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Starbucks (10+), Nordstrom (10+), (10+), GEICO (10+)

Other Work History

Starbucks Copywriter Nordstrom, Inc., Managing Editor Fox Family Worldwide Vice President, Content Free Range Media/Thomson Newspapers Editorial Director Medio Multimedia Producer Eastsideweek/Seattle Weekly Calendar Editor


Laptop, digital camera



Northwest Writers Association Society of Professional Journalists

Work Samples

Kids & Family

(GEICO Now 4/30/2014)
Fido's finances can really add up. Which pets are priciest? Colorful 4-page spread, plus cost chart infographic.
(GEICO Now 11/1/2012)
Two-page feature spread on children's museums around the U.S.
(GEICO Now 7/2/2013)
Want your kids to love cooking? These four experts have the recipes for success.
(Working Mother 10/1/2011)
2,000 word feature story on flexible child care solutions, including extensive research and reporting.
(Working Mother 10/19/2011)
Essay for Working Mother's Blog Carnival on paid parental leave.

Book Reviews

(Parent Map 10/11/2012)
If 'End of Men' author Hanna Rosin is correct, my son is surely going to need to "woman up." Op/ed parenting commentary & book review.
(ParentMap 1/31/2013)
Review of the highly controversial "The Heavy" by Dara-Lynn Weiss.


(Marie Claire 6/21/2014)
3,000-wd reported article on sexual assault on our nation's college campuses.
(TODAY Moms, NBC 6/27/2012)
Op-ed piece on Nora Ephron's parenting legacy.


(Fodor's Travel Guides 6/1/2013)
Updated "Neighborhoods" and "Puget Sound Islands" chapters, including heavy fact checking, local travel, and writing clever, informative copy.
(Seattle Times 2/14/2014)
Valentine's feature for NWAutos
(GEICO Now 3/1/2013)
Colorful two-page spread on the best lakes, rivers and natural swimming holes in the U.S.
(Seattle Times 1/15/2014)
The 411 on tackling icy road conditions

Job Advice

(The Seattle Times (NWJobs) 2/22/2013)
Time to sound off on the headphone debate.
(Seattle Times (NWJobs) 8/3/2012)
600-word career advice article, including research and reporting.
(Seattle Times (NWJobs) 7/6/2012)
Job search and interview tips for introverts.
(The Seattle Times (NWJobs) 10/26/2012)
Jobs feature on independent contracting.

Personal Essays

(HuffPo Living 8/21/2014)
(This I Believe 8/30/2010)
Yes, I'm disorganized and I like it.
(Redbook 5/1/2011)
Essay on widowhood and parenting for Redbook's "Stuff My Kids Taught Me" section.


(MediaPost 9/9/2011)
Op-ed commentary on Teen Vogue's Fashion Week promotion.
(Orange Magazine 10/1/2012)
2,000-word feature article on social media fashion trends, highlighting the biggies: Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, The Sartorialist, @OscarPRGirl, and many others. Lots of detailed reporting and research went into this one.
(Bellevue Visitor's Guide 6/1/2013)
Luxury stores, local boutiques and eclectic consignment shops offer one-of-a-kind finds.

Home & Garden

(Seattle Times 9/29/2014)
Stylish accents and little luxuries that will brighten your home during even the gloomiest of fall days.
(Seattle Times 3/31/2014)
Celebrate the great outdoors with beautiful, functional accessories