Amy Zavatto

New York City, NY USA

Professional Experience

Curiosity drives me in whatever story I cover. Whether the topic is wine, spirits, food, or travel, I like to send readers away with information they didn't have before. I am the Deputy Editor for Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, a Contributing Editor to Imbibe magazine, the wine columnist for Wynn magazine, and my work appears in Details, More,, and Whisky Advocate. I have also written for Every Day with Rachael Ray, New York Magazine, RL magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, and many others. I am the author of The Architecture of the Cocktail, The Hedonist Guide to Eat NY, the Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing, and the Complete Idiot's Guide to Bartending, which features over 1,500 cocktail recipes (currently in its second edition).


Book Author
15 Years
15 Years
15 Years


15 Years
15 Years
Other, Specify
15 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
10 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
10 Years
Book Publishing Trade/B2B
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

The Independent (2), Zink magazine (2), Details magazine (2), Chatterberries (1), Choice! magazine (1), Cottage Living (1), (1), Wine Adventure (1), Wine Enthusiast (1), Writer's Digest (1), More magazine (2), Go AirTran Magazine (2), Martha Stewart Weddings (1), New Haven Advocate (1), Palm Beach: The Island (1), La Cucina Italiana (2), Geico magazine (1), (1), Plenty (4), The Staten Island Advance (4), TimeOut New York (4), Toque magazine (4), Wynn Las Vegas Hotel (4), New York Magazine (4), (4), (4), (4), Gotham (4), Hamptons (4), The Fairfield County Weekly (1), Priority (Singapore Airlines) (1), Scholastic (1), Imbibe (4), Celebrity Living (4), B& (4), Edible Brooklyn (4), Edible East End (4), Edible Manhattan (4), Edible Manhattan (4), Every Day With Rachael Ray (3), Alpha books/Penguin Putnam (3), Ralph Lauren magazine (3), Ritz-Carlton (2), Teen Wire (2), Trump magazine (2), Food & Wine (2), Entrepreneur (1), Atomic (1), Bantam (1), Country Club Quarterly (3), Details (3)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Barnes & Noble (4), Gnarly Vines (4), PJ Wine (4), The Grape Collective (2), M. Shanken (2), Ralph Lauren (1)

Other Work History

In-house wine writer for Gnarly Vines and PJ Wine; food/drink blogger for Barnes & Noble website, B& and; Author: Hedonist's Guide to... Eat NYC (11/08); The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bartending (10/05); The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Being a Mother of the Bride (2/05); The Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing (9/03); Acquiring Editor, Alpha Books; Development Editor, Alpha Books; Copy Chief, Hamptons/Gotham; Editor, The Princeton Review; author, Read180 Series, Scholastic; proofreader/copy editor Scholastic; copy editor, Matthew Bender

Foreign Language Skills

Workable Italian and Spanish


Freelancers Union

Computer Skills

Word, iContact, Wordpress


Laptop, audio/phone recorder, digital camera


Upon request.


Award: Writing Scholarship, The New School, MFA Program

Work Samples


( 5/5/2009)
Louis Coluccio of interviewed me about my book The Hedonist Guide to...Eat NY and all things edible in NYC.


(Frommer's Travel Guides 12/1/2006)
PodCast interview with editor David Lytle, in which he interviews me about tequila, American whiskey, and (because you need a little food when drinking all that booze) Southern BBQ.


(Frommer's Travel Guides 1/10/2010)
Travel blog on eating and drinking the world 'round.
(Barnes & Noble 1/10/2010)
Cooking, wine, and cocktail book reviews, thoughts, meanderings, and the hands-on pots, pans, goblets, and highball glass reports from the trenches of deliciousness.
(PJ Wine 6/30/2011)
Blogging on the topic of wine for one of NY's most exciting wine retailers.


( 12/12/2006)
What's the riskiest thing a teenager can do? The answer might surprise you.
(Plenty magazine 3/1/2007)
Eco-friendly chefs take eating well to a whole new level -- a look at 10 chefs from across the country and how they're keeping things green and great on the plate. [Story is available on Plenty website from the In-Depth archives, March.]
(New York magazine 5/8/2007)
Long Island’s less-posh fork harvests much more than potatoes and corn these days. Its 30-plus vineyards and Slow Food–minded dining scene offers a tasty alternative to the Hamptons.
(More magazine 11/20/2013)
When Rohini Dey got a bad review in the New York Times, she didn't lie down -- she climbed a mountain.
(AirTran Magazine 3/1/2009)
Once a staple of peasant cooking, variety meats are becoming the heart of high-end cuisine. Includes interviews with chef Michael White of NYC's Alto and L'Impero and chef Chris Cosantino of San Fran's Incanto.
(Edible Brooklyn 7/1/2007)
Brooklynites give Hudson Valley wine a chance.
(Ralph Lauren magazine 12/25/2009)
Rich in history, the old-fashioned hot toddy gets a modern makeover by mixologists this holiday season.
(Imbibe magazine 6/15/2011)
Temporary cafés are delivering great coffee to the people, one vacant space at a time.
(Imbibe magazine 11/14/2014)
An essay on the allure of the Rusty Nail.
(Toque magazine 9/29/2010)
Could airport food make you actually wish for a delay? In La Guardia, maybe so...
(Go AirTran Magazine 6/1/2009)
Some of the best morning meals have international flavors -- check out this listing of great, unique spots from coast to coast and what they're serving up in the A.M.
(Toque magazine 6/3/2011)
Spiced cranberry. Licorice nectarine. Pear. Mexican chocolate. No, these aren’t the eclectic delights of a particularly creative ice cream parlor, or perhaps the fantastical names given to nail polish or lipstick -- they are the flavors of artisanal bitters, and they're coming to a cocktail near you.
(Edible Manhattan 3/1/2011)
After 60 years on Bleecker Street, these butchering brothers still cut everything -- except corners.
(Edible Brooklyn 11/30/2011)
A wine shop grows in Fort Greene...
(Edible Brooklyn 5/1/2009)
A winery in Red Hook--yes, Red Hook--proves you can make it anywhere.
(Go AirTran Magazine 5/1/2009)
These mouthwatering, mobile meal purveyors make eating on the go an upscale dining experience.
( 11/15/2011)
By now, we’re all well versed in the notion of farm-to-table and the bounty of farm-fresh products available at the local green market. But hottest trend in uber-locavorism just might be underfoot—literally. Think park-to-table, or curbside-to-table, or, heck, even crack-in-the-sidewalk to table. It’s called foraging – and there’s a pigweed or a lamb’s quarter or a ginkgo nut just waiting to show up on your Thanksgiving table this year.
( 8/23/2012)
From old standards to new innovations, here are a few Crescent City dishes that keep this city’s flavor going strong.
(Details magazine 11/1/2013)
Hops in your vodka? Hops in your whiskey? That and so much more...
(Atomic magazine 12/1/2001)
Feature piece on the sister burlesque dancing act The Pontani Sisters.
(The New Haven Advocate 11/11/2004)
Interview with celebrity chef Tony Bourdain on his new book, his hatred of the raw food movement, and how good cooking instruction is a combination of both slap and tickle.
(Food & Wine magazine 11/1/2004)
Three-page feature piece on sake.
(The New York Times 6/3/2004)
An accepted but unpublished feature piece for the Dining In/Dining Out NYTimes food section.
(New York magazine 2/14/2005)
Interview with Elite founder John Casablancas and his plan to bring back the era of the supermodel.
(Edible East End 4/19/2008)
Long Island's oldest familly-owned winery keeps it real.
(Time Out New York 4/13/2005)
Three hot, new wine shops and their unique neighborhood offerings.
(Frommer's Travel Guides 1/15/2007)
What to eat, drink, see, and do in Santa Fe right now.
(Time Out NY Kids 6/1/2005)
Great pizza-pie purveyers close to your fave museums in NYC.
(Time Out NY Kids 6/1/2004)
City island-hopping story focusing on great getaways for parents and kids right in the 5 boroughs.
(Ralph Lauren magazine 6/1/2008)
Does eco-friendly ice cream lick the non-organic competition? Before you put the cherry on your sundae, check out this earth-conscious round-up.
(New York magazine 7/18/2005)
Run-down of East Coast native fish, when to buy them, and how to cook 'em.
( 2/5/2008)
A tiny knife shop in the Midwest stays sharp after more than 100 years.
(The Independent 11/1/2005)
Article on the NOLA's film industry in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
(Celebrity Living Weekly 11/28/2005)
Interviews/profiles on celebrity chefs such as Scott Conant, Mario Batali, Cesare Casella, Michael Chiarello, Martha Stewart, Marc Meyer, etc. Overviews of Shibuya, Public, Sushi Samba, Casa Vega, Uncle Jack's, The Lodge, Meson G, Melisse, and Joe's Stone Crab. Also adapted chef recipes for articles.
(Serious Eats 10/15/2012)
Making whisky in Islay, Scotland.
( 10/19/2012)
The U.S. is the number-one export for Ireland's soft and lovely whiskies - but what makes Irish whiskey Irish?
( 1/23/2006)
Reviews of five great Brooklyn eateries.
(Whisky Advocate 11/1/2014)
Whisky is more than a pleasant picnic drink. Six recipes for a whisky-based al fresco menu; wait till you see what's in the fried chicken!
(Frommer's Travel Guides 4/23/2006)
Travel piece about the American Whiskey Trail.
(TimeOut NY 4/4/2006)
Reviews of DuMont (Best Garden), Empire Diner (Best Diner), and Joe, The Art of Coffee (Best Non-Chain Coffee Purveyor)
(Choice! magazine 4/21/2006)
Interview with Sierra Club representative on the environment and reproductive health.
(Wiley Publishing 5/1/2006)
Ghostwriter for a book on women in the wine industry.
(Food & Wine magazine 11/1/2002)
Former deli owner turned apron designer makes 50s style aprons (almost) the hottest item in the kitchen.
( 1/3/2012)
What's the difference between a slow cooker and Crock Pot? Are all of them created equal? And can you really cook a cake in one? Michele Scicolone answered these questions, and more, when we chatted for Fox...
(Time Out New York 10/21/2009)
Never been to Staten Island beyond a free round-trip boat ride on the ferry or driving through to get to 95? Step into St. George and check out the eclectic eats this funky little neighborhood has to offer.
(Edible East End 11/1/2007)
The family of adventurers at Osprey's Dominion winery builds something big.
(Edible Brooklyn 11/1/2007)
Touring the Hudson River Valley's best vines.
( 10/27/2013)
What Cognac is (and why it's so popular)...
( 10/27/2013)
What Cognac is (and why it's so popular)...
(New York magazine 9/18/2006)
A flush parent's guide to finding services to take care of all your kid's needs.
( 9/13/2013)
Sept. 13 is International Chocolate Day, so it's a great time to reflect on chocolate trends.
(The Ritz-Carlton 5/1/2007)
From American whiskey and Mexican tequila to Caribbean rums, bartenders are witnessing the reburth of world classics.
(Edible Brooklyn 4/1/2012)
Cheese, glorious cheese in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
( 11/20/2006)
Feature article on Who's Positive? and their 30-city bus-tour blitz encouraging sexually active teens to get tested for HIV.
(Plenty magazine 8/1/2007)
Seven great tips to getting the most out of your local farmers' market.
( 12/21/2006)
Restaurant review of Staten Island sushi spot.
(The Fairfield County Weekly 11/16/2006)
A tequila-phobic writer becomes a convert.
(New York magazine 2/28/2007)
More than just a country-music mecca, the Tennessee capital also has an electric food scene powered by one of the nation’s oldest farmers' markets.
(Time Out New York 4/25/2010)
Got a craving to stomp through new-to-you nabes with great food traditions? Check out these 5 great foodies tours.
(Imbibe magazine 3/1/2011)
Nearly 240 years later, Virginia has finally become Jefferson’s land of the free-run, home of the grape.
(New York magazine 6/13/2007)
Mom-and-pop ice cream company feels the freezer burn from Staten Islanders over controversial ice cream flavor.
(New York magazine 6/18/2007)
Momentos don't have to be disposable kitsch...
(New York magazine 8/17/2007)
The Indiana capital has a booming indie-music scene, with intimate rock clubs that might just make more noise than the city’s famous racetrack.
( 5/1/2013)
A chat with Melissa Cookston, three-time whole-hog BBQ Champ, to find out what it takes to be the world's best pitmaster.
(Imbibe magazine 4/1/2015)
"Drinks like the Grasshopper don't disappear," Paul Gustings says over the phone one recent afternoon. "But they do kind of stay in the background until someone says, 'Oh, you know what? My parents drank those!' or, 'I had one I-don't-know-how-long ago. I'll have one now!' ...
(Imbibe magazine 7/1/2007)
They accumulate, they collect, they stow, they stash. You might even say they obsess. But even when the desire to acquire overcomes the space in a place, these four vinophiles don’t let a little square footage stand in the way of a great love affair.
(New York magazine 4/18/2007)
How to get a little adventure (and exercise) while swirling and sipping in Sonoma.
(Women for Wine Sense 2/1/2007)
Article in Women for WineSense newsletter on great, inexpensive Champagne alternatives for Valentine's Day.
(Details magazine 9/10/2012)
Do stars make good sippers?
(Edible East End 4/17/2008)
A look at Corey Creek's 2007 Gewurztraminer
(Edible Brooklyn 4/19/2008)
An urban winery givew New Yorkers reasons to savor the region.
(Edible Brooklyn 4/19/2008)
A novelist-turned-knifemaker grinds out a living.
(Edible Brooklyn 1/20/2008)
Profile on 50-year-old Brooklyn classic, D. Coluccio & Sons food shop.
(Plenty magazine 3/1/2008)
When it comes to organic pasta, there are nearly as many flour bases as there are noodle shapes—semolina pappardelle, whole-wheat fusilli, spinach fettuccine. You could eat a different organic pasta dish every night of the week for a month and not suffer a single repeat. Here, a taste-test to help you twirl your way through the plethora of choices at the grocery store.
(Ralph Lauren magazine 9/11/2008)
Want to find the hottest meal in town? Look underground. Stunning locations, beautiful presentation and exceptional ingredients are all part of the supper club experience.
(The Staten Island Advance 9/4/2008)
Bored of ho-hum cocktail garnishes? Try preserving your own.
(Plenty magazine 8/13/2008)
Fetzer's sustainable/organic/biodynamic wine program and eco-friendly practices. Part of a 2-month blog series for Plenty magazine's Eco Eats section.
(Ralph Lauren magazine 11/14/2008)
For New Orleans chef John Besh, the giving season lasts all year 'round.
(Edible Manhattan 1/7/2009)
Exploirng the twists and turns beneath the Chelsea Market where the city’s most avid wine collectors store their treasured bottles.
(Imbibe magazine 1/1/2009)
Inside the shady, civilized world of the modern speakeasy.
(Ralph Lauren magazine 5/27/2009)
This summer, bag the arduous picnic prep and pick up a ready-packed basket from a gourmet chef.
(Imbibe magazine 5/1/2009)
Can wine survive climate change?
(Imbibe magazine 7/1/2009)
When the mercury makes its annual sweaty climb, it's time to stop and smell the rosés.
(Details magazine 7/1/2013)
It isn't just a versatile, easy-sipping white wine-it's the improbably ideal pairing for grilling season.
(Toque magazine 1/11/2011)
The history and allure of one of America's earliest elixers.
(Edible Manhattan 7/15/2009)
NY wine takes on the Big Apple.
(Imbibe magazine 10/1/2009)
How to make 8 great espresso drinks like a pro.
(Time Out New York 3/10/2010)
Where to find elbow room and a decent drink price...
(Newhouse News 8/1/2009)
Lemon verbena syrup, beer, and fresh lemons makes for one cool ade.
(Edible Manhattan 9/20/2011)
Chef Alex Raij’s anchovy addiction lured her to the Spanish seaside and a century-old cannery -- I followed her there and this is what happened...
(Edible Brooklyn 7/5/2011)
A Brooklyn winemaker wants you to drink deeply from the local well.
(Edible Manhattan 1/11/2011)
If you zig and then zag off Bowery onto Rivington Street, you’ll happen upon a pavement path that you could easily mistake for a delivery driveway, or miss entirely in a single long blink. But if you turn your head for just the right slip of a second as you pass by, the sight at the end of what’s called Freeman Alley would surely make you stop.
(Imbibe magazine 1/1/2010)
Can't afford the greatest of the great wines? Consider their stunning second-label siblings.
(Edible Manhattan 12/1/2009)
How does Long Island wine measure up against the rest of the world's vino? NY's own version of the Judgment of Paris shows promising results.
(Edible Manhattan 12/29/2009)
State supermarkets lobby for a glass half full, but legislators put a cork in it.
(Martha Stewart Weddings 3/1/2010)
Think pink at your wedding reception with these great rose wines.
( 1/15/2014)
What's cooking in 2014? Here are my 8 cookbook and drink book predictions for the year.
(La Cucina Italiana magazine 6/1/2010)
At Sara Jenkins' Porchetta, the simple roast pork sandwich comes condiment-free, and that's just the way we like it.
(Imbibe magazine 5/1/2010)
Can your average, work-a-day wine-o-phile buy bottles at auction, or will your wallet get crushed under the gavel?
(Edible Manhattan 9/1/2010)
So much great Long Island wine, so little time! Narrow it down with my 3-day drink and eat itinerary in Edible Manhattan.
(Wine Enthusiast Magazine 7/16/2010)
Great wine in the Lone Star state? You bet your cowboy boots.
(Imbibe magazine 11/1/2011)
What's it like to harvest grapes in 13-degree weather? Very, very cold -- but it makes for some pretty delicious wine...
( 1/9/2012)
Don't let your experiences cooking with wine be a mere flash in the pan -- follow the advice of these winemaker/chefs.
(Details 3/1/2014)
Long the domain of snifter-swirling old-timers and hard-partying rappers, Cognac has been adopted by a new clique: bartenders who are using it to create fresh spins on classic cocktails.
(Gotham magazine 10/1/2014)
Three NYC chefs boldly update a classic cuisine.
(Edible Manhattan 12/1/2010)
Five superior sparklers for a locapour-loving celebration.
( 1/11/2011)
What about the other bubbly? For suds-loving brides and grooms, why not make your favorite beer part of the fun?
(Toque magazine 1/11/2011)
Chef Rick Moonen knows a thing or two about the what lies beneath. Here, he anchors with Toque for a few poignant questions–and honest answers–about the state of sea life today.
(Toque magazine 2/1/2011)
If Lisa Laird could climb upon the shoulders of the nine generations–and 230 or so years–of Lairds before her in Scobeyville, New Jersey, she could likely see all the way to Scotland where her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, William Laird, hailed and hauled off for a different life in the New World in 1678. But as the ninth generation to head up Laird & Company, distillers of American apple brandy—aka applejack–and the oldest commercially operating distillery in America, she’s a little more interested in looking forward than looking back these days.
(Imbibe magazine 8/1/2011)
Red before Labor Day? We say yes -- especially if it's BBQ-friendly tempranillo!
(More magazine 12/1/2012)
Ann Tuennerman once ran a dog-biscuit bakery. Now her conference on cocktails attracts thousands of bartenders and revelers every year
(Imbibe magazine 8/1/2012)
Red before Labor Day? Yezindeed!
(Details magazine 1/1/2013)
(Imbibe magazine 4/1/2013)
Can stomping and pressing grapes connect a woman to her long-deceased grandfather and a country she's never lived in? Connecting to a family's roots through winemaking.