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Hoboken, NJ USA

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I am an experienced health/biotech/pharma journalist who has covered topics ranging from asthma to zidovudine. I have also written about the biotech industry from a business perspective. My passion is interviewing those who are considered experts in their field, and I work hard to develop relationships with prominent thought leaders. I also love taking complex information and making it accessible to my audience. I am looking to take on freelance assignments for websites, magazines, and newspapers. I am also interested in collaborating with someone on writing a book.


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From November 2009 to February 2010, I wrote about energy and energy policy for, a website that covers these issues for commercial and residential heating oil consumers. From 2007 to 2009, I wrote news articles for Cell-Based Assay News, a weekly online newsletter for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. I interviewed scientists and executives and conducted background research. I also attended scientific conferences to network and maintain currency with cutting edge issues. I developed and nurtured sources in industry, academia, and government. From 2005 to 2007, I wrote articles on a freelance basis for Drug Topics, Cosmetic Surgery Times, Health Care News, and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. From 2002 to 2005, I was a staff writer at Drug Topics, a nationwide newsmagazine for pharmacists, since 2002. From 1999 to 2002, I was a staff writer and editor at Patient Care, a magazine for primary care physicians.

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Work Samples

CBA News

(Cell-Based Assay News 2/6/2009)
Millipore this week announced it plans to acquire Hayward, Calif.-based Guava Technologies, a producer of benchtop cellular analysis systems, for $22.6 million.
(Cell-Based Assay News 3/13/2009)
President Obama's repeal this week of his predecessor's ban on using federal funds to support research on human embryonic stem cell lines will "benefit" drug discovery in two ways, according to some hESC experts.
(Cell-Based Assay News 3/20/2009)
Innovatis' cell counting, cell viability testing, and cell acquisition measurement technology is compatible with Roche's xCELLigence platform, according to a Roche Applied Science official.
(Cell-Based Assay News 3/6/2009)
Scientists at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new method for producing human induced pluripotent stem cells from which the lentiviral reprogramming factors have been excised.
(Cell-Based Assay News 2/15/2008)
Three large US government agencies this week said they plan to establish a collaborative research program to overhaul how environmental chemicals are tested by shifting the focus away from animal testing and toward cell-based or biomolecular assays and computer models.

( 1/22/2010) reported on Thursday that Sens. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) and Mary Landrieu (D-La.) are collaborating with Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) in her efforts to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.
( 1/14/2010)
An article posted on said that on Thursday, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission met to consider setting limits on speculative activity in oil and other energy markets.
( 1/13/2010)
An article posted on Tuesday to reported that Royal Dutch Shell's Chief Executive Peter Voser said that Nigeria is no longer a focus for the company's growth.
( 12/24/2009)
Scottish energy developer Pelamis has signed a joint venture agreement with Swedish energy company Vattenfall for an energy project worth about $100 million off Scotland's Shetland Islands, CleanTechnica reported on Monday.
( 12/10/2009)
Dow Jones reported CME Group's sour crude futures contract that was announced in late October saw its first trade on Tuesday. The transaction was for 50 contracts for April 2010 delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).
( 12/3/2009)
The Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday that some oil industry analysts believe China's seemingly insatiable energy demands may actually subside if its government follows through on its recent pledge to decrease the carbon "intensity"? of China's economy.
( 12/2/2009)
A UBS economist told CNBC on Wednesday that he does not think commodity price inflation will necessarily hinder a global economic recovery in 2010.
( 11/24/2009)
On Nov. 12 American Clean Technologies (ACT) reported additional information about the pilot tests conducted by its American Petroleum Solutions (APS) subsidiary, including the fact that the oil extraction rate was more than 99 percent in tests conducted on oil sand samples from Utah and Alberta, Canada.
( 1/8/2010)
Greenhouse gas reduction initiatives on the regional and local levels are a growing trend in the U.S. As Bloomberg reported on Thursday, state governments are taking the lead in establishing cap and trade markets in 2010, even as climate legislation continues to languish in the Senate.
( 11/10/2009)
About 70% of 500 geologists surveyed at a plenary session during this year's Petroleum Geology Conference in London said that peak oil is still a concern, according to an interview with geologist, social entrepreneur and author Jeremy Leggett posted Sunday on
( 1/9/2010)
A video posted on Monday to the Wall Street Journal website profiled what offshore drilling giant Transocean claims is the world's most powerful drilling ship. The ship, called Discoverer Clear Leader, is drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, 190 miles south of New Orleans.
( 2/4/2010)
Key Senate Democrats say they will support an existing energy bill that does not include a cap and trade provision, and are trying to convince their colleagues to do the same, an article on the website reported on Tuesday.
( 1/27/2010)
The New York Times Green Inc blog reported on Tuesday that the trade organization for the algae biofuel industry has issued a statement disputing recent academic research citing algae's disadvantages as a biofuel feedstock.
( 1/21/2010)
Reuters reported that Texas-based ConocoPhillips and French oil major Total began an expansion of their Canadian oil sands joint venture on Tuesday.
( 1/8/2010)
Engineers at the University of Southampton in the U.K. have developed an application for Apple's iPhone that allows users to monitor the U.K.'s electricity grid, the site reported on Thursday.
( 12/6/2009)
The Green, Inc. blog of the New York Times reported on Thursday that California regulators approved a utility contract for the first space-based solar power plant in the U.S.
( 2/2/2010)
Nigerian militants called for an end to a 3 month-old cease-fire with the Nigerian government on Saturday, an article posted on Sunday to the Christian Science Monitor's website reported.
( 1/21/2010)
ExxonMobil scientists recently began running their first experiments to develop biofuels from algae, six months after the world's largest publicly-traded oil company invested $600 million in the project, an article in the National reported on Wednesday.
( 12/15/2009)
The Washington Post reported that the senators who were attempting to draft a second bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions released a "framework" of the legislation on Thursday. However, the legislators offered few details about their ideas, and said that they were open to negotiation.
( 12/9/2009)
European commission scientists said that biofuels may not be able to be produced sustainably in significant quantities, an article in the Guardian said Tuesday.
( 11/19/2009)
Sunoco CEO Lynn Elsenhan and Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) exchanged words during a session at this week's Wall Street Journal CEO Council in Washington, D.C., the Journal reported on Wednesday.
( 12/17/2009)
A Canadian energy company has proposed building a biorefinery to produce dimethyl ether, or DME, the CBC reported Wednesday.
( 11/14/2009)
General Electric this month began distributing a hot water heater that can link into the so-called "smart" electric meters being distributed nationwide, according to a post Wednesday on The New York Times' Green Inc. blog.


(Platts 3/8/2010)
LyondellBasell Industries filed Monday a restructuring plan in bankruptcy court that rejected an offer of $14.5 billion from India's Reliance Industries.

Drug Topics

(Drug Topics 8/9/2004)
Osteoporosis continues to be underrecognized and undertreated in postmenopausal women. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), as many as eight million American women have osteoporosis and another 22 million women have bone density deficiency. Fortunately, drugs approved recently or approaching approval arm women and their healthcare providers with new weapons against this disease. For their part, pharmacists can raise awareness within their communities about osteoporosis, work with the clinical team to identify the appropriate therapeutic regimen for each individual, and counsel patients about their new medications.
(Drug Topics 1/26/2004)
Among the general U.S. population, CRC is the fourth most common type of cancer. It is the third most common type of cancer among American women, and also the third most common among American men. Fortunately, two drugs that will provide clinicians with additional tools to treat CRC and offer hope for patients with the disease, are currently under review by the Food & Drug Administration. Approval of these new agents is expected by the second quarter of 2004.
(Drug Topics 8/23/2004)
The Food & Drug Administration recently approved ezetimibe/simvastatin (Vytorin, Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals) as adjunctive therapy to diet for the reduction of elevated total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, apolipoprotein B, triglycerides, and non-high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and to increase HDL cholesterol in those with primary hypercholesterolemia or mixed hyperlipidemia. The drug is also indicated for the reduction of elevated total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in those with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, as an adjunct to other lipid-lowering therapies or if such treatments are unavailable.