Christine Giordano

New York City and Southampton, NY USA

Professional Experience

Once we agree on an assignment, it is my goal to become your favorite contractor.


7 Years
16 Years
TV Reporter
2 Years


Business (general)
10 Years
3 Years
4 Years


Broadcasting - News - TV (Local)
2 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
7 Years
Newspaper - National
5 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

16 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

The Villages News Network (print and television) (10+), House magazine (10+), Networking magazine (10+), New York Times Company (10+), Newsday/Cablevision (10+), US News and World Report (6-10), (3-5), LTV (1-2), Edible magazine (1-2), Green magazine (1-2), New York Times (1-2), (1-2), Ode magazine (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Cablevision (10+), NYT Co (10+)

Other Work History

Investigative journalist, enterprise reporter, health reporter, government reporter, celebrity journalist, video interviewer, television talk show host, producer and director

Technical Skills

Final Cut, Adobe, Quark, InDesign, HTML, itunes, Safari, Explorer, Mac and PC, studio cameras,

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Office, Social Networking, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Various Apps


digital video, digital camera, audio recorder


available upon request


2007: New York Times Chairman's Award for tornado coverage (team award) 2006: Legal Reporting, Grand Prize, The Florida Bar First Place State Awards: 2006: Education Reporting, 1st Place, by Florida Press Club 2006: Health Reporting, 1st Place, by Florida Press Club 2006: Diversity Reporting, 1st Place, by Florida Press Club State Awards: 2006: Government Reporting, by Florida Press Club 2006: Government Reporting, by The Society of Professional Journalists 2005: Feature writing, by Florida Press Club


Society of American Business Editors and Writers, Media Bistro Avant Guild, Society of Professional Journalists, Press Club

Work Samples


(Networking magazine 12/1/2012)
Actor Michael J. Fox is about to return to television with his own series, but first, he's working on finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease. This story is an in-depth profile of the actor's trials and tribulations with a background on medical trials.
(Networking magazine 7/1/2012)
In-depth profile on actor and activist Alec Baldwin.
(My writing sample site 6/1/2012)
A collection of celebrity interviews and writing samples on my portfolio site.
(Networking magazine 7/1/2012)
An in-depth profile on the life of Matilda Cuomo, mother of New York's governor Andrew Cuomo, and wife of Mario Cuomo.


(Edible magazine 10/1/2012)
New community gardens are becoming Edens for neighborhood kinship.
(Newsday 12/1/2012)
Salvation Army's Major Guzman was new on the job when Superstorm Sandy struck, yet victims of the storm were delivered to his doorstep covered in mud, with barely the shirts on their backs. What he learned.
(Networking magazine 12/1/2012)
Despite a crowded market and devastating office fire, the story of how Cameron Engineering became a leader in sustainability.
(Networking magazine 2/1/2011)
An in-depth feature on offshore windpower and its markets.


(Newsday 1/1/2013)
Q & A with Bob Burns of Osmosis, who competes with Dell and HP.
(Newsday 12/26/2012)
Matt Silver launched a limousine company from his basement and grew it to a 25,000 foot showroom. But times are changing for limo companies, as SUVs are starting to take over the market. The ins-and-outs of owning a limo company.
(Newsday 5/30/2012)
An interview with Paul Elenio, CFO of the publicly traded Arbor Realty Trust, on current influences and trends in the commercial real estate market.
(Newsday 6/21/2012)
An interview with Dan Siegel, executive vice president of Lifetime Brands. Lifetime Brands has developed 30,000 kitchen and household products.
(Newsday 7/28/2012)
John Hogan, president of Broadridge Financial talks about how his company became listed as one of the best places to work in NY
(U.S. News and World Report 10/26/2015)
What analysts are watching now that Yum Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut) announced a split with its China division.
(Newsday 11/1/2012)
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy's devastation, an interview with Mario Saccente of the New York Sate Restaurant Association on the state of business and what it will take to rebuild.
(Newsday 11/1/2012)
Interview with a Long Island and HVAC leader on regional development.
(Newsday 11/1/2012)
What it takes to have a successful lighting business, trends in lighting design and home decor, and a smooth father-to-son business progression.

Video work

( 9/1/2013)
Video: a news review of Pet Credit cards (produced and hosted by Christine Giordano)
(On Your Watch TV Show, LTV 7/25/2017)
A television show to the theme of helping people to find jobs and prepare for the job interview/jobsearch process. This segment is with the jobsearch guru Amanda Augustine from the jobsearch firm The Ladders, and it's geared to helping recent college grads. I conceived, produce and host the show.
(On Your Watch TV Show, LTV 7/25/2017)
Tips from a headhunter about where the jobs are, and how to show that you are a clear fit for the job you want.


(U.S. News and World Report 10/30/2015)
Key things to keep in mind to assess tolerable risk in a 401k
(New York Times 11/15/2015)
How drones are trending
(U.S. News and World Report 11/9/2015)
Before cashing in that investment, read this.