Ericka McIntyre

Cincinnati, USA

Professional Experience

Full-time freelance Jane-of-all-editorial-trades: writer, project manager, typesetter, editor, copyeditor, and proofreader for books, magazines, the web, and social media. I have over 15 years of editorial experience. I love to write about the arts and entertainment, and I am the sharpest proofreader in the (Mid)West!


Copy Editor
16 Years
14 Years
Other, Specify
17 Years


5 Years
15 Years
Other, Specify
12 Years


Book Publishing Consumer
14 Years
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Other Work History

Teachers College Press, Columbia University, New York: Production Editor SAMP, LLC, Cincinnati: Production Editor Custom Editorial Productions, Inc., Cincinnati: Project Editor Lawriter, LLC, Cincinnati: Editor LPK, Cincinnati: Proofreader

Technical Skills

Online copyediting using Word; Adobe Acrobat for proofreading and copyediting; book page layout in InDesign; formatting e-books for Amazon's Kindle.

Computer Skills

MAC and PC platforms; Microsoft Office; Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat); Spredfast Social Media Management.

Work Samples


(iSPY Cincy 2/20/2014)
If you've ever watched Mad Men and drooled over the clothes and furnishings, you're a fan of Midcentury Modern design. And lucky for you, Cincinnati has lots of places where you can get your Mod fix.
(iSPY Cincy 2/25/2014)
It's Sunday i.e. Funday--where do you go for brunch? Here are some suggestions that are just slightly left-of-center.
(Cincinnati CityBeat 1/1/2005)
Archive of all the music and feature articles I wrote for CityBeat from 2003--2005.
( 10/10/2010)
Special feature for
(Liberty + Vine Magazine 11/1/2013)
November 2013 music column, myTunes, for L+V magazine, a national digital monthly.
(iSPY Cincy 2/1/2014)
February may be short on days, but it's long on great concerts for Cincinnati music lovers. Here's a rundown of the shows to know for the rest of this month.
(Liberty + Vine Magazine 1/1/2014)
Music to beat the winter blahs!
(iSPY Cincy 2/15/2014)
Just how much control do we have over our fates? What part is decided by chance, and what can we decide for ourselves? These are some of the questions posed in Tom Stoppard's classic existentialist comedy, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company's highly entertainin


(New York Observer 4/15/2013)
I copyedited this magazine in Spring 2013 (also Fall 2012).