Esther Shein

Framingham, MA 01701 USA

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Mobile devices, cloud computing, virtualization, oh my. Despite what you\\\'ve read, technology/business articles do NOT have to be dry and dull. I know how to jazz \\\'em up. I\\\'m a freelance writer and editor with over 20 years of experience specializing in how various technologies can make businesses more competitive. I\\\'ve also reviewed restaurants and have written extensively about education and human interest topics. I write features, case studies, white papers, profiles and breaking news stories.


Content Editor (online)
10 Years
24 Years
24 Years


22 Years
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15 Years


Newspaper - National
25 Years
Online/new media
12 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Inc. magazine (1), Network Computing (4), Computerworld (4), BYTE (3), (3), Scholastic Administrator (3), Communication of the ACM (3), Comstock\\\'s (2), TechTarget (4), The Full Signal (formerly KnowYourCell) (4), EdTech magazine (2), University Business (3)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Group SJR (Dell) (4), Triangle Publishing (4), Ziff Davis B2B (3), IDG Communications (3), Content4Demand (1), CenturyLink/Forbes (2)

Other Work History

Former managing editor of BYTE; editor-in-chief of online technology magazine Datamation; also a senior writer at eWeek (formerly PC Week) for several years and a staff writer for community newspapers including The Malden Evening News and Allston-Brighton Citizen Item; also a stringer for The Associated Press.

Computer Skills

Word, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint


I have a fully equipped home office and a laptop computer for remote assignments.


1994 Recipient of Distinguished Journalist Award from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for coverage of mental health issues.

Work Samples


(ComputerWorld 12/22/2014)
As organizations look to modernize their IT infrastructure, data center choices are expanding. Cloud, colocation, modular, outsourcing, virtualization and more efficient servers are all vying for your attention, and figuring out the right direction is fraught with challenges, to say the least.
( 5/1/2014)
While many marketers still track conversions based on the last click, almost 54 percent of them are interested in implementing a different methodology, according to a just-released survey by Impact Radius of 146 high-ranking CMOs and company principals.
(Communications of the ACM 5/6/2014)
Augmented reality (AR), a technology that superimposes computer-generated images on top of real-world views, is gaining traction as a useful training tool across a wide variety of employee roles, particularly where simulation, training, and skills development are needed.
( 4/25/2014)
Interactive content is giving marketers a new avenue to connect consumers to brands.
(SearchITChannel 10/29/2015)
Channel partners, particularly those with IT security experience, may find new opportunities in the emerging field of breach detection technology.
(Computerworld 6/18/2014)
Adaptive learning technology, which produces a personalized training experience, is starting to find its way into the corporate space.
(InnovateThink 6/16/2014)
We all remember when cloud computing was all about migrating non-critical applications from on-premises to the cloud. Quick ROI, instant business and IT benefits! Now the third phase has arrived.
(BetaBoston 6/24/2014)
Boston's three public safety agencies are expecting to see significant improvements in response time and more efficient communications, thanks to the city's new computer-aided 911 dispatch system deployed earlier this month.
(SearchCloudProvider 7/8/2014)
IT shops that want to use the cloud as the compute platform for some or all of their applications must first migrate those applications to the cloud. That task is easier said than done, and many companies are turning to channel partners for help.
(SearchITChannel 9/15/2015)
While SDN market size grows, channel partners stand to benefit from the technology's ease-of-management features.
(The Boston Globe 5/23/2014)
Most college students take a breather at the end of the school year, maybe travel, see a part of the world. But Matt Guthmiller, a 19-year-old freshman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, plans to see the entire world this summer - from the cockpit of a small single-engine plane.
(SearchCloudProvider 6/2/2014)
More and more businesses have their heads in the cloud lately, so it only makes sense that partners do too. But managed cloud services is different from managing on-premises systems, and some partners are finding themselves having to make adjustments.
( 6/11/2013)
Watching television has been a social activity since its inception. Now add to that the enormous popularity of consumer social networks, along with the rapidly growing use of mobile devices--smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks--and the convergence of all channels appears inevitable.
(Computerworld 2/10/2009)
Making the move to VoIP can be expensive, but users say the flexibility and additional features are worth it.
(SearchITChannel 7/20/2015)
Channel partners have an opportunity to partner with data center providers who offer data center as a service, or colocation.
( 11/14/2013)
The fundamental friction between sales and marketing is alive and well: A new study of senior marketing executives by the CMO Council issued marketing failing grades in a number of areas related to customer information systems.
(The Associated Press 5/19/1987)
A four-year struggle over jurisdiction between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was something Lisa Archambault of Townsend never anticipated when she filed for divorce and custody of her son.
(Faculty Matters 7/1/2011)
IBM created a lot of buzz when its Watson computer debuted on the game show Jeopardy! The episode demonstrated the notion that a computer could challenge humans by understanding natural language and answering questions on a variety of topics.
(Network Computing 2/12/2012)
The good news is companies are becoming increasingly familiar with predictive coding, but the more unsettling news is they are facing up to $20 million in annual e-discovery expenses.
(Tech Page One 7/12/2013)
An increase in the number of remote and branch offices is a sign of positive growth for companies. From an IT management perspective, however, it can be a huge challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring limited downtime.
(Tech Page One 12/3/2013)
Social media, once largely off- limits in K-12 schools, is now being embraced by teachers and administrators for its ability to enhance learning, much to the delight of students.
( 11/30/2013)
Software defined networking is on channel partners' radars right now and while SDN is a nascent technology, it is one that observers say will change the face of networking.
( 1/22/2014)
Marketers will have a laser focus on small and midsize businesses (SMBs) this year, with 70 percent of respondents in a newly released survey by the CMO Council saying the market is extremely important to their businesses.
(Communications of the ACM 2/11/2014)
Electronics recycling (e-cycling) has come a long way since the 1990s, with far less hardware being tossed into landfills, or exported in containers to Third World nations where toxic components can pollute soil, groundwater, and (if burned, as often happens) the air.
(CFO Magazine 8/1/2007)
Why companies are turning to customers for help with design.
(Comstock's magazine 8/28/2014)
Trusteed IRAs can stretch assets over generations
(University Business magazine 9/1/2014)
As college and university professors continue to move from the traditional lecture format to a facilitated learning model, officials are rethinking the classroom setup. Students collaborate at tables while instructors move freely through the room. The lecturer's desk is no longer the focal point.
(BYTE 8/3/2012)
As if it weren't enough of a challenge dealing with the BYOD phenomenon on top of corporate-issued smartphones in the enterprise, now mobile device management (MDM) plans need to be re-examined as iOS and Android are being widely embraced--while Blackberry use is on the decline.
(innovatethink 7/24/2014)
It's no longer wise -- or safe -- for IT to stay entrenched in the old approach of merely deploying and maintaining a company's hardware and software. Technology has taken center stage in helping to transform a business and enhance its competitive edge.
( 7/31/2014)
Marketers use the most cloud apps in an organization, yet 98 percent of their apps are not "enterprise-ready" and put data at risk, according to a new report on app usage trends by cloud security company Netskope.
(University Business magazine 10/23/2015)
Best practices for focusing web design on the user experience as well as visual appeal
(SearchITChannel 11/3/2014)
Compared with the Windows XP transition, the migration from Server 2003 may be more laborious and complicated for solution providers. Adding to the challenges, customers' attitudes remain mixed -- despite Microsoft's looming deadline.
(SearchITChannel 10/30/2014)
The Windows 7 end-of-life date may not compel every customer to migrate operating systems -- however, for those who do decide to migrate, the transition should run more smoothly than the XP migration.
(Communications of the ACM 11/18/2014)
Electronics manufacturers are notorious for poor working conditions in overseas factories, but some have made strides toward being more socially and environmentally responsible, according to a new report.
(Communications of the ACM 1/11/2016)
It is not surprising some people might not want certain statements preserved for posterity, and that websites are updated and information altered; after all, the Internet is ephemeral by nature. Yet in doing so, we are doing a disservice to future generations.
(PointB & Beyond 12/21/2015)
'Tis the season when retailers ramp up for increased sales and wrap up technology projects - but also a time when full-time employees take time off. In the meantime, critical back-end systems need to stay up and running. For many organizations, the go-to solution to this low supply and high demand.
(Forbes 12/14/2015)
If you're a small business owner, you may think the Internet of Things (IoT) has value only for large companies with big technology budgets. But the IoT is also creating opportunity for small businesses, helping them improve efficiency and create innovative products.
(PointB & Beyond 1/13/2016)
CTOs have learned that cloud computing is invaluable for many business processes, and political campaigns are no different. Cloud computing is playing a critical role in the race for president this year and even in other political campaigns.
( 4/4/2012)
Using big data to save lives
(HP Input/Output 10/18/2011)
As each day passes, consumer mobile devices become more ubiquitous in the workplace. It is getting easier to use them at the office, too, as new apps for smartphones and tablets enable communications, business processes, and workflow. But with workers continuing to blur the lines between what data is personal and what is related to the business come a set of management challenges.
(Scholastic Administrator 9/1/2011)
School districts are testing the waters with Google's Chromebooks, because the web-based laptops allow students to work anywhere, anytime.
(BYTE 6/22/2012)
The U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) have awarded a $21.4 million contract to security software firm Invincea, Inc., to secure Android-based smartphones and tablets for the military.
(Free Enterprise 4/4/2014)
Watchwith has built a cloud-based platform that lets TV networks and other content providers power interactivity through apps to further engage consumers while they watch shows, movies and commercials.
(Tech Page One 4/1/2014)
Mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets are convenient for workers who want to connect to their corporate network outside the office. However, this near-constant connectivity limits the control IT departments have over what employees do.
(CFO magazine 2/10/2004)
Any way you look at it, 2003 was a real bad year for network security. Although corporate concern over cyber threats jumped dramatically, so too did the number of cyber attacks against companies and their machines.
(BetaBoston 4/16/2014)
To make it easier for robots navigate non-standard landscapes, MIT grad student Julian Straub has developed an algorithm to identify the major orientations in 3D scenes.
(Inside ERP 4/17/2013)
SAP has launched new enterprise resource planning (ERP) products geared at enterprises wanting to deliver speed and simplicity while considering adoption of SAP's Business Suite.
(Communications of the ACM 2/25/2015)
Python, an open source scripting language, has become the most popular introductory teaching language at top U.S. universities, according to a recent survey by Philip Guo, an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Rochester.
( 10/14/2013)
Card-linked marketing (CLM), in which consumers receive targeted advertising through their online and mobile bank statements and cash-back offers based on purchase history, is a "suitable replacement" for traditional marketing strategies, according to a newly released survey by Cardlytics.
(BYTE 9/26/2012)
Secure identity provider HID Global announced Tuesday that it has completed two pilot programs that enable employees to open doors using NFC-enabled smartphones.
(BYTE 10/8/2012)
The head of marketing for one of the world's largest point-of-sale systems providers said he doesn't believe near field communications (NFC) will gain significant traction in the near term and will be just one payment option for consumers.
( 11/21/2007)
The presidential candidates may disagree about Iraq, health care and taxes, but their campaigns demonstrate a clear consensus that the rise of Web 2.0 tools offers the chance to engage interested citizens, one market niche, one voter, one message at a time.
(BYTE 6/7/2012)
For users who want to retain the touch and feel of a traditional keyboard on their touchscreen device, Tactus Technology has unveiled a tactile layer component that creates dynamic physical buttons that rise out of the surface of the screen
(SearchITChannel 1/19/2015)
Channel partners with experience in software-defined data centers have a good opportunity to build integration services and consulting work around the VMware NSX architecture.
(SearchCloudProvider 1/23/2015)
If traditional distributors are to gain traction in the cloud-based IT economy, they will have to overcome competition from unexpected corners.
(Communications of the ACM 2/4/2015)
Much has been written about the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), which has made something of a comeback as business analytics began to take off. Now, a number of startups have cropped up to work on an AI algorithm technique known as deep learning.
(Computerworld 7/26/2010)
Typically, developing a software application for beta testing can take months, even with newer agile development methods. But application visualization can be done within a matter of hours to give users some insight into what that system will look like and how it will work.
( 8/27/2012)
With some 243 million Americans--or 77 percent of the U.S. population--expected to own mobile phones by year’s end, mobile advertising is the next logical place for companies to spend ad dollars.
(BYTE 10/29/2012)
With the launch of the iPad Mini this week and overall tablet sales expected to skyrocket in 2012, industry observers say the time has never been more ripe to consider purchasing insurance for your devices.
(BYTE 8/29/2012)
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., announced a new line of Windows 8-based devices under the ATIV brand Wednesday, including the first publicly-revealed Windows Phone 8 smartphone.
(Tech Page One 3/6/2014)
Burgers and technology are terms that usually aren't synonymous, but when The Habit restaurant chain wanted to ensure consistency in the quality of its food as well as enhance the customer experience, it was a tasty pairing.
(Tech Page One 10/15/2013)
Virtual desktop infrastructure is not just for low-resolution desktops any more. VDI also delivers high-resolution, multi-monitor 3D desktops that are well suited for a variety of applications, while remaining a cost-effective solution.
(Tech Page One 9/16/2013)
Now that cloud computing is no longer a novelty, enterprises that have decided to adopt the technology need to figure out whether to go with a public or private cloud infrastructure.
(Tech Page One 10/31/2013)
In the ongoing battle between Apple and PC, there's been a major score - more frequently, professionals in media and entertainment are making the switch to PC.
(Tech Page One 9/16/2013)
The integration of two formidable trends in IT - social and mobile - is driving workplace collaboration and improvements to the technology that enables it, bringing the modern enterprise into the digital age.
(Tech Page One 10/21/2013)
The latest tablets are suitable for advanced computing tasks
(Comstock's 11/1/2013)
As boomers move toward retirement their financial needs will be shifting. Older clients are changing their focus from asset accumulation to asset protection, and local banks are learning that they need to grow customer relationships and third-party partnerships.
(CFO 2/7/2016)
Are PDAs the new laptop?
(Computerworld 8/1/2013)
But will the machines and their ilk take away jobs -- even white-collar ones?
(Communications of the ACM 8/28/2014)
iKeg, from SteadyServ, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) inventory and order management system is one of the latest entries on the market tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon in the beer industry.
(T.H.E. Journal 6/1/2008)
Virtual course delivery is only one of many options afforded by an LMS, which allows educators to transfer online a host of educational and administrative tasks.
(BYTE 7/24/2012)
Mobile developers are far more interested in developing apps for iOS than Android, according to a survey of more than 3,600 Appcelerator Titanium developers.
(Boston Phoenix 5/8/2005)
Fellowships and scholarships are tough to find, but they can help keep graduate students out of the poor house
(EnterpriseStorageForum 7/6/2007)
A case study on how Farleigh Dickinson University upgraded its storage needs from direct-attached Storage (DAS) to a storage area network (SAN).
( 2/28/2012)
Shopping apps like Catalog Spree and Google Catalogs are changing the way consumers view and use traditional product catalogs. But while the apps promise spiffy features, convenience, and even eco-friendliness, industry observers say the experience is neither perfect nor has it reached critical mass in terms of page views.
(BYTE 10/16/2012)
With BYOD initiatives firmly under their belts, enterprises are shifting their approach and are now focusing on using mobile apps more strategically to increase revenue, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage.
(BYTE 10/18/2012)
Your phone might soon be all you need to pay for items at the store. Mobile wallet service Isis will conduct its first trials at several retail stores in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City on Oct. 22.
(EdTech magazine 9/1/2010)
Is your district ready for server consolidation and virtualization? Here is a must-consider checklist to get you started.
(CFO Magazine 5/1/2007)
A home-office staple finds favor with Corporate America.
(BetaBoston 5/13/2014)
Matt Guthmiller, a 19-year-old freshman at MIT, is combining his passion for computer science with his love of flying by taking a 28,000-mile solo flight around the world later this month. If he succeeds, he will become the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe on a solo flight.
(BYTE 3/15/2013)
Verizon's LTE network is available in more markets and has a better reliability rate, however, according to findings by independent analytics firm Root Metrics
(Smartbear 3/18/2013)
Which apps are making money? It's no secret app revenues vary across mobile platforms, but there are factors that determine how much money an app makes. Here are some tips, along with a look at who the top-grossing developers are.
(SearchITChannel 10/5/2015)
Channel partners and vendors are capitalizing on SharePoint's weaknesses with alternative products and services. Learn about two enterprise collaboration tools that partners can leverage.
(FierceGovHealthIT 8/11/2015)
As several recent, private sector breaches have illustrated, personally identifiable information, or PII, is not immune to cyber threats. Cyber threats have the attention of government watchdogs as well.
(CFO Magazine 8/1/2007)
You may not know these five products and services. You should.
(BYTE 1/9/2012)
The phenomenon of bringing your own device to work will this year move beyond the initial phase of workflow and personal productivity functions toward using apps that enable a variety of business initiatives
(Software Quality Connection 3/9/2011)
Software requirements can’t be too vague, but they can’t be so detailed that nobody can read them, either. The people charged with gathering and documenting software requirements may have the best of intentions. But more often than not, the final product is either lacking in detail or way over the top—and not what the end user wanted.
(SearchCloudProvider 10/7/2014)
Partners give their take on a range of Azure management tools that are offered by Microsoft, third-party vendors and the open source community.
(CFO Magazine 11/1/2007)
A biometric banking encryption device offers a new way to conduct transactions.
(CFO Asia 11/15/2007)
The technology to combat computer hackers is improving, but the most potent weapon is still the individual company's adherence to best practices.
(EC-BP 3/6/2012)
E-invoicing in the cloud is still going through some growing pains.
(InfoSecurity magazine 3/12/2012)
Conventional wisdom says that, due to its smaller market share, the Mac OS X is far less susceptible to security threats than its operating system counterparts. But times are changing, along with Apple's market share.
( 3/7/2006)
Companies need to give employees ''some framework to set expectations, because there are practically no conventions.''
(Connect Magazine 4/8/2005)
Disaster planning is often overlooked and done haphazardly. Partnerships can ward off downtime.
(Datamation 9/19/2005)
smartphones or PDAs are helping mobile workers be more productive outside the office.
( 4/10/2006)
Email-managment, filtering and archiving systems help companies retain messages and perform the appropriate compliance audits.
( 8/21/2006)
Google has created a free, online spreadsheet that is in beta. Reaction from users.
(CFO Magazine 4/1/2006)
A new template helps corporate customers hone in on their business needs before commencing a round of RFPs from vendors.
(Boston Phoenix 1/28/2005)
More and more people dissatisfied with their careers are hitting the books for new and different degrees. How to make the switch?
(Connect Magazine 2/28/2005)
Hosted applications are helping many companies get a new lease on software without any of the installation, cost headaches.
( 4/3/2006)
Intellectual-property negotiations move from the back room to the auction block.
(Boston Globe 8/11/2005)
food assmbly business takes the time and worry out of dinner preparation
(Connect Magazine 8/24/2004)
Spam can be a drain on productivity. Managed service providers are one way to take on unwanted e-mails.
(Scholastic Administrator 6/1/2013)
By 2020, school will be less of a citadel than ever, and kids will be doing more and more of their learning in the real world.
( 3/8/2011)
In an age where people expect access to information anywhere anytime, it is critical for marketers to leverage the mobile channel to reach their customers and respond immediately.
(SearchITChannel 8/27/2015)
Google Nearline offers unique perks for channel partners that Amazon Glacier cannot, but deciding which cloud storage service to deploy for your customers depends on a variety of factors.
(CFO Magazine 1/2/2007)
telepresence is the new videoconferencing. It gives busy business executives the ability to conduct business without having to travel.
(CFO Magazine 12/18/2006)
Pretexting, the art formerly known as social engineering, involves gathering an individual's personal information under false pretenses. And it's not just a problem at HP.
(BizTech magazine 5/20/2010)
Portability, cost and functionality are making businesses take notice of netbooks for their field and remote workers.
(SearchITChannel 4/22/2013)
VARs, resellers, technology, CompTIA, MSP, Google, Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Ovum, Hoover's, research, markets
(CFO Magazine 3/1/2007)
Business types are finding all sorts of uses for social networks, but some say they are the ones who are being used.
(Datamation/Jupitermedia 3/2/2007)
Mozilla's anti-phishing capabilities resonated with Datamation's readers, who awarded it the product of the year in the anti-spam category.
(Tech Page One 3/3/2014)
New tools available to enhance business intelligence, data mining and analytics practices
(SearchCloudProvider 6/6/2014)
Solutions providers have traditionally marketed their businesses by promoting the vendors they specialize in. But as more companies find themselves increasingly turning to cloud services, providers are responding by seeking vendor products they can white label as their own.
(Forbes 10/19/2015)
As if small businesses don't have enough to worry about when it comes to keeping their data safe from hackers, now they have to guard against internal threats to their networks as well.
(BYTE 3/8/2012)
Move over desktops and laptops. Tablets are making big inroads in the medical profession.
(Communications of the ACM 7/25/2013)
Pricing and the ability to get more bang for the buck are among the factors driving enterprises to eye the use of solid-state drive (SSD) technology for their data centers.
(Scholastic Administrator magazine 1/31/2013)
Educational games move from margins to mainstream.
(T.H.E. Journal 10/15/2008)
Creating podcasts out of actual World War II-era events offers one example of a collaborative project that is propelling students out of their textbooks and into the real world.
(IT Career Planet 4/6/2009)
Once primarily considered places for people online to chat, catch up and share photos, social networking sites now are an important tool for finding employment.
(Computerworld 4/7/2009)
Electronic invoicing can be a 'no-brainer'
(Cisco 4/2/2008)
Advances in communication technologies have not only created greater opportunities to reach new markets and suppliers, but also a workplace that is becoming virtual, with team members located around the world.
(CFO magazine 12/1/2007)
Rust costs companies billions of dollars a year. It can be prevented.
(Communications of the ACM 10/18/2013)
The government shutdown is over and the country is no longer in a state of limbo, but the future of supercomputing in the United States remains up in the air.
(StateTech magazine 3/3/2009)
Government organizations find that IP phones can cut energy use.
( 10/8/2014)
CMOs face an uncertain future. Reasons why include the blurring lines of responsibility across functional groups and a fever-pitch pressure on marketing to demonstrate ROI, according to Lisa Nirell, chief energy officer of EnergizeGrowth, a Washington, D.C.-based marketing consulting firm.
(Communications of the ACM 6/19/2014)
Zoe Youl has taken multitasking to a new level. The 24-year-old registered nurse is working toward a postgraduate certificate in intensive care, while at the same time keeping up with her required 20 hours a year of continuing professional development (CPD).
(FedTech Magazine 8/1/2008)
As agencies ramp up telecommuting, safeguarding federal assets remains an IT priority.
(Communications of the ACM 7/1/2013)
The issue of how to keep computers cool generally calls to mind the techniques used in enterprise data centers; that is where energy has traditionally been concentrated, so to speak. Yet, improved cooling from the inside out is crucial to reducing the carbon footprint of computers.
(Communications of the ACM 2/1/2014)
To gauge the ability of professional graphic designers to do basic programming, Brian Dorn, then a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), asked a group of them to read and modify a piece of program code.
( 8/15/2008)
Keeping up with pre-teen traffic for "Camp Rock" made relying on a build-out and load balancing of physical servers impractical. Virtual servers, content delivery network helped save the musical.
( 10/10/2014)
There's no escaping it: from retail to health care to utilities to transportation -- the number of connected devices is increasing every day and has the potential to transform and revolutionize how many industries work.
(IT Career Planet 3/2/2009)
The overall jobs picture is bleak, but for unemployed IT pros willing to consider consulting, opportunities (and paychecks) may abound.
(Computerworld 6/30/2008)
Ta ta to tapes -- if you've got the bandwidth
(Computerworld 2/21/2013)
Firms are discovering what works -- and what doesn't.
(EdTech magazine 4/19/2012)
Students use Kinect to design games and experience virtual worlds.
(SearchITChannel 12/10/2015)
CBOSS, a payment processing service provider, hired integrator AdvizeX to deploy NSX, the VMware network virtualization platform, as part of a software-defined networking project.
(StateTech Magazine 11/1/2008)
Organizations switch to LCD monitors that perform head and shoulders above their older CRT counterparts.
(Communications of the ACM 11/3/2014)
For many men, shopping with their wives is akin to having someone scratch their nails across a chalkboard. Now there are apps that help compute whether online purchases are an appropriate fit and they are a win-win for consumers and retailers alike.
(SearchCloudProvider 12/3/2015)
Amazon Web Services has devised a stringent third-party audit process that channel partners must pass to become a designated Managed Service Partner. Here's how to make it through.
(Computerworld 12/21/2015)
The data center is transforming -- modernizing to meet business demand as technologies such as software-defined architecture, cloud and virtualization take hold. This modernization is also being driven by CIOs and IT executives taking a hard look at their computing needs.
(CFO Asia 9/30/2008)
Business-class travel is growing more luxurious and more costly. Is it worth it?
(SearchITChannel 4/30/2014)
While channel conflict is nothing new, a 2013 study by industry group CompTIA found that six out of 10 channel companies said conflicts had increased in the previous two years, with 21% saying conflicts had risen significantly. Another 8% said they experienced no conflicts at all.
(innovatethink 9/17/2014)
Getting ready for mobile really boils down to one thing - taking some sort of action and not letting fear or uncertainty overwhelm you. Yet many organizations aren't doing much and meanwhile, employees are increasingly using mobile devices to do their work. It's up to the CIO to step up to the plate
( 5/29/2009)
When the need came to increase data storage capacity at United Water, officials wanted to make sure that all of their mission-critical data would continue to flow steadily.
(SearchITChannel 5/8/2015)
Channel partners often lack a formal HR management system and may not employ the HR processes and best practices they need to manage rapid growth.
( 10/24/2012)
It's no secret that people love the thrill of a contest. Whether it's scoring double rewards points for purchasing NFL-licensed apparel at Sports Authority, or being entered into a trip sweepstakes for liking the neighborhood grocery store on Facebook, game-based offers are seemingly everywhere consumers click.
(TechBeacon 7/30/2015)
What's the best way to tune Java performance? That's a complicated question, and RebelLabs has a ton of answers in its just-released sixth annual Developer Productivity Report.
( 6/8/2009)
Some simple but crucial ways you can set yourself apart from the tech pack.
(Forbes 7/28/2015)
Manage your own data center or outsource it? That's the question facing many companies as tech infrastructure begins to age.
(University Business 12/15/2013)
Tracking IT assets across a higher ed institution is tricky business. Depending on the college or university, it may be done by an internal audit group or IT, or a combination of both.
(University Business 5/22/2015)
Colleges and universities typically use the free version of Google Analytics to track how people interact with their websites, including where visitors are coming in from and the pages they're visiting,. but not enough schools are taking the time to glean critical information from that data.
(Computerworld 10/31/2009)
Users report significant ROI as ERP and CRM on the cloud become A 'significant' trend.
(The Boston Globe 7/15/2014)
For a 19-year-old-kid who just flew a small plane around the world - setting a record in the process - MIT student Matt Guthmiller seemed to have mixed emotions that his extraordinary six-week journey had come to an end.
(Robotics Business Review 6/2/2012)
iRobot, Humanistic Robotics, and QinetiQ’s robots track down lethal ordnance
(BYTE 8/27/2012)
Evernote made two key announcements at the company's second annual Trunk Conference on Friday in San Francisco.
(Computerworld 10/3/2011)
As with cloud computing in general, there are pluses and minuses to consider.
(Communications of the ACM 10/26/2015)
While organizations increasingly are the victims of external hackers, many are finally realizing an uncomfortable truth: insider threats are and have long been a very real problem.
(Communications of the ACM 5/19/2015)
Organizations are uncovering more value from the data in their systems thanks to analytics tools that let them hone in on information to make predictions and better decisions.
(EdTech magazine 3/31/2011)
Schools eye thin clients and cloud computing as a way to reduce costs and ease maintenance.
(Communications of the ACM 10/27/2015)
Computer-assisted language learning systems are useful in helping address the basic aspects of language such as speaking, reading, and writing, but often we get tripped up in the intricacies of pronunciation.
(IT Expert Voice 12/2/2009)
Among the factors to consider, as companies ponder Windows 7 migrations, is whether to run a 32 bit or 64 bit version of the operating system. We look at the reasons why and what companies are saying.
(SearchITChannel 8/23/2013)
The state of the economy ranked as the main challenge solution providers are facing, according to a recent SearchITChannel survey, but channel companies that are reinventing their businesses are finding they are able to differentiate themselves and experience growth.
(Communications of the ACM 11/19/2013)
As organizations start to tackle big data issues and their computing needs increase, the demand for supercomputing capabilities is growing. Many of today's applications need much more computing capacity than in the past, in order to analyze and mine greater amounts of data.
(Tech Page One 12/27/2013)
Dell recently rolled out a program that will allow U.S. customers to trade back eligible equipment they have purchased from the company - as well as from IBM, Microsoft, HP, Sun Microsystems and Cisco - in exchange for a fair-market-value rebate toward the purchase of new hardware.
(Computerworld 7/10/2014)
With companies operating 24x7 and employees increasingly working from mobile devices, the pressure on IT staff to stay in touch even when they are on vacation is becoming almost an unspoken requirement.
(Computerworld 1/22/2010)
Be prepared to fork over at least $100,000 for that in-the-same-room feeling
(EdTech Higher Ed magazine 10/11/2011)
The University of Arizona and other early adopters see 10 Gig-E top-of-rack switches as the answer to bandwidth requirements.
(EdTech magazine 4/27/2010)
A host of innovative technologies can increase student engagement and problem-solving skills and build confidence.
(EnterpriseCIOForum 11/2/2015)
Moving business processes to the cloud is no longer a matter of if, but when. More enterprises are adopting a hybrid approach that blends private and public clouds. More than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will be deploying some form of hybrid cloud before 2016, according to IDC.
(Computerworld 4/8/2010)
Virtual worlds are finding a niche in the workplace for purposes such as training, simulation and prototyping
(SearchITChannel 10/1/2013)
You know the saying that everything is for sale if the price is right, and managed service provider and VAR businesses are no exception. But there is much to take into consideration when learning how to sell a small business in the VAR and MSP space.
( 9/25/2013)
Mobile is gaining momentum as the next go-to channel for marketing campaigns, with 80 percent of smartphone users indicating they are very receptive to receiving location-based text messages from marketers.
( 4/10/2013)
Like everything else, video is going mobile. Mobile video starts on smartphones tripled year-over-year from 2011 to 2012, according to a newly released report by Adobe Digital Index.
(Computerworld 11/28/2011)
'Tis the season for websites to crash and burn. Here are some strategies used successfully by retailers to make sure they don't go down. Ever.
(FierceCIO 11/9/2015)
Organizations contemplating a move to cloud computing often eye private clouds, which offer some of the same benefits that public clouds provide, but for exclusive use by one business. While private clouds are not used as frequently as the public cloud, many reports show adoption is growing.
(BYTE 6/12/2012)
In a move seen as industry changing--if not a surprise--Verizon Wireless subscribers soon will be able to use wireless services on up to 10 devices under a new plan the company announced.
(Scholastic Administrator 10/31/2011)
Teacher training in today's on-demand world means online.
(Infosecurity magazine 12/15/2011)
With changes to the US healthcare system already underway, albeit at a snail's pace, it is now is the perfect time to examine how the regulatory and compliance landscape may change with it.
(BYTE 11/30/2012)
If you tried to contact 911 using a public safety smart phone app during Hurricane Sandy and were unsuccessful, there's a good reason: Most of these apps don't work.
(TechBeacon 6/3/2015)
As more companies recognize the need to break down the walls that divide software developers and IT operations, recruiting DevOps skills has become more critical, and DevOps recruiting has become more difficult.
(Inc. magazine 6/16/2015)
Getting on a reality business show is a dream come true--or a nightmare, if you aren't careful.
(SearchITChannel 6/30/2015)
Women continue to be underrepresented in the channel and the broader STEM workforce, but are making inroads in telecom and managed services.
(SearchITChannel 7/1/2015)
MSPs looking for a new business venture have a couple of ways to enter the DaaS market: build their own infrastructure or partner with cloud vendors.
(Byte 10/11/2011)
Microsoft issues its monthly security updates, including two critical fixes
(Forbes 8/14/2015)
Some companies are outsourcing cloud migration to managed service providers. These firms handle servers and other equipment, as well as hosted applications. They patch and update antivirus software, take charge of server upgrades, scale computing capacity and ensure business continuity.
(Communications of the ACM 12/17/2015)
Researchers hope to use three-dimensional printing (also known as additive manufacturing) to create replacements for human organs made from living cells.
(Computerworld 5/6/2011)
IT can help sales and marketing groups explore and use new 3D tools
(FierceEnterpriseCommunications 8/19/2015)
As software-defined networking continues its labyrinthine journey toward broad widespread deployment, industry observers say there is some jockeying for market position among the major networking vendors, but the OpenDaylight project appears to be gaining significant momentum.
(InputOutput 1/16/2012)
Mobile payments at the point-of-sale are not quite ready for prime time, but they are coming. It is time to watch the area of near-field communications to evaluate how it will affect your business and your own shopping habits.
(EdTech 3/1/2011)
Telepresence takes higher education to a new level, making it possible for geographically dispersed faculty, students and expert speakers to see and hear one another as if they were in the same room.
(Comstock's 2/13/2014)
Community banks embrace new marketing strategies to supplement traditional advertising
(The Enterprisers Project 3/3/2014)
Just when you thought it was safe to assume the economy was looking fairly positive, a 2014 IT salary survey by Janco Associates and debunks that theory, with a less than rosy picture of the IT job market.
(The Enterprisers Project 2/27/2014)
Thanks to the cloud and proliferation of mobile devices, business units operating outside of IT's purview is growing.
(University Business magazine 2/27/2014)
Deploying constituent relationship management systems across the enterprise to create the fabled "360-degree view of the student experience" and improve retention initiatives
(The Boston Globe 9/15/2014)
With a focus on reducing concussions, a fledging company is rethinking some of the ways that football players' protective gear is used and assessed
(SearchITChannel 12/1/2014)
Cut through the many acronyms in the mobility solutions market to identify and implement strategies that suit each of your customers.
(Comstock's 8/11/2014)
Banks are swapping teller lines and velvet ropes for digital kiosks and coffee machines.
(Scholastic Administr@tor 9/8/2014)
Technology comes second. First, Build support by selling your vision to staff and community.
( 1/30/2014)
As a newly minted Microsoft managed partner in the southeastern United States, IT solution provider eGroup is starting a new chapter in its relationship with the company. That relationship can be very valuable for Microsoft channel partners, but it takes work and requires a progressive approach.
(The Boston Globe 12/4/2011)
The Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson celebrates 150 years of the church building in Hudson, and what keeps it alive.
(Computerworld 3/30/2015)
IT shops are looking mostly to their existing software providers for an assist when extending enterprise apps to mobile -- and finding compelling ROI along the way.
(Communications of the ACM 3/31/2015)
A team at Stanford University has presented a model of a monolith 3D stack that incorporates logic and memory together which, they say, can be mass-produced.
(Computerworld 4/7/2015)
Project management is a position many people segue into from other jobs within IT, such as business analyst, systems analyst or software developer, as opposed to being hired for the job at the outset of their careers, industry observers say.
(SearchITChannel 4/8/2014)
MSPs look to grow business around hosted virtual desktops but face challenges in delivering their offerings. Find out if the technology suits your clients.
(SearchITChannel 4/8/2015)
MSPs look to grow business around hosted virtual desktops but face challenges in delivering their offerings. Find out if the technology suits your clients.
(SearchITChannel 4/10/2015)
The nascent field of network virtualization has yet to take off for most managed services providers (MSPs), but some observers say the maturation of VMware network virtualization software could boost the market's prospects.
(SearchITChannel 4/29/2015)
If you're a managed services provider who wants to deliver managed email, chances are you'll be looking for a partner. Seventy-one percent of managed service providers (MSPs) currently offer one or more forms of email hosting and another 14% are planning to do so, according to Techaisle.
(SearchITChannel 9/10/2014)
The criteria for what makes for a great vendor aren't what they used to be. As partners refocus their businesses on enablement and offering services, they evaluate vendors for responsiveness, channel strategy and more.
(National Education Association (NEA) 6/7/2011)
There has been a plethora of news stories about teachers and educators who have found their jobs compromised because of what they blog about or misleading information that shows up about them on the web.
(Smartbear 12/11/2012)
Cash-starved developers, take heart. A new site has launched that claims to be the first of its kind dedicated to helping you find project funding.
(BYTE 12/13/2012)
Mobile connected devices are the most sought after gifts this holiday season but when it comes time for out with the old, in with the new, BYOD workers need to deal with the data still sitting on discarded devices.
(Robotics Business Review 7/5/2011)
Just as thin clients move computing power from a laptop into cloud-based servers, robots also no longer need to carry around information or handle processing-intensive tasks such as vision recognition internally, which means they can be built lighter and at less cost.
(InfoSecurity magazine 6/10/2011)
Some phishing attempts are truly ethereal: near flawless representations of official communications. Others, however, are mere mortals. And then there's the absolutely absurd. A look at the pantheon of scammer emails
(SearchITProvider 9/28/2015)
Hosted virtual desktops offer service providers a stronger client relationship and, potentially, a profitable line of business. Deciding how to enter the market, however, demands a thorough assessment of available options.
(Input/Output 5/2/2012)
Biomedical information comes at health professionals in petabytes. The CDC is working on responding to potential terrorist attacks and natural disasters using Big Data and electronic health records to focus on bio-surveillance and disease outbreak prevention.
(Input/Output 4/12/2012)
Augmented reality is gaining traction as a disruptive technology, especially in the mobile space.
(Computerworld 11/16/2011)
Some good starting points for those new to the discipline
( 4/24/2012)
It comes as no great surprise that advertisers display little respect for online banner ads. But don't write them off just yet.
( 6/27/2012)
Marketers, take note: Social engagement is not about the quantity of followers, but the quality and timing of your interactions with them.
(BYTE 7/16/2012)
An independent study on mobile device management (MDM) finds that although smart phone penetration continues to rise in the workplace, so too does the annual IT labor cost.
(BYTE 7/12/2012)
Reaction has been lukewarm to the news that Apple has removed its 39 laptops and notebook entries from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), a voluntary registry promoting greener electronics, of which it is a founding member.
(Smartbear 8/29/2012)
Anyone who creates software for mobile devices has to weigh the time and resources available to support multiple platforms. Recent research shows that the Apple iOS devices are still garnering more attention – and development time – than Android or other alternatives. But it depends which survey you read.
(Scholastic Administr@tor 2/3/2014)
See how schools are using Skype, Twitter, and other social media to create authentic learning opportunities.
(Free Enterprise 2/3/2014)
Seeing his mother struggling to complete a task while online banking one day gave Eyal Cohen an idea. Why not create pop-up balloons that would provide step-by-step-instructions? With that, WalkMe was born.
( 1/6/2014)
The role of a vendor's channel account managers, or partner account managers, is to manage the relationship with channel partners, including growing revenue and negotiating contracts. Yet sometimes those relationships don't work as smoothly as they should.
(EdSurge 9/2/2014)
Facing "pretty serious shortages" in some allied health professions got officials at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston thinking: Why not train some existing employees so they could get high-skilled, higher-paying jobs?
(Comstock's magazine 9/2/2014)
The market for 3-D printing is booming, but consumer applications have room for growth
( 5/30/2012)
Think the CMO is in charge of new customer communications channels, such as social media and mobile? Think again. More than half (58 percent) of C-level executives believe the CEO is responsible.
(SearchITChannel 11/6/2015)
The managed print service market is in a constant state of evolution, and providers are keeping up by layering apps on top of print offerings as well as developing services for vertical or niche industries.
(BYTE 8/13/2012)
Security software provider Sophos has introduced an enhanced version of its Mobile Control product, which it says provides improved risk mitigation features, including the ability for IT to remotely wipe a corporate device if an employee leaves a company or does not comply with its security policies.
(Robotics Business Review 7/20/2012)
There is no contest: it costs $400 a day to operate a seaglider robot vs. $40,000 a day for a research ship
(ChannelPro 10/1/2012)
Depending on who you ask, anywhere from under 10% percent up to 23% of businesses have mobile device-friendly websites. At the same time, right now 10% of all Web traffic originates from mobile devices - and one thing's certain: That figure is only going to grow.
(Robotic Business Review 4/28/2012)
Robots ready to help kids diagnosed with autism, attention issues, and even those who suffer from abuse and behavioral disorders.
(Tech Page One 6/21/2013)
For many fast-growing businesses that reach a certain data threshold, it can be difficult to figure out whether a data center solution is the right answer - and at what cost.
(SearchITChannel 6/9/2015)
Channel partners are developing services around Skype for Business, which they view as an important part of their unified communications toolkits.
(Fortinet blog 6/11/2015)
Security has typically fallen under the purview of IT, but it's time to elevate it to a C-suite level discussion. Seemingly every time we turn around there's something in the news or on social media about high-profile breaches.
(Inc. magazine 6/29/2015)
Security breaches are becoming almost regular news. With ongoing high-profile revelations about the likes of Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase having millions of customers' data hacked, such events are losing their capacity to shock. Until, that is, it happens to your business.
(Free Enterprise 4/2/2014)
Stone Street Capital in Bethesda, MD, deployed a cloud-based gamification platform called Hoopla last year to incentivize sales people to record all activities leading up to a deal.
(SearchITChannel 4/7/2014)
IT channel industry workers in a variety of job roles are, by and large, satisfied with their salaries and careers. They're a highly compensated group, making on average more than three times the U.S. per-capita average and 21% more than the average IT manager at their IT organization customers.
(University Business 3/2/2015)
Colleges and universities miss a significant opportunity to capture the attention of their primary web audience-teens and young adults-when their websites aren't designed to perform well on mobile devices.
(SearchCloudProvider 3/10/2015)
With the cloud brokerage market expected to reach $160 billion by 2018, traditional IT companies vie with cloud brokers to tap into the growing customer demand.
(Communciations of the ACM 2/17/2015)
Proponents of the teach children to code movement say the payoffs are immediate: Children learn a new way to express themselves, as well as problem solving and building block concepts at a young age.
(The Enterprisers Project 4/16/2014)
Any IT leader worth his or her salt is going to be constantly thinking about whether they are staying relevant to the business. Operating according to the status quo doesn't cut it any longer.
(BetaBoston 7/17/2014)
Drones are on more people's radars lately-so to speak-and that got Babson College MBA candidate Abby Speicher and her business partners thinking about a possible opportunity: providing training to public safety departments related to these unmanned aerial vehicles.
(Scholastic Administr@tor 9/1/2012)
Some 20.5 million new jobs will be added to the U.S. economy by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in health care, construction, education and computer and information technology. More high schools are recognizing the need to start training students in these fields early.
(Fortinet 9/24/2015)
Not surprisingly, mobile security ranks among the top challenges IT faces when it comes to protecting small and mid-sized businesses. What is surprising, however, is that only 16% of SMBs worldwide responding to a recent Techaisle survey say they're prepared to deal with mobile security challenges.
(innovatethink 7/1/2014)
You can't blame IT and business leaders if they're feeling a little paranoid about security these days. Headlines are rife with disastrous breaches
(SearchCloudProvider 8/7/2014)
IoT opportunities exist for partners, but according to experts, taking the first step into the IoT space requires channel firms to embrace cloud computing, new partnerships, and IoT protocol. Some companies have already found success.
(SearchITChannel 8/14/2014)
Microsoft partners are looking to the vendor's big data tools, such as the Azure Intelligent Systems Service and Azure Machine Learning, to meet the needs of increasingly 'data-driven' customers.