Graham Flashner

West L.A., CA USA

Professional Experience

I'm a versatile entertainment and sports journalist with 10+ years experience, whose work has appeared in Emmy Magazine,,, Filmmaker, SLAM, Creative Screenwriting, New York Magazine, Premiere, Movieline, GO Magazine, The Village Voice, Brentwood Magazine, and others. Skilled interviewer, outgoing personality who puts others at ease, and I've never missed a deadline. I've written numerous profile pieces (including a Brentwood Magazine cover story on Billy Bob Thornton) of movie stars and pro athletes, and have written on a variety of topics on film, TV, pop music, sports, and lifestyle. Looking to expand into travel as well, since it is a passion of mine. On the film and TV side, I am a produced screenwriter and Emmy-nominated producer who's worked in TV movies, episodic series, and reality TV. If you have a need for parody or satire, I have a great love of those genres as well.


Book Author
1 Year
Producer (television)
20 Years
15 Years


Arts & Humanities
15 Years
Sports & Recreation
10 Years
1 Year


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
12 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
5 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
10 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Emmy Magazine (10+), (6-10), Creative Screenwriting (3-5)

Other Work History

Development Executive, CBS-TV Executive Producer, Alliance-Atlantis Films Co-writer, co-executive producer of several made-for-TV movies Staff Writer, MTV's "Undressed" Over 25 credits as story producer on reality TV shows

Technical Skills

Avid Express, Final Cut Pro

Foreign Language Skills



Writers Guild of America, West Producers Guild of America

Computer Skills

Windows Vista, MS Word, Excel, Mac OS 10.7, Pilotware


Laptop computer, digital camera, Flip video camera, microcassette recorder.

Work Permits & Visas

I have a passport.


Many references in film/TV/magazines


1 Emmy nomination (does that count?)


TV Academy of Arts & Sciences

Work Samples


( 5/5/2014)
Coverage of the Clippers' thrilling Game 7 win over the Warriors at Staples Center.
(GO Magazine 8/1/2008)
Brief article on stand-up paddleboard surfing
( 1/16/2015)
Column on the Lakers-Cavaliers NBA game.
(Emmy Magazine 4/1/2011)
Profile/interview with John Landgraf, president of FX Network, on the success FX has had with low-budget TV shows like "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia."
(EMMY Magazine 8/1/2010)
Brief profile of award-winning TV director David Nutter.
(Emmy Magazine 4/7/2015)
COVER STORY feature profile on the FX Network commemorating their 20th anniversary, as seen through the eyes of its execs, producers and stars.
(Brentwood Magazine 12/1/2003)
Cover story profile of the actor Billy Bob Thornton. (Excuse the slightly crooked print-out!)
(Brentwood Magazine 9/1/2003)
Feature article on Karl Malone and Gary Payton, newest members of the L.A. Lakers
(Brentwood Magazine 8/1/2003)
Profile of the actor Michael Madsen.
(GO Magazine 2/1/2008)
Feature article on the history of the Daytona 500.
(V-Life Weekend (Daily Variety) 10/21/2005)
Feature about parents who hire private coaches to help their kids play Little League.
( 8/7/2005)
Column on moody slugger Gary Sheffield
(M Magazine 9/1/2010)
Profile of the dance troupe Jabbawockeez, promoting their appearances at Las Vegas hotels. More of a p.r. piece to bring tourists to the show.
(Creative Screenwriting 11/1/2008)
Profile of screenwriter Ryan Condal and how he broke into Hollywood
(Filmmaker Magazine 1/15/2010)
Blog from the Palm Springs International Film Festival.
( 2/17/2011)
Writeup of my weekend at the 22nd Palm Springs International Film Festival.
(Movieline 9/1/1992)
Short profile of actor Brendan Fraser
(My Midwest Magazine 5/1/2008)
Feature story on sports attractions in Indianapolis
(Emmy Magazine 5/15/2011)
Profile of three leading TV writers in different genres.
(Filmmaker Magazine 10/19/2008)
Blog from the 2008 Austin Film Festival
(Families In Business 9/20/2008)
Feature profile of the Barrymore acting dynasty
(Creative Screenwriting 9/1/2008)
Profile of up-and-coming indie film director Alex Holdridge and his new film, "In Search Of A Midnight Kiss".
(SLAM Magazine 12/11/2008)
Blog report on Suns-Lakers game at Staples Center
(Emmy Magazine 6/1/2012)
Feature profile of Hollywood uber-agent/producer Gavin Polone; nominated for Maggie Award.
(SLAM On-line 10/30/2008)
Blog coverage of the Lakers-Clippers opener at Staples Center.
( 6/10/2009)
Humorous photo gallery offering advice for older men on how to pick up a younger woman, via Woody Allen movies.
(Emmy Magazine 6/1/2014)
Profile of TV writer-producer Steven Bochco, in advance of his new TNT series, "Murder In The First".
(Emmy Magazine 2/1/2012)
Profile of Writers Guild of America President Christopher Keyser.
( 3/28/2011)
Fun compilation of some of the creative ways movie assassins kill on-screen; tied in to the opening of the new film "Hanna."
(Creative Screenwriting 11/15/2009)
Article for the Now Playing section about the screenwriters of the film, "The Messenger", and how they crafted the script.
(SLAM Magazine 11/20/2009)
Article on why the Lakers could repeat as NBA champions.
(Emmy Magazine 4/1/2010)
Article about TV staffing season, from the aspiring writer's point-of-view.
(Emmy Magazine 11/1/2011)
Feature article on Farhad Safinia, screenwriter and creator of the Starz series, "Boss," starring Kelsey Grammer.
( 12/10/2010)
Humorous piece timed to coincide with the release of the Oscar-nominated film, THE FIGHTER.
( 4/30/2014)
Coverage of the eventful Game 5 between the Clippers and Warriors, on the day Donald Sterling was issued a lifetime ban from the NBA.
(Movieline 10/1/1992)
Profile of the British film actor Tim Roth
(Emmy Magazine 3/1/2013)
Profile of "Goodfellas" screenwriter Nicolas Pileggi and his new TV series, Vegas.
(Emmy Magazine 6/15/2015)
Feature profile of the enormously successful documentary filmmaker Ken Burns