Los Angeles, CA 90069 USA

Professional Experience

Award-winning editor (15 years), journalist (20 years), author (5 years), on-air host (6 years). I write feature stories about agents of change, history, health, travel, celebrities, TV & Film. I am a seasoned editor--print, online, magazines, books, scripts. My work regularly appears in The Huffington Post and the San Francisco Examiner. As a long-time editor of Mainstreet Media's Good Times Magazine and extended publications, I helped build a multi-million dollar brand. I have also been published in Oprah, The Advocate, Bust, Palm Springs Life, The Sydney Morning Herald and other national and regional outlets. Learn more at


6 Years
16 Years
5 Years


Books & Literature
10 Years
20 Years
15 Years


Broadcasting - Ent - TV (Local)
6 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
11 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
16 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Huffington Post (10+), Mainstreet Media (10+), Oprah Magazine (1-2), VIA Magazine (1-2), The Advocate (10+), CTV / GTV (10+), San Francisco Examiner (10+), Palm Springs Life (3-5), NorLights Books (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

San Francisco Media Group (10+), Desert Publications (6-10), Mainstreet Media (3-5)

Other Work History

Ghost writing, copy-writing, PR, publicity, book trailers for authors, marketing, creative consulting

Technical Skills

Web design, some photo editing and Final Cut

Foreign Language Skills

Some Spanish, some Polish

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, (OS 10+) HTML, In-Design, Quark, general web design, blogging, editing


MacBook Pro, canon digital camera, audio recorder,


Leslie Katz (415) 359-2727 Stephanie Lutz (831) 345-8755 Duffie Bart (805) 563-0526


*FOUR Best Writer Awards in Santa Cruz County Readers' Poll; more than a dozen for the publication GT WEEKLY under my tenure. More than SIX feature story and video awards in the California Newspapers Publishers Association's Better Newspaper Contest


NLGJA (National Lesbian Gay Journalism Association, Santa Cruz AIDS Project, The Viktor Kee Foundation

Work Samples

Journalism / Media

(Huffington Post 2/25/2015)
In my Agents of Change series, I spotlight forward-thinking individuals and groups.
(Delight Magazine / Atomic Tribe 11/1/2010)
Interview w/ CNN's noteworthy and ambitious Anderson Cooper
(The Advocate 8/26/2008)
Interview with the iconic Joan Rivers
(Mainstreet Media / Good Times 9/1/2010)
An interview with author/speaker and eating disorders luminary, Geneen Roth
(Huffington Post 11/23/2014)
Secured interview and spotlighted Kathleen Turner, who revealed the inner workings of a one-woman show on Molly Ivins.
(The Advocate 11/3/2008)
The Henry Rollins Interview and Prop 8 agenda
(Mainstreet Media / Good Times 10/5/2012)
The Bill Maher Interview
(Mainstreet Media / Good Times 11/5/2013)
The plight of mountaintop removal takes a turn when two lesbian advocates for the environment take on the cause.
(Mainstreet Media / Good Times 6/13/2012)
An interview with celebrated and prolific writer Jonathan Franzen
(The Advocate 10/10/2008)
An interview with Debra Messing
(Palm Springs Life 5/1/2013)
The Cyndi Lauper Interview
(Oprah Magazine 10/1/2008)
An article on an innovative treatment for those struggling with eating disorders and body image.
(VIA / AAA Magazine 6/1/2014)
The remarkable Bay Lights--coverage and reporting for VIA MAGAZINE
(Huffington Post 5/24/2013)
The Angela Davis Interview

Author / Memoir

(NorLights Press 1/11/2015)
Historical memoir -- a kind of Polish "Eat Pray Love" by way of David Sedaris meets Alex Haley --that chronicles my journey uncovering my Polish family's journey in the 1940s and the under-reported odyssey of Stalin's deportations.

Broadcast / Media

(San Francisco Examiner 8/30/2013)
My ongoing coverage of events--both red carpet-oriented and beyond-- including The James Franco Comedy Central Roast
(SF Examiner / HuffPo / SOWAT TV 4/4/2010)
Behind the scenes reporting on Cirque's breathtaking show, "Ka," in Las Vegas.
(GTV 1/14/2014)
Riveting show. Cirque's Amaluna and my backstage coverage.
(SF Examiner / HuffPo / SOWAT TV 6/10/2012)
Behind the scenes coverage/ reporting on Voca People, a striking new performance art show in San Francisco
(SF Examiner / HuffPo / SOWAT TV 12/6/2011)
Coverage/ interviews backstage with enterprising drag performers re-enacting classic holiday episodes from the Golden Girls.
(SF Examiner / HuffPo / SOWAT TV 2/27/2012)
Backstage coverage/ interview with Ali McGraw on the eve of the anniversary of LOVE STORY
(GTV 12/6/2013)
Pilot episode of regional talk show spotlighting arts and culture. Learn more here:
(GTV 8/8/2009)
Red carpet arrivals and interviews
(GTV 5/19/2010)
Can people take a compliment? We explore the streets, dole out gratitude and learn ...
(GTV 1/30/2011)
Covering those being honored for their outstanding achievement in Santa Cruz County
(SF Examiner / HuffPo / SOWAT TV 8/8/2012)
Red Carpet coverage of Roseanne Barr's Comedy Central Roast
Backstage interviews with iconic cast of Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco
(GTV 9/1/2010)
Having a ball. Watsonville, California's Testical Festival turns heads. I was there.
(GTV 3/18/2013)
Coverage of the illuminating BAY LIGHTS-- we actually managed to cover this on the Bay Bridge

Editing / Editor / Creative Director

(Mainstreet Media / Good Times 6/15/2012)
In addition to overseeing weekly publication of award-winning weekly magazine in Santa Cruz, Ca., oversaw seven regional productions of special issues, including the V Guide--editing and more of annual visitor guide and more.

Book Trailer(s) / Publishing

(NorLights Press 1/11/2015)
One of several book trailers for Grace Revealed: A Memoir