Jillian Blume

New York, NY USA

Professional Experience

I can tackle just about any topic from home design to cats and dogs, from education to book reviews and first-person essays. Starting out as a poet gave me an advantage; it taught me to find the exact word, the startling metaphor, and to search out the deepest meanings of life’s experiences. I have written a book about traveling with your small dog in the voice of a small Yorkshire Terrier and dozens of magazine articles covering travel, human interest, architecture, home design, health, skincare, women’s history and issues, and numerous other topics. I’m unusually skilled at probing beneath the safe answers in interviews and reaching the heart of a story. Obsessive about getting my facts right and talented at capturing atmosphere, personality, and emotion. Reliable, accessible, and intensely creative.


Book Author
10 Years
13 Years
25 Years


Books & Literature
10 Years
10 Years
Home & Garden
13 Years


Newspaper - Local/Regional
10 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
20 Years
Online/new media
13 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Examiner.com (10+), examiner.com (10+), Blue Circuit ebook Publishing (10+), cityrealty.com (10+), Teenage Buzz (10+), The Affluent Page (10+), The New York Observer (10+), Home By Design (10+), MSN Lifestyle (6-10), Womach Brothers ebook Publishing (6-10), Spasearch (3-5), The Pet Gazette (3-5), The USA Times (3-5), pocketpoet.com (3-5), Life By Design (3-5), Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (3-5), American Teen (1-2), Greenhaven Press (1-2), Hiatus magazine (1-2), Ladies Home Journal (1-2), INSIDE San Francisco (1-2), Marie Claire magazine (1-2), Pocket-poet.com (1-2), Self magazine (1-2), mysmalldog.com (1-2), What Next Publications (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Heatlth Results (1-2), Institute for Systems Biology (1-2), KPC Writing (1-2), Deveraux and Deloitte (1-2), eshop.com (1-2), WarmlyYours.com (3-5), Aspen Education (10+), Imagine Quest Information (10+), Link Educational (10+), bulletproofmarketing.com (6-10)

Other Work History

Editor-in-Chief of The Affluent Page magazine Ajunct Professor, School of Visual Arts, Humanities & Sciences Division: teaching writing and literature Associate Editor: Teenage Buzz Editorial Assistant: The Paris Review

Technical Skills

Interviews; writing; commentary, opinion articles; research; fact-checking, photo research and acquiring images; editing

Computer Skills

Microsoft Word, CS2, InDesign, Quark Express, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat


Broadband Internet connection; iMac G5 & laptop wireless pc; Skype phone number & Audio Hijack; digital camera


References available upon request


I've won numerous awards for fiction and poetry

Work Samples

Newspaper articles

(The New York Observer 10/20/2008)
Feature article about non-profit organizations and the financial downturn.
(The New York Observer 10/20/2008)
Profile: newspaper
(The New York Observer 4/8/2009)
Feature article: Education
(The New York Observer 4/27/2009)
Feature article: newspaper
(The USA Times 2/1/2004)
Feature News Article
(The New York Observer 1/19/2009)
Feature article: education section
(The New York Observer 10/20/2008)
Profile: newspaper
(The New York Observer 11/3/2008)
Feature article: Special Education Section
(The New York Observer 6/1/2009)
Summer Events Guide
(The New York Observer 5/11/2009)
New York Condos: How to take advantage of the real estate market.
(The New York Observer 6/8/2009)
Feature article about New York neighborhoods and the rental market.
(New York Observer 10/28/2009)
A guide to New York's best restaurants

Magazine articles

(The Affluent Page 11/1/2007)
Feature magazine article: travel (art journeys)
(Self magazine 6/1/2004)
F.O.B. short article: Health, Beauty
(Home By Design 5/1/2006)
Feature Magazine Article: Home Design
(Marie Claire magazine 7/1/2005)
Feature Magazine Article: Women's Issues
(SpaSearch 6/1/2006)
Feature Magazine Article: Spa
(Life By Design 1/1/2007)
Feature magazine article: fitness
(Teenage Buzz 12/1/2002)
Feature article: Teenage magazine
(The Affluent Page 10/1/2007)
Feature magazine article: Travel (affluent lifestyle)
(Life By Design 6/1/2007)
Feature article, magazine: wildlife adventures
(Home by Design 10/1/2006)
Feature article home design

Online Articles

(Aspen Education 6/1/2006)
Articles for website: Educational
(Aspen Education 9/14/2006)
Online article: parents, kids, school
(MSN Lifestyle 2/1/2007)
Feature article: online magazine
(MSN Lifestyle 2/1/2007)
Online article: opinon
(MSN Living 4/1/2012)
Feature article for online magazine
(Yahoo Education 1/1/2014)
Online article about college degrees
(New York Observer 1/13/2009)
Editorial article for New Yorker Diary section; personal essay.
(Examiner.com 6/5/2009)
New York Dogs Examiner: Pfizer gets a new cancer drug for dogs approved.
(Examiner.com 6/5/2009)
The World's Oldest Dogs: How do they do it?
(http://www.catestutoring.com/the-new-york-observer-staying-in-school-longer.html 10/21/2008)
Profile of Melissa Berman, President and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
(Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Groi 3/25/2010)
Feature article and profile of the Upper East Side neighborhood.
(Cates Tutoring 9/5/2009)
Education article
(Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Groi 5/11/2009)
article about the real estate market in New York City.
(The New York Observer 6/3/2009)
Article about the rental market in New York.


(Examiner.com 8/24/2009)
Blog about Pet Fashion Week event
(examiner.com 9/25/2009)
Blog about CeCe Kent's high end dog carriers
(examiner.com 9/10/2009)
Blog about new designer for line of couture dog clothes
(Best Friends Network 9/22/2009)
Blog about Feral Freedom Program


(PetsAdviser.com 2/10/2016)
Feature articles