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Professional Experience

A prolific and versatile writer, my clips cover technology, science, business, finance, women's, healthcare, and general interest subjects and include numerous cover stories, features, columns, profiles, podcasts, and blogs for national and regional magazines, online publications and newspapers. My published credits include eight books and several analytical studies on technology for research firms on two continents. I have a knack for getting "impossible interviews" and am a quick-study on virtually any topic. Versatility is one of my key strengths; it allows me to see new connections and readily form new ideas. I am a "big-picture" thinker who is meticulous with the minute details. My work often breaks new ground and/or hooks the reader with a whole new way to see an otherwise common subject or issue. Member, National Press Club and Internet Press Guild (IPG).


Content Editor (online)
10 Years
15 Years
20 Years


Business (general)
17 Years
10 Years
15 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
10 Years
Online/new media
10 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
17 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

17 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Inside CRM (10+), Institutional Investor Magazine (10+), (3-5), CXO Media (3-5), IT Expert Voice (3-5), I Six Sigma Magazine (3-5), InformIT (3-5), MedTech Journal (6-10), AUTM Better World Report (6-10), (10+), ComputerWorld (1-2), Patient-Wise (1-2), IT World (1-2), Italian Linux Portal (1-2), MacNewsWorld (10+), (1-2), McClatchy Newspapers (10+), Internet Evolution (1-2), Linux World (1-2), Computer Sweden (1-2), Success Magazine (10+), TechNewsWorld (10+), (10+), ReadWriteWeb (10+), NewsFactor Network (10+), NP Tech News (Non-Profit Tech News) (10+), e-Commerce Times (10+), Fierce Healthcare (10+), Fierce Markets (10+), FierceBigData (10+), (10+), CIO Today Magazine (10+), CIO Update (10+), HER Magazine (10+), IT Business Insider (10+), JupiterMedia (10+), Knight Ridder Newspapers (10+), Linux Insider (10+), (1-2), Semantics Report (1-2), Woman's Day (1-2), Wi-Fi Planet (1-2), Wi-Fi Planet (1-2), InformationWeek (6-10), (10+), CRM Buyer (10+), ECT News Network (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Joint Military Development Services (6-10), AgriCycle Biodiesel (6-10), ABI Research, NY (10+), DVC Capital Investments, LLC (10+), Imagination Custom Publishing (10+), Motorola (10+), Prism Media Group (6-10), Screen 5ive Media (6-10), VisionGain Research, UK (6-10), Zurix Water (6-10), AUTM 2009 Better World Report (3-5), Green Energy Communications (3-5), B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio (1-2), Dispatched/DeFNiC Software (1-2), The Finley Firm (1-2)

Other Work History

Previously owned an ad/PR agency: Baker Communications.

Technical Skills

Skilled at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) key word and key phrase story incorporation. Highly skilled in social media use and news aggregation sites. Proficient with several Content Management Systems

Foreign Language Skills

English only



Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Windows XP, some HTML, Content Management Systems (CMS)


laptop, desktop, cell phone, audio recorder, flatbed scanner, copier, laser printer, fax machine, high speed broadband Internet connection

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See references on my LinkedIn page: Also see IPG member page for more information:


Paper Industry award for paper-making documentary; City of Columbus proclamation for news series on Columbus, Georgia


National Press Club, Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and Internet Press Guild (IPG)

Work Samples

Business & Technology

(Fierce Big Data 8/28/2012)
This piece explains what a big data scientist is and where the jobs for them are. An example of how I can clarify emerging jobs and issues in new fields.
(CIO Update 6/19/2012)
an example of how I can make complex and somewhat dreary topics interesting and relatable.
(Fierce Big Data 8/28/2012)
This piece illuminates what's happening with vendors in the Big Data space. It is designed to help readers understand who the players are and what they do.
(VoIP News 1/29/2013)
Why, yes, talk *is* cheap, that is if you use VoIP on your mobile phone instead of expensive carrier minutes. But there are some downsides too.
(CIO Update 9/1/2010)
This article explores internal security threats and what businesses can do about them.
(CIO Update 11/11/2010)
The role of CIO has morphed faster than Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde -- with about the same amount of agony. This installment of my monthly career column for CIOs reveals how the recession has changed the role of IT and its leaders.
(Inside CRM 1/31/2013)
Combining Big Data and CRM seems like a natural thing to do, but not all is at it appears with these two. Here's what is broken and what is not in this combo play and how readers can use that info to turn this collision from a spray of shrapnel to actual momentum.
(VoIP News 1/21/2013)
Cost savings and productivity-enhancing features makes the decision to make the move almost a no-brainer but that doesn’t mean that switching over is problem free. To ensure your switch to VoIP goes without a hitch, follow these tips from the outset.
(Fierce Big Data 6/13/2013)
In the midst of the NSA scandal over using "personal" data in a big data sweep, this piece explores why confusion over data ownership clouds the issue or individual privacy.
(CIO Update 12/2/2010)
An example of how I stay ahead of the reporting pack on key issues by digging deeper than most and spotting trends early. This is an installment in my monthly tech column on CIO Update.
(CIO Update 5/2/2012)
This story explores what Mobile Fusion means to IT and how it will help and hinder Blackberry in its quest to become king of the BYOD hill.
(InformationWeek 4/28/2015)
If you thought handling BYOD was hard, wait until you see what managing mobile devices for the Internet of Things entails. This story gives you in-depth info on what IT can expect.
(Wi-Fi Planet 9/24/2009)
This engaging piece shows CIOs how to protect their businesses when employees use Wi-Fi in airports and hotspots. Not your ordinary security read, though!
(CIO Update 6/7/2011)
An example of how I can explain complex topics in layman's terms and tie them to current events.
(Small Business Computing 1/10/2013)
In some ways data backup and recovery have become technically easier, in other ways not so much. This no-nonsense guide helps readers make the best data recovery choices for their small business.
(CIO Update/Jupitermedia 5/13/2008)
When you want in-depth reporting even, or maybe especially, on high profile but media-shy organizations, call me. I'm the writer that gets the tough interviews and produces a fact-filled, fast-paced story that will make your readers sit up and take notice!
(TechNewsWorld 8/31/2011)
Story covers best phone apps for business travelers on everything from retrieving your lost passport to finding parking spaces in a strange city, tracking flights in the air, and boosting broadband so it costs you less! Other stuff too!
(Small Business Computing 5/15/2012)
This article is on what big data means to small business and how to make the most of it. It's also a good primer for those who want a basic understanding of what big data is, where it resides, and what to do with it. An example of how I make complex topics easy to understand.
(TechNewsWorld 9/12/2007)
Cruising the Web on a smartphone is about like cruising for a date on a tricycle -- the basic concept is there, but the delivery is laughable. This story explores what's right and wrong with the web on mobile phones and what's likely to happen next in life on the run!
(Input/Output 9/15/2011)
This article reveals the dangers of pirated apps and even legitimate mobile apps that are loaded with malware. Contains guidance to companies and consumers on what to do about the problem.
(CIO Update 3/10/2011)
Story analyzes impact of cloud computing and offshore outsourcing on U.S. tech jobs. An example of my analysis and reporting on international trends and their impact.
(iDatix 7/9/2012)
I provide content for a variety of websites/news media. This is one example. The post attracted a large number of readers and scored high on all metrics.
(eSecurity Planet 6/21/2011)
This article is about the next wave of security attacks from virtual viruses, RAM scraping, DNA attacks, RFID to biohacking ... it's a scary world out there if you're an IP address. I often write on security issues for leading publications. May I write something for you?
(E-Commerce Times 7/2/2010)
This story is about how the uptick of mobile technologies is changing the management structure of both tiny companies and huge corporations. It is an example of how I cover the technology and business crossroads.
(TechNewsWorld 5/20/2009)
This story is about how companies are struggling with managing and securing a wide variety of phone and mobile devices. It covers the emerging shift from device to platform management and includes best practices. An example of my ability to detect and report rapid changes on the enterprise front!
( 4/30/2009)
Part 1 of a 2 part Guide series for C-level executives on striking the perfect offshore outsourcing deal. A very hot topic these days! Includes nine tips from world leading sources. No story is too big for me to report for you!
(ComputerWorld 5/13/2009)
Part 2 of a Guide series on striking the perfect offshore outsourcing deal. Part 1 is listed below as it ran in CIO. Both parts ran in multiple magazines in U.S. and abroad, which is why I list the 2 parts in two different magazines here.
(CRM Buyer 5/25/2009)
This story made Best of ECT News! The story covers why having data is not the same as using it and what companies can do to leverage data for big time profits even during the lowest of low points of a bad recession. An example of how I can make complicated info easy to understand and use.
(CIO Update 11/21/2011)
Texting works more often than voice calls during a disaster but it is far from a sure thing. My article shows businesses where texting fits in company diaster recovery plans.
(E-Commerce Times 3/6/2009)
Businesses had plenty of data -- yet the economy crashed. How? Gov't and business leaders ignored the information, made decisions based on wrong information, or made wrong decisions based on right information. Read all 4 parts for the harrowing insights. It's a doozy of a tale.
(CIO Update 10/22/2010)
This article addresses the business end of social media -- specifically how to track employee use of it and prevent regulatory compliance problems. Need a unique story on social media? I can write surprising angles on this popular topic!
(E-Commerce Times 5/21/2009)
This feature story reveals how U.S. workers are fighting to get their jobs back in the wake of massive offshore outsourcing. Also uncovers how Indian workers are now facing the same fate as offshoring trends to new destinations. Interesting new twist to one of today's hottest debates.
(eSecurity Planet 5/12/2011)
I often review consumer technology or compare products and services. This piece compares two popular browsers: Firefox and IE9 from a security perspective.
(ComputerWorld, 5/27/2009)
Consumer and political backlash are driving some companies to move jobs back to the U.S. This story explores whether the moves are permanent and what this means for the U.S. in the long term. Includes the new concept of "consumer conservation," a term I coined. Controversy, anyone?
(CIO Update 5/3/2011)
While other writers are writing about the virtues of the cloud -- I'm writing about it from every possible angle. This is an example of my ability to see past the buzz and bluster and deliver meaty stories on any topic.
(TechNewsWorld 8/25/2011)
App stores tend to list flight and hotel apps first and leave the fun and wonky and offbeat apps buried somewhere underneath. To liberate you from that app rut, here are some suggestions and "did ya knows" to make your next trip truly memorable.
(IT Expert Voice 5/24/2010)
This story explores new trends and use changes in remote computing, especially in regards to mobile, and the impact this has on large corporate IT departments. This is an example of my ability to identify emerging stories ahead of the reporting pack! May I write emerging trends and breaking news for you?
(CIO Update 10/31/2011)
This is a guide to making security a priority in large companies. An example of how I can take mundane topics beyond the re-hashing media tends to do and into an actionable realm that readers find useful.
(CIO Update 7/6/2010)
This is an example of my analytical work. Here I cut through the buzz surrounding Foursquare, Gowalla and other LBS offerings to get to the real value and problems behind them. This is a sample post from my monthly'technology column for CIO Update. I also write a CIO career column for that same publication.
(eSecurity Planet 5/31/2011)
This is an example of how I can tie evergreen and timely topics together to help readers understand more and to increase pageview numbers and other metrics.
(CIO Update 2/24/2012)
This story reveals why the freemium software model works and why company IT departments hate the freebies. It is one example of how I can cover both the technical and business ends of current events in a single piece that appeals to a wide base of readers.
(President & CEO magazine 10/11/2011)
This cover story on Aston Martin covers both the company and its products in a salute to iconic success attained by a mid-market company. An example of how I can write a sexy story that still contains hard facts and news the reader has seen before.
(ReadWriteWeb 9/21/2011)
My article explores whether cloud computing will help or hurt attempts to catch and hang software pirates. This is a unique story based on two huge computing trends.
(Smart Enterprise Exchange 3/3/2011)
An example of deeper technical writing aimed at a technologist audience. I can write about technology in either laymen or technical language with equal ease.
(CIO Update 9/2/2010)
The net neutrality debate rages between Internet service providers and consumers. But my story is one of the first to explore what net neutrality means to the business world as a whole. Interesting new perspective on a contemporary issue.
(CIO Update 8/31/2010)
My coverage of breaking news on a popular social bookmarking site, what it means for the industry and to users -- including publishers. I was one of the few journos that included actual metrics in the story -- many journalists erroneously said none were available.
(CIO, NetworkWorld, ITWorld 2/24/2009)
This very timely piece was the first to address a new threat on the identity theft front: private data sold or trashed after a company goes belly-up. An eye-opening must read for concerned businesses and consumers!
(Internet Evolution 7/14/2010)
I blog on Internet and technology issues for the award winning publication Internet Evolution. This is an example of my posts.
(Input Output 5/30/2012)
A sample clip of how I can make complex stories easy for a reader to understand and relate to without talking down to them.
(CIO Update/Jupitermedia 3/18/2008)
An example of big-picture reporting on the evolving roles of upper management. Here I reveal where top CIOs will likely find themselves next!
(LinuxInsider 8/6/2009)
There's a rumor that honor exists among thieves, but outside of Robin Hood, no one considers them a bunch of do-gooders. Yet there may be a bright side to their shadowy work, at least in terms of enterprise software. It could very well be that they will drive the prices down.
(CIO Update (Jupitermedia) 9/29/2008)
I scooped all major media on this exclusive breaking story on the effect of Wall Street crisis and U.S. elections on CIOs and the IT/tech industry. The story quotes a major poll ahead of its release and quotes CIOs around the globe. An example of how I get the hottest stories first!
(CIO Update 4/8/2010)
This is an entry from my monthly column on CIO career issues. It is a highly read column with lots of page views in a respected publication. May I write a column or article for you?
(NY Times, CIO, Computer Sweden, Italian Linux Portal, LinuxWorld 1/21/2009)
This breakthrough article was read by business, technology and general readers around the world in many leading publications, including: CIO, IT World, Computer World UK, PC World, Linux World, Computer Sweden, Italian Linux Portal, Chinese Linux University, The Industry Standard, and The NY Times.
(CIO / CXO Media 8/4/2008)
Quite often, technology even confuses technologists. This is a story that makes the latest enterprise technology trend -- SOA -- crystal clear for just about everyone. Just one example of how I can turn any topic into an easy and useful read!
(CIO UPdate 3/11/2010)
I write a monthly column on career issues for a CIO/executive audience. This is a sample of my column but feel free to go to the site and read more!
(PC World 8/15/2008)
SOA is a technology trend taking big business by storm. This story rips the trend wide open to reveal its true substance. Bloggers quickly lauded the story, as did several other news outlets, as an insightful and on-target assessment of the IT rage.
(CIO Update 7/14/2010)
this is a sampling from my monthly column on CIO career issues for CIO Update.
(CIO Update 7/7/2010)
This is an example of my work in analyzing new technologies. I put the meat of information behind the sizzle of trends. This is from my monthly column in CIO Update on technologies for the enterprise.
(eCommerce Best Practices 4/9/2010)
This is a sample of an analytical piece I did for a niche publication. My work is more than the typical he said-- she said reporting of many journalists. I try to deliver best value to the readers -- they reward me with high page views.
(CIO Update 7/28/2011)
This article is an example of my ability to discuss complex technology in business terms. In this case the technology is very new and its already trendy. My job was to see if it is really a megatrend or just another money pit.
(Small Business Computing 7/26/2011)
A comprehensive article targeted at small businesses and telecommuters on how to protect themselves from a variety of threats from computer security problems to Intellectual Property problems arising from improper social media use.
(MacNewsWorld 2/6/2007)
This feature story explores and analyzes Apple's legal woes on the hottly debated DRM issue. Includes insights from industry experts and a potential way out for Apple.
(CIO Update 4/6/2012)
practical advice on how to deal with failed deliverables from an offshore outsourcer. This is an example of how I can offer practical advice with an unbiased view.
(Fierce Big Data 6/13/2013)
Taking the POV of a big data analyst, I examine what the NSA got right in using the public's cell phone data to catch terrorists.
(eSecurity Planet 7/28/2011)
This is an example of my "how to" articles. This one is on how to combat all but the most sophisticated malware and virus attacks on home computers.
(TechNewsWorld 12/16/2010)
An analytical piece that evaluates the effect of the iPad and its ilk on the commercial viability of netbooks. I do a considerable amount of analytical reporting.
(InformIT 8/1/2009)
This is a list of profiles and interviews with leading figures in IT that I wrote for the publication called InformIT.
(CIO Today 10/11/2005)
This cover story, in print and online, profiles General Motors' CIO -- and is an example of my ability to get the tough, high-profile interviews.
(ReadWriteWeb 8/1/2011)
An example of my ability to spot trends early and report on them in meaningful ways. This story is about the rise of the API and a newly emerging generation of new apps.
(CIO Update 5/22/2012)
An example of a product review; one of many I've done over the years for a wide variety of products and publications.
(TechNewsWorld 5/22/2012)
A sample of how I can analyze issues surrounding top trends of the day that may not be readily evident but pack powerful effects nonetheless.
(CIO Update 10/13/2010)
This story tracks developments underway that will shape the next round of smartphones. It's a futuristic story without the pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking -- this story is based on hard facts that exist now. Happy to write a predictive story for you that your readers can actually use in their own planning.
(Small Business Computing 9/13/2011)
This how-to article is an example of how I can make difficult subjects easy to follow and guide the reader through decision-making processes by empowering them with information.
(Fierce Content Management 7/18/2012)
This is an example of how I can cover fast-paced changes in technology and explain what those changes mean to the reader.
(Fierce Content Management 7/18/2012)
An example of my ability to get exclusive, timely stories. This one came on the heels of the Higgs boson discovery so CERN was very much of interest to readers everywhere!
(CIO Update 4/18/2012)
Most of the tech coverage on the release of COBIT 5 was just a rehash of the release. Here is how I covered it to help readers truly evaluate its usefulness to them.
(Smart Enterprise Exchange 1/19/2011)
A piece that helps CIOs adapt to the many changes in technology without breaking the bank. It's all about strategy, you see.
(eSecurity Planet 5/24/2011)
This is a how-to service piece on how to protect yourself from identity theft online and off. I can produce timely and evergreen pieces with entirely fresh advice! May I do it for your publication or website?
(Think Tank 1/25/2013)
A discussion of the many reasons enterprise's need their own app stores and new developments and regulations that will soon push them towards it.
(TechNewsWorld 8/10/2010)
If you're trying to land a job at a large company, your resume will likely be looked at by a machine long before a human being sets eyes on it. This article gives you all the details on how to land that dream job by winning over both the machine and the human interviewer with your resume.
(IT Expert Voice 3/30/2010)
This article cuts through the hype on cloud computing and gives the reader actionable information. Audience is huge enterprises with global operations.
(The IT Pro 6/13/2012)
While cloud and big data are trendy topics right now, little has been written on the relationship between the two, so I researched and wrote this piece. It topped most readership metrics.
(CIO 4/8/2009)
This feature story explores the role of offshore outsourcing in struggling economies worldwide. Did offshore outsourcing help cause the crash or will it save the day? Includes top sources from around the globe and new insights on one of today's hottest topics!
(Input Output 7/24/2012)
In the quest for greater profits, some companies have lost two of their most valuable assets: institutional memory and customer relationships. So now that customer service is anything but and company memory dates back all the way to the last hire's first payday, where does a company go from here?
( 2/10/2009)
This Green Tech product story covers Microsoft's new Dynamics AX Enterprise Resource Planning add-on that allows ERP customers to get a free dashboard for monitoring carbon emissions and fuel costs.

Health Care

(MedTech Journal 10/16/2008)
Doctors are beginning to embrace emerging IT trends in medicine especially those in diagnostic imaging. This product review helps doctors sort out what the technology is, how it works and whether or not to use it.
(MedTech Journal 12/6/2008)
2008 accelerated "doctor-squeeze" - a relatively recent phenomenon that financially and emotionally pressures doctors between government and insurance mandates, and patient expectations. Costly technology purchases could no longer be postponed by doctors in 2008, even while an ugly recession eroded patients' ability to pay. And, insurance restrictions on care delivery further zapped physician morale.
(TechNewsWorld 4/21/2011)
I often write series, like this one, that tackle the connection between two burning topics. In this case, the story combines healthcare with mobile app trends. The series is packed with information designed to be helpful to the reader and to position the publisher as a thought-leader.
(FierceHealthcare 10/13/2009)
This link takes you to a list of news briefs I wrote for Fierce Healthcare on the progress of healthcare reform and related issues. Click on any story title to see the brief I wrote. This series is an aggregation of the day's news stories written for busy healthcare executives.
(TechNewsWorld 1/14/2010)
This article is an example of how I can relate serious medical and science studies to everyday life so general readers can benefit. I interpret studies for consumer consumption on a regular basis.
(TechNewsWorld 1/21/2010)
This article is an example of how I turn complicated science into an interesting and informative read for laymen. I have written dozens of science and medical stories.
(Book 11/20/2009)
Co-authored book on global health case studies commissioned by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO's Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), Global Health Progress (GHP), International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and AUTM (i.e. the Alliance for Case Studies for Gl
(TechNews World 9/25/2009)
This story covers a new therapy that could halt -- and possibly reverse -- the dementia caused by Alzheimer's disease. I often cover medical stories in many articles and books.
(TechNewsWorld 2/4/2010)
This article is an example of how I can convert heavy science news into laymen language in an interesting and educational way. I have dozens such stories to my credit.
(MedTech Journal 9/11/2007)
The pressures on doctors are steadily bearing down, all but crushing the independent practice out of existence and stifling the aspirations of larger firms. This story reveals where doctors and their practices stand today and what's coming next!
(MedTech Journal 3/9/2009)
Science, always the driver in medicine, has now invaded admin and it has left the doctor's office feeling a bit naked. But along with the absence of these paper titans comes freedom from clutter and costly maintenance. This product category analysis details document management systems for doctors.
(MedTech Journal 7/20/2009)
Doctors have been glued to cell phones since their inception. They are not, however, so bonded to their computers. Now that the two are converging, which handsets and which apps are the winners among the white-coats? This feature story answers that question and more!
(Genome Alberta 3/21/2013)
An informative discussion of traditional medicine vs personalized medicine for the layperson. I write both highly technical pieces and lay pieces on this fascinating topic quite regularly.
(Fierce Healthcare 10/12/2009)
I reported heavily on healthcare report both on policy and industry developments. This is an example of aggregation/curation of daily news stories.
(MedTech Journal 5/19/2009)
Amongst all the hubbub about new technologies in the doctor's office lies the buzz about new Internet-based (IP) telephone systems for the doctor's office. But is this another cash-hog technology or is it something that can really benefit doctors?
(MedTech Journal 1/21/2008)
The demands on healthcare organizations continue to mount, adding to the struggle to balance quality of care, regulatory compliance, and the bottom line. This case study reveals what CommuniGate is doing to help with employee productivity and collaboration, and still keep overall communication costs and complexity low.
(MedTech Journal 10/30/2007)
This article guides doctors on best printers to use in their daily practice. I often write guides and how-tos for physicians, hospitals, clinics and other health related organizations so they can understand and use the best technology has to offer them!
(MedTech Journal 6/6/2008)
When it comes to practice management systems, the handwriting is on the wall," says Dr. Thomas Handler, analyst at Gartner. "Every doctor is headed in that direction and it will eventually become the standard of care," he predicts. This story uncovers the trend and what it means to doctors.
(MedTech Journal 1/7/2009)
Clinical information systems have become more connected to remote services while privacy regulations continue to be a cause for concern. This product category review helps doctors understand what the technology means and handle the issues it raises.
(MedTech Journal 3/14/2008)
One way to satisfy all the pressures on health care organizations and increase quality of care for the patient is to use electronic data management software to expedite, simplify and speed-check patient information on the fly. This story reveals how it works and why consolidated info is the wave of the future.

Nonprofit News

(Nonprofit Technology News 6/20/2008)
While accounting may seem a nerdy side-kick to the heroism of the non-profit's actual mission, it is the very foundation from which all good works spring. This story spells out best practices and products.
(Nonprofit Technology News 2/26/2009)
This story answers whether new tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are delivering on their promise of added money and support for struggling nonprofits or if social networking is just another passing phase.
(Nonprofit Technology News 5/21/2009)
The criteria for selecting carriers and handsets are as varied as the nonprofits themselves. This story breaks it all down for nonprofits.
(Nonprofit Technology News 10/2/2008)
There is no question that wireless devices have changed the world, but have they changed the way non-profits operate or have they merely added to the workload of over-stretched staff and overwhelmed volunteers? This story answers the question and reveals best practices.
(Nonprofit Technology News 12/6/2007)
The year 2007 wound to a close, finishing up one of the most exciting chapters in nonprofit technological achievements. This feature reviews the mega-changes that came in 2007!
(Nonprofit Technology News 1/23/2008)
My interview of Nexan's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Bob Woolery.
(Nonprofit Technology News 2/7/2008)
My interview of Nancy A. McBride ---National Safety Director, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
(Nonprofit Technology News 8/30/2007)
AccuFund is a flexible and expandable financial accounting suite designed to handle the needs of nonprofit entities. This review covers what they offer and how well their products perform.
(TechNewsWorld 4/11/2012)
Did you know Kony 2012 tech folks had to turn to enterprise software and move from Rackspace to Amazon because the traffic for this viral video was killer? Yeah, they did -- in midstream and in full panic no less. Even so, they were shutting stuff down right and left and praying to hold on. Here is my article with the tech details (and the behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt).
(Nonprofit Technology News 8/31/2007)
"The concept of social networking is as old as humans," says Oliver Young, an analyst at Forrester Research. "That's why it makes perfect sense for social networking tools to be used in groups where there is already a robust social aspect such as is found in non-profits and universities." This case study reveals how Notre Dame does it!
(Nonprofit Technology News 10/10/2007)
Given the phenomenal successes of non-profits online, few can argue the importance of tapping the Web to move any given cause ahead, both in terms of brand viability and fundraising. This story reveals these tools exist, where to find them, and more importantly how to rake money in from the web!
(Nonprofit Technology News 1/10/2008)
An interview with nonprofit National Infantry Museum Chairman Ret Gen Jerry White on how he raised money for a world class new facility.
(Nonprofit Technology News 2/7/2008)
This story reveals Convio is capitalizing on two hot trends in the nonprofit universe: SaaS and Web 2.0 social networking.

Career News

(CIO Update 1/4/2011)
Here is a sample from my monthly career column in CIO Update.
(CIO Update 12/9/2010)
I write a monthly column for CIO Update on career advice, job opportunities and leadership skills. I also write on career and job issues for TechNewsWorld.
(Input Output 11/1/2012)
In a new trend, companies are training job applicants skills as they apply for the job, not waiting until after the employee is hired.


(Fierce Mobile IT 5/1/2012)
An ebook I co-wrote with Wayne Rash for enterprise IT leaders on how to secure the mobile workforce.
(Fierce Mobile IT 4/1/2012)
I co-wrote this with award winning writer, Wayne Rash, for an enterprise audience. This ebook turned out to be very popular.
(FierceContentManagement 4/15/2011)
An ebook I co-wrote with Fierce Content Management editor, Ron Miller, on how to combine BPM and ECM to maximize results and benefits of each.
(FierceContentManagement 11/30/2011)
I often write ebooks on many different topics as both sole author and co-author. Ron Miller and I co-wrote this particular ebook on cloud computing as it relates to content management. May I write an ebook for you?
(Fierce Enterprise Communications 1/30/2013)
I co-wrote this eBook with Fred Donovan, EIC at Fierce Enterprise Communications. It's an in-depth look at why so many enterprises are migrating to SIP trunking now. Covers pros and cons of the technology too.


(Genome Alberta 8/31/2012)
This post shows how farmers are using DNA to produce better meat products AND food products from other species.
(Genome Alberta 3/1/2012)
This is a post from my science blog on genetics. In this post I cover the intersection of science, politics and religion and the effects worldwide.
(Genome Alberta 9/27/2012)
This blog post is about how DNA testing is used to authenticate meat products -- in this case, Waygu aka Kobe beef. And, how DNA testing aids calf recalls.
(Genome Alberta 5/5/2011)
This is one of the first reports on the rise of biohackers. It reveals the tools they use to hack DNA in their homes and garages and apply it to all fields of engineering. I was among the first journalists, if not the first, to spot the trend.
(Genome Alberta 5/31/2012)
an example of some of the regular science writing I do. This one is on the interface of Big Data technology and livestock genetics
(Genome Alberta 10/25/2011)
This is my new blog on livestock biotech and genetics. I regularly write on science topics and so science entities around the world often ask me to blog for them. This blog is for Genome Alberta, the genomics arm of the Life Sciences Initiative in Alberta, Canada.
(Genome Alberta 7/31/2012)
A sample of my news reporting in my livestock genetics blog for Genome Alberta.
(AUTM annual books 10/18/2010)
Each year, AUTM produces a book on the most notable science advances for the year. I co-author many of them. The latest is the 2010 edition due out later this year.
(Genome Alberta 1/27/2012)
I write science blogs -- this is one example: livestock genetics blog for Genome Alberta.
(GenomeAlberta 11/30/2011)
I blog on livestock genetics for GenomeAlberta. This is a sample of how I make complex topics understandable to laymen but informative for topic experts too!
(Genome Alberta 3/26/2012)
A sample from my livestock genetics blog for Genome Alberta. This post is about the emerging trend of epigenetics and how it can aid livestock genetic programs.
(Genome Alberta 3/26/2012)
A sample from my livestock genetics blog for Genome Alberta. This post is about the emerging trend of epigenetics and how it can aid livestock genetic programs.

Custom Publishing

(Fierce Markets 3/1/2012)
A custom ebook I wrote on web experience management for Fierce Markets.
(IT Expert Voice 4/1/2010)
Here is a long list of stories I wrote for the Dell sponsored publication, IT Expert Voice. The custom publishing group is Federated Media. Need some custom content? Call me!


(Small Business Computing 3/15/2012)
This guide helps SMBs understand and comply with changing PCI compliance requirements. One example of how I can make complex topics easy to understand.
(Small Business Computing 2/10/2011)
A practical guide to help small businesses prepare for tax season a year from now using software and automation.
( 12/5/2007)
When thoughts of divorce hammer home, you have to be careful not to get financially nailed. This practical how-to story helps men and women deal with financial obstacles during a divorce.
(Institutional Investor magazine 4/9/2013)
I co-write almost all major research reports for this magazine covering all regions in the world.
(Small Business Computing 11/11/2010)
A product guide to help small businesses choose the right accounting software for their business.
(CIO Update 12/8/2011)
This is an example of how I can make complicated information both understandable and actionable. This piece is on tax breaks for IT hidden in the larger tax code.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 4/1/2009)
Every quarter I co-write stories for Institutional Investor magazine on top ranking analysts in various countries and regions around the globe. This particular clip is on Japan's leading analysts.
(Institutional investor Magazine 2/9/2010)
Institutional Investor is lauded for its series of annual rankings of top performing analysts worldwide and by region. I co-wrote this story covering European analysts. I cover other regions as well, every year.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 4/3/2012)
I co-write in-depth research reports on top performing analysts in regions around the world for this "bible" of institutional investing. This is just one example of those reports.
(Small Business Computing 3/15/2012)
This is an example of how I can translate complicated regulations into an easy to follow guide for readers. In this case, readers are small businesses that accept credit cards either on the Internet or in a store or office.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 10/13/2011)
I co-wrote this piece on best performing analysts of all time. You'll find my byline on the write-ups of individual analyst write-ups -- just click on names at bottom of this story.
(E-Commerce Times 6/25/2009)
This two-part feature tells small business owners and entrepreneurs exactly where they can find money to fuel their start-up in spite of a grueling recession. Be sure to read both parts. The information in this story just may help you fund your dream too! An example of useful journalism and spirited story -telling.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 10/11/2011)
I co-write this huge project every year in which we rank American analysts for institutional investors. I also co-write similar stories on analysts in other countries throughout the year. I have worked on these projects for over seven years now.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 4/10/2010)
I co-write many of Institutional Investor magazine's most sought after international stories. In this story, we rank the best performing analysts in Japan and report on them and economic conditions in the country. This is my seventh year with the magazine as an international freelance reporter.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 10/12/2010)
I co-authored this cover story for Institutional Investor. As Senior Contributor, I write very complex finance stories for the print and online versions of the magazine.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 4/15/2011)
I co-wrote this huge research project (cover story) for Institutional Investor on Japan. I also help cover China, Europe, and the U.S. An example of how I cover complex global investing topics and can work well as a member of a research team.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 2/9/2012)
I co-write these massive reports for Institutional Investor magazine every year -- one region of the world at a time. Requires me to understand macro-economics, various cultures and currencies, and numerous sectors ranging from technology and biosciences to utilities and mining.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 4/3/2012)
I co-write in-depth research reports on top performing analysts in regions around the world for this "bible" of institutional investing. This is just one example of those reports.
(Linux Insider 6/24/2009)
This two-part feature tells small business owners and entrepreneurs exactly where they can find money to fuel their start-up in spite of a grueling recession. Be sure to read both parts. The information in this story just may help you fund your dream too! An example of useful journalism and spirited story-telling!
(Institutional Investor Magazine 6/13/2011)
I co-write a report every year on the top performing analysts in China. I also write similar reports for other regions in Institutional Investor magazine.
(Institutional Investor Magazine 8/27/2009)
This annual story rates top analysts covering Latin American stocks and markets. I am a co-author of this massive finance story. This link is to the online summary; the full story is available in print only in the September 2009 issue.


( 6/1/2009)
Every cloud has its silver lining and part of the shiny side of this recession is that travel deals abound. Cruises in particular can be had for a song. This article offers great tips to help you get even more out of your trip!
( 5/1/2009)
I write travel stories for several publications. This story is for, targeting active baby boomers. It highlights the best deep seas diving trips in the world!
( 4/1/2009)
I have written several travel stories on themed and educational travel adventures. This one is on traveling to Italy for cooking classes. Be careful, story is likely to make you hungry for more!
( 3/1/2009)
Trains have regained favor in the eyes of tourists and economic developers alike. This story shows you the best scenic train tours in the world. Totally fun, cool and informative!
( 4/21/2009)
I write travel stories for many publications. Boomster appeals to baby boomers so all trips I feature here fit that audience. I can tailor travel stories to your audience too!

Social Media

(TechNewsWorld 4/13/2009)
Social media is all the rage now but it isn't without controversy. This story explores pros and cons of Twitter and whether it's here to stay. Part 1 of a 2 part series.
(TechNewsWorld 4/20/2009)
Part 2 of a two part series on Twitter. This part discusses whether Twitter is a passing fad or of real use to companies in expanding their customer base.
(Small Business Computing 8/2/2012)
Most SMBs today collaborate over Facebook, but that's a dangerous practice. So I wrote this guide to help them find the best and safest social collaboration tools for their needs.
(E-Commerce Times 6/17/2013)
While *Game of Thrones* dares not go there, social media does shape other TV shows and movies. I tell readers how that works behind the scenes in this article.
(InformIT 7/27/2009)
My interview with IBM's Sandy Carter, author of The New Language of Marketing 2.0: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market. Carter explains that you can learn how to bring community into your social media marketing efforts, with a measurable payoff. An enlightening read!


(Inside CRM 5/1/2009)
This link will feed you a running list of articles on CRM in Inside CRM written by me. I write often about CRM for many publications. Click this link to see recent stories in Inside CRM. Clips from other CRM publications are listed separately in my clip list on this site.
(CRM Buyer 9/14/2007)
Chat bots make a good stab at cutesy customer service on web sites but they're also proof that artificial intelligence still has a long way to go. Still, are chat-bots good enough for now? This story is one of hundreds I have written on CRM.
(CRM Buyer 4/24/2009)
Shopping cart abandonment has long been the bane of e-tailers, and they're determined to find solutions to the agonizing problem. This feature story examines solutions: which work and which do not.
(CRM Buyer 7/27/2010)
There's movement toward a new customer service norm even in the hallowed halls of finance. This article details the new customer service trend and how it's affecting everything from sales to stock prices!
(ECT News Network 1/27/2007)
This feature story explores the future of the smart home and today's home automation trends. A lively tale of science where the mundane becomes borderline-miraculous.

Podcast & Voice Sample

(Success Magazine 3/4/2007)
Beyond writing books, articles and scripts, I do voice work ranging from podcasts and audio books to radio and video voice-overs and narrations. Please play this short podcast to evaluate my voice.


(Woman's Day 8/15/2008)
A how-to guide on handling a relationship breakup or divorce when there are assets and money at stake. When you need a relationship article that's truly fresh and on target with the modern woman reader, call me!
(TechNews World 9/16/2011)
This story explains online ad scams to readers so they can avoid this threat.
(Input/Output 10/27/2011)
You've heard of what to do to protect your cellphone but did you know that it can protect you? I tell you how to use ninja and nerd tactics to protect yourself using a smart phone. This is an example of how I can give an old topic a new perspective! May I do that for you?
( 2/14/2007)
A new twist on the war in Iraq, this profile story features a baby-boomer former ad exec who now trains soldiers on how to detect and survive IED attacks in Iraq -- yet he is not in the military himself.
(HER Magazine 9/1/2006)
This cover story reveals that courage is not always where you expect it. Four professional career women, now also leaders in their respective competitive extreme sports, confess that the thrill of topping their sports was not nearly as heart-stopping as trying to pick up the sport in the first place.

Going Green & Technology

(MacNEwsWorld 10/20/2009)
This story explores Apple's long-standing tift with Greenpeace and where the argument stands to date. One example of how I can make trending topics more meaty and satisfying!
(TechNewsWorld 1/16/2008)
Going "green" is all the rage today, but if we actually pull it off and save the planet, what will life look like for us? This story explores the garden (snakes and all) at the end of the "green" path. Be sure to also read part two.
(CIO Update / Jupitermedia 8/1/2008)
This story reveals the true reason behind big business going green in the data center-- and it isn't why you would think! An example of how I can take a trendy topic, add an unexpected twist and a healthy dose of realism, and make a refreshingly meaningful and useful story.


(Enterprise Networking Planet 1/4/2002)
The IT world is changing at a rapid pace. This is an example of articles I write to help CIOs and other IT managers keep pace and manage the many changes. May I write something for your readers?
(HER Magazine 8/1/2006)
This service feature story for Her magazine is chock-full of humor and how-to information. An example of how humor and a fresh approach can add zing to an old topic.
(IT Business Insider 1/1/2007)
This syndicated feature story tells IT managers how to get ahead using tactful but innovative self-promotion techniques. Includes advice from leading national experts.
(IT Business Insider 2/1/2007)
This syndicated feature story gives the inside scoop on how to successfully negotiate and features CIOs from Boeing and Day & Zimmerman, one of America's largest privately held companies.


(Forward magazine 3/15/2012)
This feature story explains how metal service centers fared in the recession and the resulting large caches of cash they are now spending on technology and expansion.