Stephanie Anderson Witmer

Harrisburg, PA USA

Professional Experience

I have 20+ years of experience writing about food, agriculture, home, health, and parenting for Redbook, USA Today, Women's Health, Prevention, Civil Eats, Daily Parent, Better Homes & Gardens, Forbes Travel Guide, and more. Profiles are a specialty. I've created brand content for Electrolux, Volvo CE, Fig Industries and Capital Blue. I also do copywriting, copyediting and proofreading for print and web. In 2007, Chronicle Books published my cookbooks, KILLER PIES and KILLER CHILI. I'm a former magazine managing editor and have taught college-level writing and journalism courses for more than 10 years. I tell stories that are compelling and well-crafted but also cleanly written and strongly reported. I freelance full time, and I'm always looking for new projects, large or small, national or regional. I'd love to work with you. You can reach me at


21 Years
16 Years
6 Years


21 Years
21 Years
21 Years


Academia Teaching
13 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
10 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
21 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

21 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Susquehanna Style magazine (10+), (10+), (10+), Fig Industries (writing & proofreading) (10+), USA Today/Studio Gannett magazines (10+), The Penn Stater alumni magazine (3-5), Women\\\\\\\'s Health magazine (3-5), Pennsylvania Pursuits magazine (3-5), (copyediting) (3-5), Central Penn Parent (3-5), (3-5), Better Homes & Gardens (1-2), Redbook (1-2), Central PA magazine (10+), Food & Wine (1-2), Country Sampler magazine (1-2), Masthead Media (1-2), Prevention (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Electrolux (10+), Parragon Books (6-10),, Inc. (3-5), Fig Industries (copywriting & proofreading) (10+), Downtown Carlisle Association (PA) (1-2), Keybridge Communications (copyediting) (1-2), Creative Vision (1-2), Volvo (1-2), Yoga at Simply (copyediting) (1-2), Capital Blue (10+), Bed Bath & Beyond (1-2), CORT (3-5), Hertz (3-5)

Other Work History

blogger, freelance writer, freelance editor, copywriter, copyeditor, proofreader, fact-checker, managing editor, online magazine founder/editor, cookbook author, writing instructor/professor

Technical Skills

blogging, AP style, magazine design, digital storytelling, copywriting, fact-checking, proofreading, editing, reporting, content marketing, research

Computer Skills

Mac, Windows, MS Office Suite, Dreamweaver, HTML, Adobe Creative Suite, SoundSlides, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, UI/UX


MacBook Pro laptop, printer, DSLR camera, fax machine, scanner, copier, podcasting equipment, digital voice recorder, iPad, iPhone, Adobe CC


Gold Award for feature-writing, International Association of Business Communicators (2001); nominated for CRMA Feature-Writing Award (2001); nominated for PSU English Dept. Teaching Award (2005)


Society of Professional Journalists, American Society of Journalists and Authors

Work Samples


(Spirit magazine 5/1/2008)
Great pie spots from around the country
( 12/17/2011)
A family favorite: Christmas chocolate-crinkle cookies
( 4/10/2014)
How to use the whole plant --- scraps, peels and all
( 2/12/2014)
( 12/18/2013)
(Central PA magazine 1/1/2007)
( 4/11/2014)
( 9/3/2013)
New takes on the classic
( 8/30/2013)
(Susquehanna 6/27/2012)
Recipes and ideas for food that kids will actually want to eat
(Central PA magazine 10/1/2006)
( 11/11/2013)
( 7/13/2013)
Throw a great gathering in no time flat
( 9/5/2013)
A cheesemonger's advice for picking the perfect cheese and wine to create an amazing cheese course
( 10/18/2013)
Vinegar, or shrub, cocktails are arguably one of the oldest of the vintage-cocktail trends, dating back to the Colonial era. They fell out of fashion for many, many years, but they're back---and tastier than ever.
(Fig West Chester 6/1/2013)
Short profile of artisan cheesemaker Kristian Holbrook of Doe Run Farm (Pa.)
( 11/8/2013)
( 9/17/2013)
Versions of homey favorites that are elevated enough for a dinner party or special occasion but still deliciously familiar
( 8/26/2011)
A round-up of unusual ice cream flavors, including candied bacon and duck fat caramel soy sauce
(Food & Wine 4/6/2016)
One company is making ergonomic tools for women farmers.
(Civil 4/5/2016)
Green Heron Tools makes farming tools for women
( 11/8/2013)
(Susquehanna Style magazine 1/1/2006)
Ideas and recipes for planning a more "the-more-the-merrier" kind of Valentine's Day
(Killer Pies (becker&mayer!/Chronicle Books) 3/1/2007)
Raspberry-rhubarb pie from Cascadia Bakery in Victoria, BC, Canada
(Susquehanna Style magazine 6/27/2012)
Getting kids to eat their veggies, starting with the summer's bounty of squash and zucchini
(Susquehanna Style magazine 3/1/2012)
A look at Easter food traditions, including a family recipe of my own.
( 7/24/2014)
( 6/26/2014)
( 8/6/2013)
Lobster has a reputation for being decadent and fancy, which may spook some home cooks into attempting to make it themselves. You don't need to leave it to the pros - just keep it simple.
(Pursuits magazine 9/1/2010)
Food article about Harvest, a environmentally focused, local-foods restaurant in Hershey, Pa.
( 7/23/2013)
( 8/13/2013)
Sometimes couples want to keep the wedding part of a wedding to themselves and throw a reception later. Here are some tips to avoiding hurt feelings and social faux pas in the process.
(Killer Pies (becker&mayer!/ChronicleChronicle Books) 3/1/2007)
Old-fashioned apple pie from The Little Pie Company, New York City


(USA Today Modern Woman magazine 10/20/2013)
Profiles of 4 fearless women: Mindy Budgor, Anna Chatten, Niki Nakayama and Rebecca Chopp
(USA Today Modern Woman magazine 10/11/2014)
Tattoos provide healing power for breast cancer survivors
(Central PA magazine 2/1/2002)
(Fig Magazine-Lancaster, Fall 2013 Issue 9/1/2013)
A short profile of the indie-folk trio Vulcans, the WXPN Voices pick for Fall 2013.
(Susquehanna Style magazine 11/1/2012)
Short profiles of the winners of the magazine's kids' photography contest
(The Penn Stater 6/15/2014)
(Central PA magazine 11/1/2001)
(Evil Genius 7/1/2003)
Profile of David Rees, creator of the cult-fave, critically acclaimed comic strip "Get Your War On"
(Central PA magazine 5/1/2000)
Feature about the Carlisle Indian School, a boarding school for Native American children. Won IABC Gold Award for Feature Writing. Nominated for CRMA feature-writing award.
(Central PA magazine 5/1/2001)
A summer camp for kids grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or other family member
(Central PA magazine 8/1/2004)
(USA Today, Special Edition, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 3/20/2014)
A look at some of the Corps' most unusual jobs and the six compelling people who do them
(USA Today Modern Woman magazine 10/18/2014)
Treatment for breast cancer often means surgery, and women find their bodies irrevocably changed as a result. No one understands this better than a survivor herself. Here are 4 women, all breast cancer survivors, who created companies to meet the specific needs of a woman's body after breast cancer.
(USA Today Modern Woman magazine 10/8/2014)
Profiles of 4 fashion/jewelry designers who live and work outside of NYC, the world's fashion capital
(USA Today Back to School magazine 7/30/2016)
Many elementary, middle and secondary schools are integrating some form of farming or gardening into their classrooms and cafeterias. The chance to connect kids more closely with science, technology, engineering and mathematics — disciplines known as STEM — and other educational concepts as well as to the food they eat is among the reasons why.
(Evil Genius 1/1/2003)
Q&A with Seattle filmmaker/musician/juggler Greg Bennick


( 12/9/2013)
Corral clutter, make a meal plan, and more
(Central PA magazine 9/1/2004)
A tour of the kitchens of two restaurateur couples
(Susquehanna Style magazine 9/1/2010)
An inside look at a funky city warehouse-turned-loft & the super-stylish couple that inhabits it.
( 5/20/2013)
Integrating emerald, Pantone's Color of the Year pick for 2013, into your home and wardrobe
( 9/3/2013)
No more cubicles and no more overhead fluorescent lighting. Design your home office right.
(Susquehanna Style magazine 3/1/2011)
Kid-friendly room and closet design
(Susquehanna Style magazine 9/1/2009)
What's one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to freshen up your space? A new coat of paint!
( 1/2/2015)
Professional organizers offer their tips for getting your home and your time streamlined in the new year.
( 3/1/2012)
A roundup of Easter craft ideas from around the web
(Central PA magazine 9/1/2005)
A Pennsylvania family and their English-style cottage prove that less is sometimes more.
( 7/16/2014)


(Susquehanna 11/1/2012)
A web round-up of kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes and other fun holiday diversions
( 10/31/2010)
On toddlers and the word "no"
( 1/28/2014)
Four tips for raising more confident kids
(Susquehanna 1/5/2012)
A roundup of the best Valentine's Day crafts and treats for kids
( 2/15/2015)
(USA Today | Pet Guide 2014 5/6/2014)
Your pet's well-being depends on how carefully you keep toxic substances out of reach. Here's how.
(Central Penn Parent 9/1/2011)
The challenges and triumphs of single parenting
( 9/1/2011)
Roundup of spook-tacular (yep, I said it) Halloween ideas from the web
( 2/15/2015)
( 2/15/2015)
( 11/12/2014)
In a perfect world, our children would enthusiastically comply with requests to clean their rooms and eat their broccoli every time we asked. Alas, we parent in the real world, where our appeals may more frequently be met with a "No way!" instead of the cheery "OK!" we crave.
(Susquehanna 11/1/2011)
Roundup of great gift ideas from around the web
(Susquehanna Style magazine 9/1/2011)
Tips from photographers for getting perfect family photos
(Susquehanna 10/1/2012)
A web round-up of fun (and spooky) Halloween activities to do with the kiddos
( 1/7/2015)
( 12/1/2014)
It's this time of year, when all of the attention is on gifts and holiday feasts, that parents can introduce children to the concepts of gratitude and giving.
(USA Today Guide to Kids' Health (Summer/Fall 2013) 8/1/2013)
Profiles of 5 mompreneurs who are making life easier for other moms
(Susquehanna Style magazine 1/1/2011)
Choosing the right doctors for your child
(USA Today | Back to School 2014 7/15/2014)
(Susquehanna Style magazine 5/1/2011)
Planning guide for kids' birthday parties


(Prevention 10/23/2017)
ABOUT 40% of men and 24% of women in the US frequently snore. Several categories of over-the-counter products claim to be able to silence the racket, as long as the snorer shows no signs of sleep apnea (high blood pressure, daytime fatigue, or gasping or choking during sleep). Apnea should be treated by a physician, says Nitun Verma of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine; OTC aids won't help. "Things that fix apnea also fix snoring," Verma says, "but things that fix snoring may not fix apnea." A regular snorer tested four types of devices; here's what he found.
(Better Homes & Gardens 3/1/2011)
Food experts -- Mark Bittman, Melina Jampolis, David Kessler, Brian Wansink and the Real Food Moms --- weigh in on the easiest ways to improve you & your family's eating habits
(Redbook 3/1/2015)
It's not just you: More people are suffering from allergies than ever before. The advice these doctors give their closest pals can help you get relief and enjoy spring again.
(Central Penn Parent 2012 Maternity & Baby Guide 12/1/2011)
The benefits of exercise -- in particular, prenatal yoga -- during pregnancy
(Women's Health 9/5/2013)
(Women's Health 3/1/2015)
(Central PA magazine 10/1/2005)
As the title says, migraines are more than just headaches.
(Women's Health 9/1/2013)
A look at the possible promising benefits of aspirin


(Susquehanna Style magazine 5/1/2012)
Tips for traveling with kids by car, by train and by plane
(Forbes Travel Guide/ 11/15/2012)
A destination guide for the Laurel Highlands region in Pennsylvania


(Rain Taxi 7/1/2004)
A review of Amanda Stern's novel "The Long Haul" (Soft Skull Press, 2004).


(The Bird Sisters Blog 12/30/2010)
I was invited to be a guest blogger on novelist Rebecca Rasmussen's blog, for which I wrote about motherhood, writing and finding some time for myself.