Tracey Harrington McCoy

Fairfax, VA USA
Website: http://

Professional Experience

I've spent the last 15 years writing for Newsweek, PEOPLE, Huffington Post, Aol, Yahoo, HelloGiggles, and other publications. I specialize in news, parenting, celebrities, entertainment (TV and movies,) fashion, and beauty features.


Content Editor (online)
15 Years
10 Years
15 Years


16 Years
Women's Issues
16 Years
Other, Specify
16 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
4 Years
Online/new media
11 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

16 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

HelloGiggles (10+), Newsweek (10+), (Huffington Post/Aol) (10+), Yahoo! (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Count Me Healthy Jewelry (10+), FUL Bags (10+), Gossett Motors (10+)

Other Work History

Glam Media (Executive Editor, 3 years) Aol (Senior Editor, 5 years) People Magazine (Writer, 1 year) Justin Timberlake (VP, 1 year)

Technical Skills

photo editing (Adobe Photoshop, PicMonkey)

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Online Publishing Tools, Social Media Publishing Tools

Work Permits & Visas

Based temporarily in Germany


Ryan Roslansky, Glam Media (now at LinkedIn) Jason Kaufman, Popeater/Huffington Post

Work Samples


( (Huffington Post Media Group) 1/1/2011)
Here is a real-time link to my celebrity/entertainment articles for (Huffington Post Media Group.) Includes daily celebrity news coverage and celebrity/entertainment feature writing.
(HelloGiggles 1/1/2014)
My HelloGiggles articles
(Newsweek 1/1/2014)
My Newsweek articles