Ladgov Corporation

Music Director

Ladgov Corporation, Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States,

Job title:

Protestant Music Director


Joint Base MDL, NJ

Travel: N/A

Duties:Directs all worship music at the Protestant worship service.Selects the music to be performed in coordination with the Chaplain.Submits requests for music resources to the Chaplain or his/her designate for approval.Observes all safety and security requirements at the designated facility.Ensures that newly acquired music is properly cataloged, identified, and filed.Provides personal arrangements and compositions for the choir to match their capabilities.Monitor chapel musical instruments. Advises the chaplain in charge of the service of any needed repair, preventative maintenance, or replacement.Recruits and trains choir members in technique and musical notation. When appropriate, arrange for the choir to participate in clinics, workshops, and basic music education instruction opportunities.Request logistical support using established AF and chapel policies and procedures.Coordinates all music activities with the Senior Faith Group Chaplain.The applicant will ensure that all facilities are properly secured at the conclusion of each rehearsal or service when a chaplain or Chapel Service Support Personnel are not present.Research and organize selections to become familiar with music on hand.Plan the year's music and calendar in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Senior Faith Group Chaplain. Assist in selecting hymns and other music in the protestant tradition when requested by the Senior Faith Group Chaplain.Organize and direct informal efforts to familiarize congregation with new and alternative music as presented in the protestant tradition.If necessary and with the approval of the Senior Faith Group Chaplain, coordinates and cooperates with the service musician on music selection, rehearsal, and performance.Provide choir support for military and civilian community events as an outreach.

While in the performance of their duties, must wear appropriate professional business attire. Must present a neat and clean image.Function as a musical representative to the protestant advisor counsel.

Qualification/ Education:An undergraduate degree in music with a vocal/keyboard/piano/guitar proficiency in protestant music and able to direct and accompany a praise and worship team OR a minimum of five years' experience in leading a praise and worship team on vocal keyboard/piano/guitar in protestant music.Possess high competence in vocal keyboard/piano/guitar techniques, music selection, and ability to accompany other musicians and congregational singing.