Music Director

Ladgov, Cherry Point, Illinois, United States,

Provide accompaniment and musical direction in support of the regularly scheduled Religious Services including, but not limited to, every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation at the Roman Catholic Mass.Plan and coordinate all vocal music with the Command Chaplain and contact clergy for religious services.Provide accompaniment for each weekly choir rehearsal per week, directing rehearsal of at least 60 minutes. Lead the adult choir/ensemble from the piano during the worship services.Appraise the Command Chaplain of any malfunctions of the instruments and any required services needed to maintain the instruments’ musical integrity.The applicant shall have a minimum of two years of experience as a Roman Catholic Music Director.The applicant shall have at a minimum a Bachelor of Arts in Music from an accredited institution.The applicant shall be able to effectively play the piano.The applicant shall be able to sight read music and read music from the Armed Forces Hymnal and Catholic Liturgical resources.The applicant shall be able to play a wide variety of music from traditional church hymns to contemporary church music to support all Catholic services and the service portions of the Mass.