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DigitalMarketer is looking for a Head of Product who can help us launch and scale our library of courses and certifications, expand and elevate our mastermind, and grow and enable our licensed practitioners. You'll be empowered by some of the top training and marketing minds in the world, and have all the tactics and tools at your fingertips to succeed. Details below…About DigitalMarketer

DigitalMarketer is a training, mentorship, and certification organization for marketers, agency owners, and entrepreneurs. By combining courses, certifications, community, and peer masterminds, we give marketers everything they need to succeed (and look really smart doing it).Role Overview

At DigitalMarketer, we offer four types of programs to help our clients achieve their goals:Certifications, Cohort-Based Accelerators, Online Courses, Webinars, etc. (DM Academy)Coaching/Mentorship Programs (Modern Marketing Mastermind)Licensed Practitioner Programs (Certified Partner Program)As the Head of Product, you will develop our content curriculum, improve/expand our program offerings, plan events and promotions that increase community engagement, and manage our team of faculty and coaches to ensure that they are empowered to create amazing experiences for our members and clients. As a result, the rest of the team feels confident to sell additional memberships, knowing that each new member is well-served by your processes.The right person for this role LOVES both marketing and content creation. They have created online trainings or coaching programs in the past and have ideas about how to improve them. This person has a list of connections for product contributions or interviews, and they have experience managing continuity programs or online courses.While this role does have a high degree of autonomy (including P&L access and budgetary responsibility), you will receive support from our internal operations and growth teams, meaning you won't have to "go it alone."You will also receive generous compensation as our client base and profitability grow.What you will do:

You’ll collaborate with the leadership team on the overarching program vision and strategy and drive the day-to-day execution of that strategy.You'll actively build relationships with and recruit relevant thought leaders, experts, and alumni mentors (both inside and outside the DigitalMarketer community) to help with content creation and facilitation of your programYou’ll lead a team of Program Managers, content professionals, contract coaches, and internal support staff in pursuit of the company’s stated growth and profitability objectives, while always balancing both the “client case” and the “business case.”You'll fully own the experience, both for our clients and our coaches/facilitators, and ensure that everyone feels welcome, accepted, appreciated, and "seen."You'll build and optimize the onboarding experience and ensure a seamless transition from application to sale, and consumption. (No one should "slip through the cracks.")You'll oversee and ensure the quality of all event programming (virtual and in-person).You'll identify clients who are falling behind and give them extra attention and an outstretched hand. The goal for every member/client is transformation.You'll inform the application and approval process for our premium programs, help create the screening criteria, and even interview and close prospects, when necessary. (Namely, when testing new offers.)You'll encourage members/clients to leave feedback, tell stories, and give back to the community in meaningful ways.You'll coordinate with our technology and platform teams to ensure that we never make a promise that our tech doesn't allow us to keep.You'll propose new experimental offerings based on member/client feedback and your own ideas.You'll be a visible point of contact for our members, clients as well as our mentors and facilitators who support our different programs and brand.

You'll work hard to build strong relationships with all involved. (Said another way, you can't be great at this job if you don't truly love people and care deeply about their success.)You’ll drive the production of original and derivative content (articles, videos, social posts, etc.) that the marketing team can utilize to promote our different programs and attract new members.Who you are:

You have 5+ years of experience managing people and teams, and you are adept at leading subordinates and collaborating with peers and superiors.You are a high-output individual. While you're willing to brainstorm and "visionate," you're eager to dive into the "nitty-gritty." No work is beneath you when it comes to making our clients successful and achieving the company’s goals.You have strong time-management skills. You know your time will be in high demand, and you are excited by the challenge of making everyone happy.You are meticulously detail-oriented and organized. You're able to juggle simultaneous projects and priorities without letting any critical balls drop.You have a strong "spirit of service." You put the needs of others before your own, and you're happy to take a back seat so others can be in the spotlight.You are a natural "host" and community builder. You love bringing people together and making connections.You have great interpersonal skills and charisma, and you enjoy building new relationships.You have strong communication skills - verbal, written, and presentation.You thrive in a fast-paced, scrappy, and (sometimes) chaotic environment.How You’ll Be Measured

Key metrics are re-evaluated each quarter, but as a general rule, the Head of Product owns the following KPIs:Client retention and renewalProgram gross marginClient engagement rate (exact metrics to be defined)Client Net Promoter Score (NPS) by programEmployee NPS (eNPS)Who You Will Be Working With

As the Head of Product, you’ll be reporting to the President and helping to define the program's strategy, cadence, and KPIs. You’ll also be working with other teams like Marketing, Sales, and Client Success to achieve growth and satisfaction targets.Why You Might Be Excited About Us

Like us, you believe that marketing is a noble pursuit, because no product or service ever truly “sells itself.”Like us, you enjoy driving new projects and making direct contributions to the company’s success and mission.Like us, you crave the idea of “owning a number” and having objective proof of your value to the team.Like us, you like the idea of working remotely and having more flexibility in your schedule.Like us, you enjoy having access to some of the smartest, most successful, (and even famous) marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners in the world. (At the end of the day, our mutant power is community-building, so you never know who’s going to show up at our meetings and events.)Why You Might NOT Be Excited About Us

We’re fairly small (~30 people), so if you like more hierarchy and levels of management in a bigger company, this role isn’t for you.We don’t have it all figured out. As a bootstrapped, entrepreneurial-driven business, there are many areas of the company where we’re still “building the rocket on the way up.” So, if you require a tested and proven playbook to perform every aspect of your job, then this probably isn’t the place for you.We work really, really hard. Everyone on the team is extremely mission-driven, and works incredibly hard to achieve our “comfortably-uncomfortable” goals. While we DON’T believe in working weekends or pulling “all-nighters” as a normal course of business, if you want a cushy, 40-hour-per-week job, you probably won’t like it here.We change our minds, pivot fast, and embrace change when change is needed. We aren’t flakes, nor do we seek chaos for chaos’ sake. But we WILL shift projects and priorities when presented with new data, so, again, if you need to work at a company that “has it all figured out,” we’re not the place for you.We don’t micro-manage. This is not the kind of job where you show up and we tell you exactly what to do every day. We need people who can manage their own calendars and who aren’t afraid to Google something if they don’t know how to do it. In other words, if you need to know EXACTLY what you will be doing every hour of the day, week-over-week, we’re probably not a good fit.Location and Start Date

Our home base is Austin, TX, but our team works remotely. This position will require some travel ~10% either to events or to Austin for planning meetings.You would start as soon as possible.We're a Little Weird. You Should Know That...

If you were to come on board at DigitalMarketer, we want you to really love it. But since we know it can be next-to-impossible to tell what a company is like from the outside looking in, we compiled a set of reasons someone would NOT enjoy working with us. We hope it helps you make an informed decision. :)7 Signs You WON’T Like Working at DigitalMarketer:You despise marketing and capitalism in all its forms and hate the idea of being associated with marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.You want a normal, predictable 9-5 job.You work best in a highly-structured, micro-managed company where someone tells you exactly what to do and how to do it...every day.You like finding cracks more than you like repairing them.You like to surround yourself with people who dress, think, and act just like you.You only like to hear “Yes” and are easily offended when your thinking and beliefs are challenged.You frequently say things like, “But that’s not my job,” and “That’s not how we do things around here.”Again, if anything, above, describes you, then DigitalMarketer is almost certainly NOT a fit.On the contrary, if you like the idea of working with people who feel the opposite of everything we just described, then we enthusiastically encourage you to apply. :)Compensation

This role comes with a competitive salary, a metrics-driven bonus plan, unlimited PTO, maternity & paternity leave, 401k matching, and additional benefits including generous healthcare plans.Base Salary is $150 - $180K + profit sharing.On-target earnings are $200K - $250K.