Free-thinking Senior News Writer for (Remote), Remote

Work at

Salary: Competitive

Level: experienced

Duration: contract

You have skills and experience forged in a traditional newsroom.

But you no longer want to work within the illusory certainties and moral complacency of the legacy mainstream media. You have a mind and conscience that is immune to establishment groupthink.

Come over to us.

We will ask a lot of you.

Some days you will need to write half a dozen five-paragraph stories, during others, in-depth pieces that require interviewing multiple sources around the world.

You will break news. You will find your own stories.

You will effortlessly add an angle to a simple article, style and clarity to a complex one.

Yet your rewards will be greater.

You will enjoy intellectual liberation, membership of a genuinely diverse international newsroom, and the chance to see your OWN words spread to an audience that numbers in the hundreds of millions each month.

The candidate

You know what you are doing. You have to know how to run before you can fly, and this is a role for established (if up-and-coming) journalists, who have been part of a professional news operation for a number of years. We CANNOT give a shot to the send-and-hope candidates.

You are an original and insightful thinker. You have solid, rational ideas and plenty of them, and know how to convert your views into news pieces that resonate with audiences.

You are a master of the news flow. You don’t miss stories on your beat and select the best ones, while never forgetting what we are about.

You are reliable. Since you will be writing unsupervised, from home, you have to be dependable, fast and consistent.

The job

You will be working REMOTELY from any part of the globe. You will communicate with your editors in several international bureaus, via messenger and voice calls.

This is primarily a full-time position. We will consider other forms of employment only as an exception.

We will agree on a basic monthly rota, but can be highly flexible on specific arrangements. We value writers who make themselves available when an urgent news story demands their personal touch.

There are opportunities for specialisation and a move into an editorial role for suitable candidates.