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Level: Manager (Supervisor)

Duration: Full-Time

The Senior Account Manager & Creative Strategist role at Bandujo is the ideal opportunity for an individual who truly enjoys the day-to-day client interface and end-to-end campaign oversight/project management side of the business, but who is not content to hand off a creative brief and wait for others to produce the ideas and solutions.

If this describes you, you’ll thrive in an environment where you have a meaningful, hands-on role in developing creative solutions and concepts to address client marketing challenges. This can include contributing to campaign research, strategy and insights, development of message/visual conceptual ideas and copy across a range of tactics, producing digital platform-specific recommendations and strategies (i.e. how to create a great Instagram Stories or TikTok ad), and more.

At the same time, this role requires a detail oriented and highly organized project manager with a client-first mentality. She or he should be someone who devours new knowledge, has a natural curiosity for the world of business and consumer advertising and has the creativity to apply those learnings to produce smart, unique advertising or messaging approaches that help clients achieve their marketing objectives.

In short, if you’re an amazing, business-smart, client manager who’s been frustrated by not having a meaningful seat at the creative development table, we encourage you to apply.

First, here's a little bit about Bandujo...

Officially, we’re a 20-person, full-service advertising and digital agency in NYC. Unofficially, we’re a collection of passionate creators and thinkers who love to geek out over business-smart strategies and creative ideas. To us, it's always about doing work we're proud of, and work that keeps our clients continually delighted and never wanting to consider another shop. We're extremely team oriented, with no egos (OK, maybe some) where we all work together to deliver what's best for our clients. We work hard, put our clients first, but also know that in the end, we're not saving babies (except at times with our work with NYC, we can say we're saving babies). We're not about working ridiculous agency hours, but instead about working smart, helping each other out and doing it right the first time.

If this sounds good to you so far, read on for more about the Account Manager & Creative Strategist role we're looking to fill...

Here are the qualities you should have:

  • An entrepreneurially minded business and marketing head on your shoulders that drives you to say, “If I were running marketing for this company, this store, this brand, I’d do this”
  • The ability to see business and marketing challenges or communications puzzles and be genuinely energized to develop viable, practical solutions
  • An innate curiosity in consumer behavior and what drives purchase or behavior decisions
  • A deep understanding and appreciation for the diversity that makes up the consumer world and how different experiences drive different perceptions
  • A broad-based, informed knowledge of the world that allows you to meaningfully contribute across a diverse base of clients or marketing challenges
  • Creativity in how you write and think
  • Detail oriented, project management and multi-tasking abilities
  • A great personality and a client-first mentality where exceeding, not just meeting, client expectations is what drives your everyday behavior
  • Ad agency or client marketing experience

More details about the responsibilities for this position:

  • Relationship Management. Create and maintain a strong working relationship with client representatives. This can include multiple client representatives within a single agency account and/or across multiple accounts.
  • Marketing Strategy & Conceptual Development. Oversee, contribute and participate in the development of marketing and creative strategies and visual/messaging concepts presented to clients, working collaboratively with agency staff to accomplish this. This can range from developing a media strategy, tactical plan and creative recommendations for full 360 campaigns to more targeted, single tactic initiatives such as an email campaign, landing page, video or social media campaign.
  • Project Management. In collaboration with other agency team members, oversee and manage end-to-end project implementation in accordance with the client’s needs. May include management, leadership and mentoring of junior staff.
  • Evaluation, Insights & Campaign Reporting. Provide meaningful insights and analysis to clients, with recommendations for future improvements as appropriate.
  • Revenue Management. Maintain responsibility for the financial components of projects/campaigns and growth and retention of client relationships.

Bandujo seeks candidates with these attributes for every position: 

  • A genuine, innate curiosity to grow and learn;
  • The ability to work independently, be self-motivated and self-directed to accomplish tasks accurately, on time and with minimal supervision;
  • A client first, “I’ll make it happen” attitude;
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and a do-it-right-the-first-time approach;
  • The ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks, while still meeting deadlines;
  • A strong work ethic;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills;
  • A willingness to pitch in, no matter how menial a task or small a project; and,
  • A strong sense of pride, where “good enough” is never good enough.

Benefits Highlights

  • Remote-work flexibility
  • Generous, flexible Paid Time Off
  • 401(k) with company paid contributions (after year 1)
  • Generous health insurance subsidy with choice of carriers to minimize disruptions in existing medical relationships

But please read this before you apply... If you're truly interested in this role that's awesome! But please (we'll even say pretty, please) don't just upload your resume…we guarantee it won't lead to anything. Spend a few minutes telling us about yourself, what you bring to the table that really makes you a perfect fit for this role or even maybe what you've accomplished in life that makes you (or, at least your mom) proud. If you can write about and market yourself well — which is really hard — it tells us you've got what it takes to be able to help our clients market themselves. So see, there is some logic to why we're asking you to do some extra work.

About Bandujo Advertising + Design

It's pronounced ban-doo-ho

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about who we are. The easy answer is we’re a New York City full-service advertising, direct and digital agency. But there’s lots of those. So, what do our clients say makes us special? Of course, there’s the roll up our sleeves, we’re in this together attitude. The honest, thoughtful counsel. And the always doing what’s best for them—not for us—way we run things.

But to us that’s not enough. What our clients will tell you make us really special is that we think. Yes, we really think about how to create the most openable email or direct mail. The most compelling digital or social ads. The smartest ad campaigns. Every time, from the smallest assignment to the largest. And because we think, our clients aren’t sending us back to start over on creative. To start over on strategy. It’s right from day one.

Bandujo Advertising + Design

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