Production Manager

Oct 02, 2008
Nov 01, 2008
Mr. Office of Human Resources
Full Time
Job Summary:
The production manager is responsible for making sure the magazine is produced on deadline and properly prepared for press. This position oversees all production-related duties for the magazine and works closely with the design director on production projects for the Trust as a whole, including managing printing, paper and production contracts; trafficking proofs; helping to make and check corrections; logging and trafficking artwork; and updating changes in template files. The production manager checks files for production consistency and identifies potential problems on press.

•Develop editorial and production calendar, working closely with the printer, advertising production manager, design director and art director
•Work with staff to ensure deadlines are met
•Keep proofs circulating and on track.
•Circulate final proofs and assist in making changes as necessary
•Handle invoices and work within budget
•Manage paper and print contracts
•Perform final preflight and send files to printer

The production manager also
•Submits print order and breakdown to printer
•Checks and traffics color proofs
•Attends press checks
•Monitors approval of digital bluelines
•Works with paper supplier to maintain paper supply to printer
•Checks on inventory
•Works with newsstand distributor, communications/marketing dept. and circulation manager (membership office)


•Excellent print production and pre-press skills.
•Bachelors degree in English, Journalism, or related field and magazine production experience preferred.
•Knowledge of Quark InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. Some knowledge of Illustrator.
•Must be detail oriented, have strong organizational skills, and possess the ability to multitask in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.
•Must be a team player who is able to communicate effectively with editors, designers, and other staff to ensure that production cycles are efficient and all deadlines are met.

To apply, please include your cover letter in the body of a message and email your resume as a Word, PDF, or Text attachment to:

To apply, please include your cover letter in the body of a message and email your resume as a Word, PDF, or Text attachment.