Bilingual Editor

Aug 30, 2010
Sep 29, 2010
Ms. Erica Solomon
Full Time
Position overview:
The Bilingual Editor is responsible for editing Spanish and English products and materials, ensuring that all products and materials are consistent with the quality standards, mission, core values, and brand identity of Teaching Strategies, Inc.

Specific roles and responsibilities:

Review and edit materials in Spanish and English in all formats including print, audio, video,
e-learning and web-based. Edit materials designed for teachers and children, professional development materials, marketing samplers and brochures, catalogs, research papers, and validation studies and effectiveness reports.

Review all assigned material and edit copy for sense, clarity, factual accuracy, concision and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Ensure that all text conforms to the established company style, including proper attribution for copywritten material. Review Spanish translations to make sure they accurately reflect the meaning of the original English content. Identify and adapt content when necessary to ensure that it is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Enter corrections in electronic files or use standard proofreading conventions to mark up hard copy pages. When appropriate, query author regarding any issues that affect the content or meaning of the text.

Proofread pages through various production phases to check that all requested edits have been made in the text and that no additional or unintended errors have been incorporated. Use quality control checklists to ensure that recurring design elements such as footers, headings, fonts, diagrams, etc. are correct.

Update and maintain Teaching Strategies bilingual style guide, making editorial recommendations aligned to particular Spanish-speaking markets. Ensure that all Spanish products and materials adhere to the style guide and are consistent in their use of terminology and language conventions. Communicate terminolgy and style changes to project members, including Spanish-language consultants and independent contractors.

Act as liaison to outside contractors. Coordinate translation assignments; gather necessary files, specs, and other information; answer translators queries; draft contracts and track invoices.

Under the supervision of the Editorial Director, contribute to editorial team efforts and support editorial team goals.

Work with the Editorial Director and Publishing Operations Manager to maintain schedules, prioritize tasks, and complete assignments by predermined deadlines.

Competencies and skills position will be evaluated upon:
Native-level fluency in Spanish, excellent English language skills, achievement orientation, clear communication, adaptability, intellectual curiosity, working collaboratively


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