Web App Developer

New York
Mar 30, 2011
Apr 29, 2011
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Forbes is looking for a web app developer comfortable working with designers and developers to bring product wireframes to life.

This opportunity runs through June 2011, at least. Rate and terms are determined by your abilities and level of Experience.

We are looking for experience with at least some of the following:

- php, Velocity, mongo, mysql, wordpress, LDAP, caching/optimization, authorization
- Twitter, Facebook, Oauth, API integrations/ mashups
- browser performance expertise (html, js, css, jQuery, and general http)
- experience leveraging other peoples' code and making your own code leverageable/pluggable

We are integrating a custom WordPress platform with a custom publishing system along with relevant 3rd-party services. We have a solid team in place, a solid pipeline of To Dos, and we're looking to expand.

Please send a resume and be sure to highlight examples of your work that focus on your relevant experience, especially with regard to how you have applied existing code to new code and 3rd-party services to build an experience.