Director, Quick and Dirty Tips

New York
Sep 28, 2011
Oct 28, 2011
Human Resources
Full Time
Major Responsibilities:

Develop and implement brand strategy and marketing for revenue generation

Analyze web site and podcast data to determine both strategic plans for brand extensions and for additional sources of revenue
Develop and implement multi-platform publishing program
Supervising editor and marketing/production coordinator

Coordinate/strategize with non-Macmillan business partner

Work collaboratively across groups
Effectively negotiate contracts

Required Skills / Knowledge:

Must be a strong strategic thinker, entrepreneurial, and with excellent communication skills

Solid understanding of web development required able to communicate with web developers and designers and prepare a spec list for web developments.

Experience Needed:

5+ years experience in book and/or magazine publishing with significant experience in digital products and development.

Educational Background Required:

Bachelors degree