Communications Director

New York or Washington, DC
Oct 26, 2011
Nov 25, 2011
Hiring Manager
Full Time
Goal: Use innovative paid and earned media strategies to help beat back the Republican attack, build power for a progressive America, bring people into politics, win big issue fights, and keep the White House in 2012.

Description: Political Action is gearing up for big new year. We'll push for a progressive economic vision, get serious about winning the war of ideas, and block Republican attacks on our communities. As part of that effort, we are seeking a Communications Director to shape our communications strategy on our advocacy campaigns and going into the Presidential election in 2012.

We're looking for someone who's got great judgment, who's quick on their feet and ready to seize the opportunities that the news cycle provides, who can imagine and execute creative, bold strategies to get our message out, and who's excited about the promise of online democracy and the mission of giving MoveOn's 5 million members a voice.

We welcome applicants with business backgrounds as well as non-profit and politics.

Reports to: Executive Director

* Manage message and press outreach to advance MoveOn's national advocacy campaigns on issues like the economy, tax fairness, defending health care reform, and corporate influence of our government.
* Engineer rapid response to attacks and opportunities--defending our brand, and injecting our members' voices into important debates.
* Manage development of television and video content that is hard-hitting, provocative, and effective for campaigns and elections.
* Act as an eloquent, pithy, witty spokesperson and face for the organization, in TV, print, and on the radio.
* Elevate the voices of MoveOn members as spokespeople whenever possible to demonstrate what grassroots action looks like.
* Help maintain MoveOn's brand strategy--making sure that MoveOn stands for democracy, people-powered politics, and a new pragmatic populist progressivism.
* Live in the news cycle--monitoring risks and opportunities and coming up with ideas for cutting edge campaigns.
* Build relationships with reporters and new media (blogs, etc.) and use them to get the word out about MoveOn campaigns.
* Work with allies in the American Dream Movement to publicize nationwide campaigns on issues ranging from the jobs crisis to tax fairness.
* Manage MoveOn's communications consultants, from PR to production companies, and work with the creative director to make sure creative strategies are integrated where appropriate through our communications.

Required skills:
* Excellent writing skills--writing both for press and for popular audiences. Your writing should be sharp, personable, and memorable.
* Excellent detail-oriented project management. You're experienced at triage, and can handle a lot going on at once.
* Strong self-starter, entrepreneurial. You don't need someone to tell you what to do.
* Good marketing sense. You're great at coming up with messages, slogans, and tactics that draw attention to policy points.
* Calm in a crisis, with great instincts. When the RNC's attacking, you're cool as a cucumber and know what needs to be done.
* Strong judgment on what kinds of tactics and campaigns will attract local and national press attention. You can tell a genius, out-of-the-box gimmick from something that's just crazy.
* Excellent political and strategy judgment. You're good at seeing the path to victory.
* Willing to do what it takes to make a project come off. Low ego, high focus on getting stuff done.
* Hard worker, can do flexible hours and manage your time independently. You know that saving the world doesn't always happen between 9 and 5.
* Comfortable with a virtual office. You can work with colleagues from Paris to Portland.

Preferred (but not required) skills:
* Management experience. You're good with people, and good at focusing a team.
* Experience with online politics and technology. You've messed around with HTML, and know what a good online campaign looks like.
* Good TV skills. You've acted as a spokesperson before and know how to place a sound bite.
* Experience in organizing. You know how to work with volunteers to make change happen.
* Experience in advocacy. You know how to power map a target, launch effective campaigns and win policy battles.

Salary: Salary is highly competitive and benefits include health & dental insurance and four weeks vacation. Political Action is an equal opportunity employer.

To Apply: Send an email to with the subject line "Communications Director." Attach your resume and cover letter as Word or PDF documents; and also give us three references with phone and email. Position will be filled as soon as possible.