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Santa Monica
Feb 02, 2012
Mar 03, 2012
Mr. Yahoo! Yahoo!
Full Time
Yahoo! Entertainment is looking for a hard-charging, forward-thinking digital journalist to be its Social Editor. The primary function will be managing Yahoo! Entertainments top social accounts while leading all social efforts across Yahoo! Entertainment as part of the editorial team.

The goals here are at least four-fold:
1) To engage Yahoo! users both current and prospective where they are.
2) To integrate social content and experiences in ways that improve the user experience.
3) To use -- and to educate Yahoo! Entertainment content producers on using social in ways that better inform, improve and distribute our journalism.
4) To drive more traffic from social platforms to Yahoo!.

Orchestrating this effort will be a strong Social Editor who not only understands how users discover, interact with, consume and share content socially, but also how these behaviors and platforms evolve over time. We need a person who can effectively do the day-to-day work while strategically thinking about the bigger picture. This person should be an exceptional communicator within Yahoo! as well as a participant in the larger conversation outside of it.

It should be noted that a secondary function of this role is to serve as the SEO and off-network publishing lead for Yahoo! Listings. This aligns with the aforementioned goals of engaging users where they are and encouraging content discovery outside of the Yahoo! network. The ideal candidate will possess some level of expertise in the fields of SEO, newsletters, alerts, etc.

2+ years of digital journalism experience
Passion for digital journalism, especially social media
Demonstrable success with brand-building social sites/apps (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, etc.)
Proven success with niche social sites, boards and forums to drive traffic (Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.)
Experience with monitoring, breaking and curating news in real time through social media
Experience gathering and analyzing metrics, preferably social metrics
Experience editing/producing social-friendly multimedia (photos, infographics, video, etc.)
Experience working with product, sales and marketing teams
Excellence in writing, editing and general communication
Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel and PowerPoint
Ability to manage time effectively and willingness to work all hours some of the time
Desire to collaborate within the team, across teams and even outside of the organization
Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with teams

Minimum Qualifications:
2 Years of digital journalism experience
Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite of products
Experience with brand building social sites/apps
BA or BS degree, preferably in a journalism related degree

Apply online at:

Apply online at: