Software Development Engineer -- Amazon Com

Sep 08, 2012
Oct 08, 2012
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Full Time
The Customer Service Communications Team is developing a "Call Center in the Cloud" platform -- technology used to take customer phone calls, chats, and emails. This system serves as the core communication layer for all of Amazon's Customer Service organizations; our platform is used by Amazon subsidiaries and external partners as well. Going forward, we plan to both extend platform functionality, and to make it available to additional organizations who have a need for our technology. Our developers employ a variety of distributed computing techniques to ensure that our systems are highly available, scalable, and resilient against hardware failures. Our platform helps to drive efficiency and general quality in our call centers, improves the customer experience, and serves to make our business more nimble as we open new call centers.

As a team, we actively brainstrom, analyze and discuss creative solutions to hard problems. We are seeking motivated developers with experience writing multi-threaded systems, who enjoy tackling challenging design problems.

A BS in Computer Science, or a related field.
Experience developing in Java, C++ or other object oriented languages.

Strong background in computer science basics (data structures, algorithms, etc).

Sharp analytical abilities, proven design skills and a track record of delivery.

Fluency in Java and/or C++ or other object-oriented languages.

Communication skills for both a technical and business audience.

Experience in designing distributed systems that are scalable and highly available a plus.

Experience with CSS, JavaScript, AJAX a plus.

SIP experience a plus.

Linux experience a plus.

Lean methodology experience a plus.