Associate Sales Manager

Sep 12, 2012
Oct 12, 2012
Ms. Rene Perkins
Full Time
Responsible for building and leading a high-performance territory sales team dedicated to providing comprehensive media solutions to businesses. Has moderate- to high-revenue responsibility.

Ensures that the business unit consistently meets and/or exceeds revenue goals. Always aware of performance to goal; measures sales executive performance by revenue to goal, quarterly and annually. Ensures that high levels of performance are always top of mind.

Maintains a high awareness and understanding of the market and the competition, and each staff member’s performance to all goal and targets. Holds staff accountable to revenue goals, objectives, KPIs and other metrics. Creates effective formal activity metrics for staff.

Maintains a full staff of highly-skilled, high performing sales executives.

Spends significant time with Account Executives visiting customers in the field with the purpose of deepening account relationships. Uses these opportunities to coach staff.

Manages staff to consistently maintain a forward, robust pipeline. Stays current on potential wins.

Understands methodology for goal setting and applies that methodology accordingly. Has an in-depth knowledge of Account Executives' accounts, prospects and each prospect's potential. Establishes aggressive but realistic goals for staff; incorporates staff’s input in the goal setting process.

Develops a strong sales plan with team and holds staff accountable for achieving their plans. Has a clear, formal, written plan to attack the territory client segment. Assist the territory sales team in developing comprehensive, individual account plans that achieve a high level of individual account penetration; incorporates individual sales Account Executive feedback, strategies and contingencies. Creates and executes on plan to grow total and digital market share based on potential.

Provides appropriate mix of direction and strategy. Collaborates with the staff on strategy, innovation, etc., to ensure that new ideas are developed and presented to clients. Coach sales staff to successfully execute the 5-Step Sales process: Plan and prepare; evaluate needs; build the solution; present and close; and follow through.

Utilizes deep understanding of market and competition, including customers, prospects and trends.

Consistently reevaluates client opportunity and potential based on current trends, changes in the market, etc. Ensures that Account Executives are given client lists with sufficient potential to over-achieve objectives.

Has a strong understanding of market competitors. Develops strategies with sales team for selling effectively against the competition.

Drives consultative, customer-centric selling behaviors. Ensures that Account Executives consistently present products/services appropriate to client needs and constantly monitor the “health” of the relationship between the client and Account Executive.

Routinely blocks off calendar time to coach staff. Provides timely and relevant feedback to Account Executives after a client meeting, upon reviewing a presentation, or at any opportunity in which the manager can impart his or her knowledge and experience to the Account Executive.

Routinely sets up opportunities to assess sales staff (e.g., ride alongs, participation in client meetings) and utilizes a checklist to assess Account Executive in different situations. Gains consensus of Account Executives on areas for improvement

Recommends appropriate training and monitors for performance to address gaps and weaknesses, and to further develop skills and expertise. Anticipates new product launches and ensures that appropriate training is provided.

Holds weekly one-on-one time with each of the sales staff. Structures the time appropriately to work with the Account Executive on identifying key steps to meeting goal, and allows time for Account Executive feedback and input.

Develops top performers. Mentors staff in identifying and pursuing career path.

Communicates clear vision for their respective area of business and World Class Sales. Clearly articulates the company mission and garners commitment among the team for the organization's values, vision, strategy and goals.

Identifies and removes obstacles for top performance. Advocates on behalf of the sales team to remove barriers and on behalf of management to ensure achievement of company objectives.

Inspires and motivates others. Leads by example and displays a "can do" attitude. Is creative, instructional and demonstrative. Creatively fosters a positive work environment.

Builds consensus among team and other internal partners. Communicates and actively encourages a shared commitment to values, vision, strategy and goals.

Over-communicates the vision, standards, strategy, and goals to their team.

Holds weekly sales meetings that educate and motivate. Provides meaningful agenda and is respectful of the time allocated.

Follows on-going recruiting regimen; meets with potential candidates on an ongoing basis. Seeks to hire only world class sales people who meet our core competencies. Takes ownership for recruiting while partnering with HR to execute strategy.

Networks through course of daily activities. Networks through organizations like the local advertising federation, Chamber of Commerce, IMA, etc., and uses social media, such as LinkedIn, to maximize recruitment reach.

Possesses clear understanding of world class sales competencies and skills; only seeks candidates who meet those criteria.

Effectively “sells” the position and the organization to qualified candidates.

Embraces and communicates World Class Sales vision. Drives initiatives for positive, constructive change. Looks for opportunities to encourage others to become an agent for change.

Gains trust and consensus of teammates and works with sales team and other internal departments on strategy and execution of results-oriented advertising plans. Can garner support for new ideas, etc. Exhibits collaborative behavior that motivates and inspires others.

Welcomes coaching and strives for improvement. Accepts and seeks out mentoring.

Drives change that affects the business unit and coaches sales staff to successfully accomplish that change. Embraces change and models positive behaviors for others. Quickly adapts to change.

Works in conjunction with staff and others to build unique and innovative solutions for customers . Offers ideas to enhance or streamline our internal processes. Utilizes creativity and strategic thinking.


Bachelors degree.

At least 2 years sales management experience; previous digital experience preferred.

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