Editor in Chief, Moviefone

Beverly Hills
Sep 20, 2012
Oct 20, 2012
Brenda Pullman
Digital Media
Full Time

? Create leading edge digital experience for movie lovers who believe Moviefone is their trusted source for everything “movies.”
? Work with Moviefone’s programming and product teams to create original video content, news, blogs and articles that drive audience growth and engagement.
•Oversee editorial staff in assigning and editing editorial content, blogs and articles, as well as social media strategies.
•Create and oversee a strong partner content model that curates the “best of the web” in movie editorial.
? Work with studios, talent, sources, and bloggers to generate content
? Implement SEO and social media strategies.
? "Working with our own Mr. Moviefone, serve as a media personality/representitive at film festivals, junkets, and other on and off-line media outlets"with our own Mr. Moviefone to represent the No. 3 digital movie site at top-level film festivals, junkets, awareness on other media through public appearances on television, radio and in digital channels.

? Seven to 10 years’ experience reporting, writing and editing, ideally in the movie industry or related industries.
? Must be an organized leader who can self-manage and lead a remote team based in New York.
? Basic understanding of HTML, Photoshop, blog publishing platforms and video production.
? Must have thorough knowledge of online media
? Ability to analyze and respond to traffic data and track metrics
? Self-organized, passionate, and team player
? Passion for reporting on all issues surrounding film and entertainment
? Possess excellent writing and editing skills, as well as mastery of digital publishing technologies
? Maintain and grow a source list of studio and film community contacts.

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