Software Development Engineers, Amazon Instant Video

Sep 28, 2012
Oct 28, 2012
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Full Time
Amazon Instant Video is hiring!
Are you passionate about the next generation of digital video? Are you interesting in expanding digital video availability? Are you excited to embrace cloud computing?

In this role, you will be engineering the platform for receiving, encoding, verifying quality, and distributing feature length video content. You will build an elastic cloud that encodes petabytes of video each year. At Amazon, every engineer has the opportunity to positively impact millions of customers and you will be called on to identify and realize these opportunities.

We have many needs for talented Software Development Engineers, so we have been traveling all over the US and successfully recruiting many Software Engineers to relocate to Seattle, WA. Because of this success, our Instant Video team will be in Charleston, South Carolina October 25th and 26th for a recruiting event with some of our very best engineers.

Basic Qualifications:
- Java, C# or C++ coder
- Data structures, algorithms, and object oriented design
- Knowledge of design patterns
- Proven large scale system design skills
- Strong working knowledge of operating system fundamentals
- Working knowledge of REST and RPC service patterns and other client/server interaction models
- Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience with high throughput, multi-threaded systems
- Experience implementing and consuming large scale web services
- Fluency in programming languages beyond Java and C++ (e.g. Ruby, Python, Perl)
- Masters degree in Computer Science or equivalent