Planning Editor (Assignment Editor)

Oct 04, 2012
Nov 03, 2012
Human Resources
Full Time
News 12 Long Island is looking for the ideal candidate to coordinate the gathering of news, scheduling and assignment of coverage and be responsible for next day and long term coverage. Must generate daily story ideas and be able to effectively set up those stories for reporters and the delivery of news material to the production team for all News 12 Services. Need to work with news management, producers and reporters to plan well-rounded news coverage, maintain extensive working files of possible stories, background information and news sources as well as gather information about news as it develops and communicate it effectively and accurately to the production team. Must collaborate with managers and producers to select stories for coverage and to keep them up to date, schedule and order facilities including satellite time, assign and coordinate the distribution of news gathering equipment and assist with scheduling of reporters, truck op/editors/photographers and assignment editors. Should take an active role in planning in-depth series and special coverage, acting as producer or reporter as called for and work accurately under pressure. Responsible for dispatching news crews, maintaining schedule logs, dealing with telephone story tips, listening to police radios, reading newswires and e-mail, and staying in contact with sources in order to stay up to date with breaking news. Must also be able to write stories when assigned, train less experienced personnel, represent News 12 services in a courteous and professional manner, participate in special projects and perform other duties as assigned.

Ideal candidate needs a minimum of four years of full-time News 12 experience. Must have a commitment to journalistic standards of ethics and accuracy with an enthusiasm for journalism. Must be proficient with newsroom computer systems with a thorough knowledge of news gathering technology and extensive knowledge of Internet research tactics. Should have strong knowledge of local communities, issues and newsmakers and demonstrated leadership ability. Must have a demonstrated ability to plan creatively to maximize efficiency and the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines as well as work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays. Bachelor’s degree with a major in journalism is preferred.

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