Customer Support Rep and Production Coordinator

Oct 11, 2012
Nov 10, 2012
Hiring Manager
Full Time
Springfield, NJ publisher seeks energetic, tech-savvy team player willing to go the extra mile to help our educator customers choose and use 21st century materials and tools for their classes, plus coordinate production of new books, reprints, and ebooks for our firm. Good spot for an organized, upbeat multi-tasker with excellent project management skills who is great on the phone and by email with both customers and vendors.

Core Responsibilities:
•Provide exemplary service to our customers in every aspect of their experience with our firm, including:
•Place orders, whether on the phone, by fax, by mail, or on the web.
•Answer product and curriculum questions
•Address customer concerns and resolve issues
•Provide technical support for customers learning our digital products
•Update and maintain customer records
•Monitor our tech support tickets and respond knowledgably to questions
•Coordinate the seasonal reprinting of published materials to maintain sufficient inventory levels, including analysis of titles and quantities needed, requests for vendor pricing, creation of purchase orders, and timely delivery of high quality product
•Maintain digital library of production files
•Assist editors in developing budgets and development plans for new books by working with print and ebook vendors to request, gather, and analyze production bids.
•Coordinate production phase of new projects with outside vendors to ensure high quality, low cost, and timely delivery. Provide options to editors for economical an timely review of proofs.
•Share in administrative duties including: maintain office supplies; provide planning and procurement support for departmental and firm-wide meetings; direct incoming phone calls; maintain library

For this full time position, you will need to be creative, organized, thorough, and capable of both establishing and meeting deadlines. During your interview, you’ll be asked to provide concrete examples of your problem solving and analytic abilities, your collaborative style, your competence with information technology, and your initiative. Ideally, you will have fluency in a variety of digital tools and programs, including Outlook, Word, Excel, use of FTP sites. Experience using customer management systems, online educational platforms, Drupal, Adobe Photoshop, and any ebook publishing platforms is also a plus. Knowledge of Jewish practice and/or Hebrew is an added benefit.

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