Senior Director, Curriculum and Professional Devel

New York
Oct 18, 2012
Nov 17, 2012
Ms. Akimi Gibson
Full Time
The role of the Senior Director, Professional Development Initiatives & Special Project is to provide enlightened and inspired editorial and client-services leadership of a growing initiative and business dedicated to the effective use and development of learning supports and resources in order to meet the educational needs of children in formal learning situations by providing a focused attention to advancing the curriculum, instruction, and professional development of early childhood educators at all levels of service and experience or training. One of the primary functions of the Senior Director, Curriculum and Professional Development Initiatives is to coordinate and oversee the development and implementation of the curriculum, instruction, and professional development, including but not limited to product development of the lessons, trainings, and all features of the Teacher App. Other functions include help conduct training and serve as one of the main contacts for designated childcare providers participating in Sesame Learning research and activities. Another principal function of this role is to help create and maintain an atmosphere where staff and others associated with the initiative can excel, gain increased skills and competencies, and produce work they are proud of and where individuals become a part of a high-performing, inclusive team.

There are three major aspects of this role: (1) to ensure that the content, organization, and style of each “manuscript” to be published for the Teacher App and professional development of classroom teachers, their coaches, and administrators meets Sesame Workshop’s editorial standards for developmental appropriateness, accuracy, clarity, creativity, inclusion, and accessibility. This role leads development of the professional development resources – digital, print, training, and other services that will be used and validated during the research phase as well as distributed, maintained, and refreshed according to evolving business parameters; (2) to help cultivate and maintain academic advisors and to represent the Sesame Learning initiative to key stakeholders and to give presentations, keynotes, and trainings when necessary; (3) to support special projects as assigned by the VP & Educational Publisher or the Chief Strategy Officer.

This position reports to the VP and Education Publisher, who also acts as the Editor-in-Chief for the project, but works closely with the Chief Strategy Officer. This role works hand-in-glove with the Senior Director, Family & Community Engagement; the Director, Student Engagement; Director of Curriculum & Implementation Management; and the heads of technology and production. This role also works closely with marketing, development, and other members of the teaching and learning content team. Just as importantly, this role works collaboratively with the Education, Research, and Outreach department and related groups of Sesame Workshop.

Product Development:
•Help develop the professional development voice of Sesame Learning
•Direct learning design and content development for all lessons, curriculum, and professional development components.
•Develop all Teacher App prototypes, and sees the Teacher App (for classroom teachers, coaches, and administrators) through completion and quality control.
•Help assure content and developmental accuracy for all curriculum and content associated with the initiative.
•Capture, refine, and document professional development design.
•Help develop style guide of curriculum, instruction, and professional development content
•Analyze content needs based on curriculum, instruction, and professional development design.
•Help map content plan for new and existing assets.
•Review product specs for fidelity to teaching and learning goals.
•Review content integration for fidelity to curriculum, instruction, and professional development goals.
•Plan staged implementation of professional development design over time, for ongoing evolution of product.
•Capture and share issues and solutions related to content and instructional design.
•Help manage project employees, freelance staff, and vendors as needed or assigned.
•Interface as needed with consultants, advisors, and subject-matter experts.
•Ensure brand adherence

Client Services
•Help develop the curriculum, instruction, and professional development posture and service plan for Sesame Learning
•Develop and oversee implementation of professional development trainings and workshops.
•Develop professional development guidelines for schools.
•Help inform effectiveness research and rubrics.

•Establish clear and attainable mission for each fiscal year or publishing endeavor
•Manage the day-to-day content development cycle and associated staff
•Define and deliver against strategic product development plans
•Ensure editorial content is high-quality and research-based
•Ensure creative and timely execution of each product and product line
•Recruit and coordinate creative and academic authors and their work; help establish and contribute to the author-care program
•Infuse knowledge and respect for the customer into product design
•Support foundational understanding of the research – academic, formative, and market
•Coordinate effective and efficient work processes
•Ensure commitment to the Workshop and product brand(s) and imprints
•Develop talents and skill sets of the content-development team
•Works in cross-functional teams — especially with other content teams, Design/Production/Copyediting, Marketing/Communications/Sales, and Finance — to develop high-quality, research-based offerings for children

Strategic Development and Management:
•Works with Chief Strategy Officer and the VP & Education Publisher to establish publishing and client-service plans with Marketing/Sales and other teams, including but not limited to other areas and departments of the Workshop writ large
•Ensures timely delivery of products
•Establishes and ensures delivery against budgets
•Recruits, hires, and develops diverse staff, employees-with-end-dates, and freelancers/consultants
•Helps recruit and hire creative and academic authors
•Establishes policies and procedures for working with outside personnel
•Helps Marketing analyze market trends and customer needs, as well as status of established products
•Presents product lines to key Board or Trustees and other selected reviewers

1.Master’s in education or child development preferred
2.12 years minimum of editorial work, including educational and substantive editing
3.Five years minimum of publishing experience in a management role
4.High energy, initiative driven with “can-do” attitude.
5.The personal traits and desire to excel.
6.Flexibility to work in a dynamic environment.
7.Commitment to high standards and performance.
8.Mastery of all Microsoft computer programs particularly: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Please send in cover letter and resume, Attn: Akimi Gibson, Sunject Line: Sr. Director, Curriculum and Professional Development position

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