Head of Marketing

New York
Oct 19, 2012
Nov 18, 2012
Catherine Hernandez
Full Time

Equal lover of business and consumers? Prove it.
You’ve defined (and redefined. and redefined.) what marketing means for companies of different sizes – a handful of people up to a few hundred; hundreds of customers to millions of loyal clients. You’re just as comfortable optimizing a B2C conversion funnel as first-to-market, best-in-class B2B acquisition campaigns. You know how to launch new enterprise products, capitalizing on awesome press, and tons of word-of-mouth good will to get people in the door and make sure they’re so happy they wouldn’t dream of leaving.

You and the teams you hire are data dorks first and foremost. There’s nothing you’ll put out in the world that isn’t measurable up, down, and every which way. You can, not only find-and-pull and slice-and-dice data, but also put that data to work. You make the information -- whether business intelligence, website behavior stats, sales-team numbers, or customer acquisition and retention metrics -- understandable and know just what to do with it next. You get that data is meaningless without that next step.

People love working with you. A lot.
You get that the job of marketing doesn’t end with filling the top of the funnel, but works with sales and product to make the whole process of selling smoother and easier, automating whatever can be automated and ensuring that sales people can go into their first meeting with the prospect knowing who we are, what we do, and having a positive opinion of us.

We love that your years and years of experience building online marketing teams with SEO, SEM, email marketing and display -- all that have proven you can actually walk that actionable-data wall - even without millions of dollars in spend. You live for that challenge. It’s why you’ve worked with so many startups in the past. And that’s by far the most valuable thing you have to offer us -- aside from those witty comebacks you make and how attractive you look in a Chartbeat t-shirt.

You’re excited to work with us because you love a team that creates and reaches company goals together. Seriously. That’s not bullshit corporate speak - it’s the only way to get anything done. Because here it’s not just marketing’s job to increase the number of people who know about us and stick around to get the most out of our services - it’s also the Product and Engineering team’s job. Every goal -- quarterly or dev-cycle -- is created and solved by every team. The success of this company is each and every person’s job.

You live by that notion, too. That everyone working in silos leads to a disjointed team and epic fail. And your acquisition and retention marketing tactics work that way, too – all marching to the beat of the same company-wide drum. Even while flexing every cross-channel initiative muscle you have.


?Responsible for building and executing an inexplicably amazing lead generation game plan required for Chartbeat to reach new frontiers and hit its (ambitious) revenue goals
?Full understanding (and a lot of times defining) of Chartbeat’s goals especially the vital role marketing plays to reach its destination
?Turning the marketing team and its strategies into a flexible, lightweight, performance-driven machine
?Obsessing over cohorts
?Pulling reports and sharing them with the entire team in simple, consistent, gettable ways
?Putting the “intelligence” in business intelligence
?Creating and managing ad buys, email campaigns, direct mail, and all the other mind-blowing stuff that gets jaws dropping and meetings set
?Managing a flexible marketing budget for multiple sub-brands
?Introducing us to the newest and most creative ways to reach our audience
?Leading development projects that are driven by your own initiatives (e.g., new landing pages, new guest experiences, new/improved product features), and driving them from inception to marketplace dominance
?Creating and maintaining targeted CRM programs
?Sharing your excitement and passion with our high-energy company


?Database management and mining are your happy places – so you’re a SQL knower, naturally
?You have the most analytical mind of anyone you’ve ever met
? Experience with many ESPs (Sailthru and Marketo give you ++ bonus points) and the ability to tell us what rocks and what sucks and why
?The ability to talk about AdWords, social media marketing, and all platforms in between for 5-8 hours straight
?Scarily accurate keyword crafting, testing, and optimization skills
? Examples of ways you’ve created unbelievable cost-effective direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels to bring new audiences into your brands, keep them there, and gone above and beyond revenue targets
?“Customer-centric” is your middle name and you anticipate customer needs with ease
?Ability to take your experiences building teams and businesses from an awesome product to a super solid business while simultaneously throwing out all your marketing smarts to come up with the exact right solution for Chartbeat
?People love you and beg you to work both with and for you

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