City Editor - New York

new york
Oct 26, 2012
Nov 25, 2012
Mr. Tony Metcalf
Full Time
•The New York City Editor will ensure that local reporters operate in a web-first environment, producing a constant flow of relevant local stories and information for and augmenting this information for use in the Metro print title.
•The city editor will manage reporters to produce sufficient, high quality material to fill at least 3 local news pages each day. This is a minimum and may change on a daily basis.
•The City Editor will be responsible for ensuring that the same news reporters provide at least four breaking news stories each day for, as well as a weekly blog.
•The City Editor will provide material of the utmost integrity and quality as best practices in the field and Metro standards dictate
•Manage, maintain and develop the motivated and appropriate staff required to budget to produce the quality and quantity of material necessary for the bureau in question.
•Deliver constant feedback and progress reports to the Editor In Chief as defined by the Editor In Chief.
•Working closely in co-operation with sales managers and staff to promote Metro's commercial success.

•The successful candidate is likely to have daily newspaper experience, knowledge of daily newspaper production, or experience of daily news deadlines.
•Knowledge of multimedia publishing is a distinct advantage as is an appreciation of the challenges of producing compelling local material for both print and online.
•Advanced knowledge of social media techniques is also essential.
•2 years’ experience as an main editor or similar level of responsibility
•Experience of working with advertising sales colleagues.
•Proven track record of writing, editing and managing
•Exceptional written/verbal communication skills
•BS/BA degree or equivalent preferred
•Must be team-oriented, extremely motivated and able to work independently
•Excellent interpersonal skills and presentation abilities