Art Director - Digital Content

Nov 05, 2012
Dec 05, 2012
Resume Highlights
Full Time
Primary responsibilities include executing excellent digital content and product design for kids, creating and maintaining relationships with freelance artists, and overseeing the daily art production work for the Digital Content Group.
The right candidate will:
•Create and deliver innovative designs for our children’s websites and a variety of digital products.
•Develop and maintain the design aesthetic and integrity of all products created by the Digital Content Group.
•Serve as liaison with outside designers, review samples and select illustrators and photographers, keep to schedules and budgets, maintain the highest standards of production, and prepare presentation materials.
•Work with the Director and Producer to determine the appropriate designer/artist for each program.
Skills and attributes:
•Ability to maintain high standards.
•Ability to translate editorial concepts into exciting designs that reflect the Highlights brand.
•Ability to work collaboratively across disciplines and departments/team player.
•Ability to work independently, manage multiple projects and meet deadlines.
•Adept in digital product design, including Web and apps.
Experience required:
•Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or its equivalent at minimum.
•2 years experience in children’s publishing
•Strong conceptual design and typographic skills.
•Expert in Adobe Creative Suite.
•Familiarity with the K4™ Cross-Media Publishing Platform.
•Strong people, presentation and time management skills.
•Excellent written and oral communication skills.
•Solid understanding of issues that are important to thoughtful parents today.
Beyond this technical expertise, the right candidate will:
•Possess knowledge about the field of children's digital media and a genuine interest in kids and issues that affect kids and their families.
•Be comfortable creating and directing visual interactive design.
•Manage design deliverables throughout a project life cycle.
•Have experience working closely with cross-functional teams.
•Have a high level of proficiency in information architecture.
•Have experience with Web and digital product wireframes.
•Have experience designing across platforms and form factors – desktop, tablet and mobile.

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