C&D Buyer's Guide Editor (1638)

Ann Arbor
Nov 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012
Hearst Recruiter
Full Time

The Car and Driver’s Buyer’s Guide Editor is responsible for owning and executing the editorial content strategy for car shoppers. The person in this position works closely with the Executive Online Editor and Editor-in-Chief to maintain quality, tone, and editorial direction.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Make/Model Pages

    • Assemble the editorial content on the make/model pages, including choosing existing reviews and writing introductions that explain the relationship of the reviewed vehicle to the entire range of the models and the current model year.

    • Review and maintain the timelines for all vehicles, and delegate cleanup as needed.

    • Assign summaries for makes and models as appropriate to power the buyer’s guide.

    • Manage the process of categorizing, ranking, and scoring all vehicles as needed to support the buyer’s guide.

    • Manage the process of determining vehicle generations to support vehicle timelines.

    • Convene the broader editorial staff to decide the above two by ballot or consensus.

    • Deep familiarity with our past comparison tests to ensure continuity of brand voice is essential.

  • In-Market News

    • Manage freelance staff to write daily news articles about pricing, safety, etc. with a focus on promoting our pricing and shopping tools.

  • Mass-Market Road Tests

    • Manage a list of the top 80 vehicles that account for 75% of car sales by volume and 75% of search traffic to C/D and ensure we have current-generation road tests of all of them by working with the Exec. Online Ed. and the Road Test Editor.

Required Skills:

  • Strong writing and editing ability

  • Strong sense and understanding of the vehicle market

  • Good interpersonal and management skills

  • Knowledge of Wordpress, social media channels, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office, and a basic understanding of content-management systems

Experience Required:

3-5 years of experience covering the automotive space is desired but not required. Ideal candidate would have a consumer-oriented editorial background.

Candidates must be trained in New York City but can work remotely.

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