Editorial Intern, Crime/Weird News, HuffPost (New York, NY)

New York
Nov 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012
Full Time
The Huffington Post is seeking an editorial intern to work closely with the reporters and editors on the Crime/Weird News team. Our intern is considered a part of the editorial team- you will work side-by-side with us in the HuffPost newsroom. Our intern can expect to be fully immersed in weird news and given a crash course on SEO and social media, and how they function within a modern journalistic environment. This is great opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of new media and get first-hand exposure to how The Huffington Post works. This is not a reporting job, but you'll need to have a way with words, to suck in viewers.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

- The ability to craft killer headlines

- Managing the Weird News and Crime front pages

- Utilizing web analytics to find what works- and what doesn't

- Pitching stories to HuffPost Front Page

- Being a voice on both Twitter and Facebook, including crafting great posts, scheduling them, and doing whatever it takes to foster a community.

Requirements for Success:

- The intern must eat, sleep and breathe weird news.

- Creativity is key- you must think outside the box!

- Internet junkies are welcome- the more you love devouring online content, the better! We are looking for the type of candidate who can spot viral content- before it goes viral!

- Meticulous dedication to detail is key

- Experience using a CMS is required (ex.- WordPress, Drupal, MoveableType, etc.)

- Familiarity with Photoshop/InDesign preferred

- Working knowledge of social media outlets is required, including: twitter, tumblr, facebook, pinterest, etc.

- Experience in creating/writing blogs is strongly preferredĀ 

- Basic HTML experience preferred

- Previous SEO experience highly preferred

This is full time, paid internship located in our New York, NY office- 40 hours/week at $10/hr. Candidates should be currently enrolled in school or 0-6 months out of school.


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