Software Development Engineer, Amazon EC2

Dec 10, 2012
Jan 09, 2013
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Full Time
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is looking for developers with C++, Java, or Ruby experience to build and operate the software behind our innovative pricing models and markets that are revolutionizing the software industry. Our team is focused on exciting and challenging problems, like:
  1. Building out and optimizing the software behind our pricing models (think of everything it would take to build and scale a stock exchange for computing resources)
  2. Empowering developers from around the world to migrate their applications to these new pricing models (e.g. features to reduce friction, APIs, tools, architectural patterns, etc.)
  3. Developing a platform for other AWS teams to build their own versions of our pricing models (e.g. Amazon RDS Reserved Instances)
Members of this team have the opportunity to work with some of the smartest software engineers in the industry to deliver significant impact for the Amazon EC2 business by driving additional revenue and reducing the costs. For instance, this team is tasked with running Amazon EC2's 3rd Party Marketplace for Reserved Instances. The first iteration of The Reserved Instance Marketplace ( is just the beginning. We are growing this team to significantly expand our feature set and manage our rapidly increasing scale.

We are looking for passionate, experienced Ruby, Perl, Java or C/C++. Developers on this team need practical experience building large-scale distributed systems. You should be someone who feels strongly not only about building good software but about making that software achieve its goals in operational reality. Degree in Computer Sciene or related field.>Minimum of 2 years of Linux operating system development and Ruby, Perl, Java or C/C++ experience.

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