Senior Director, Visual Strategy

New York
Dec 20, 2012
Jan 19, 2013
Ms. Hiring Manager
Digital Media
Full Time
This position reports to the CDO, and is responsible for the overall technical metadata strategy and quality control for major projects involving the digital clips and other content and the cataloguing/clip selection of that material.


* The Sr. Director will work with the Site Directors in reviewing potential clients needs for cataloguing and or clip selection of film, video, photographic and other content.

* The Sr. Director helps to formulate an understanding of the client’s needs for new information, as well as strategizing the intake of the clients own records and metadata for inclusion into the overall project output.

* The position oversees the logging/clipping workflow for digital projects with customers.

* In conjunction with the Product Managers the Sr. Director will adjust workers and workflow to match logging and tagging content with the schedule of the ingestion of the material into Media Recall**s tools.

* The Sr. Director will oversee the development of advanced schemas of metadata that can be re-used and adapted for customers in all areas of content, from syndication etc..

* The position will oversee the general quality assurance workflow and the output of metadata to the customer, working in conjunction with project managers/principal client contacts, as well as with the managers and coordinators in the distributed workforce.


* A candidate for this role should have experience with cataloguing and clip selection workflows for video, photographic and other media content for broadcast and web.

* Proficiency in SQL queries, XML is a must.

* Experience with industry schemas like Dublin Core, PBCore, etc. recommended.

* Understanding of digital ingestion and digital workflows is helpful.

* Experience with other media asset management programs, and other information management software is desirable.

* BS/BA preferred.

* Minimum of 3-5 years previous experience

Please be sure to include cover letter and salary requirements when responding to this job post.

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