New York
Dec 21, 2012
Jan 20, 2013
Full Time
Position Description: MarketWatch is seeking a hungry, aggressive and creative journalist to cover the financial industry. We’re interested in a reporter skilled in the use of multiple platforms and social media to cover one of the world’s most important industries from the center of the financial universe. The successful candidate has  demonstrated an ability to break news, analyze with insight and get behind the spot developments in the world of Wall Street firms each day, with a particular focus on financial services companies as stocks and investments in their own right. Whether it be major company moves, regulatory or law-enforcement actions or basic earnings and company performance, the ideal candidate has a passion for finance and can use financial statements, government filings and good-old fashioned reporting to uncover stories that will move markets and turn heads. Accuracy, speed and the ability to build a strong source base are essential.  The successful candidate will be expected to write full stories, blog and Tweet frequently.
Position Requirements: You must have at least three years of experience covering markets or finance at a major news outlet, and at least some experience covering big banks, trading firms and other Wall Street entities.



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