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New York
Dec 28, 2012
Jan 27, 2013
Full Time
About AOL Services:

AOL Services focuses on curating the best content, products, and services mirrored to real human behavior – what people need to make their digital lives as convenient as possible. We create an integrated experience that allows AOL consumers to feel like valued AOL Members, gaining access to the most useful content from some of the best brands, communication tools, and valuable services. Whether through communication products like AOL Mail and AIM, our mobile services, or our subscription packages, AOL Services is pivotal in driving traffic and user engagement across the AOL network.

Role: Lifestyle Editor

AOL is looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated team player to join the homepage of The Editor will write headlines, vet content and work with channel editors to generate content for our widely read front page.  He/she should have a fairly diverse and demonstrable range of interests in current events, have experience working in a fast-paced, online news environment and be fluent in current events in several subject areas. Along with an existing weekend editor, he/she would own the weekends, driving our coverage across a wide scope of events.  He/she would also be responsible for monitoring the live screen to ensure scheduled promotions show up when and where they are supposed to, but their chief responsibility would be to turn weekends on into a fun, dynamic, must-visit destination.

The AOL homepage updates constantly and features stories on a range of topics, including everything from news and celebrity to fashion and autos.


•    Be knowledgeable about an array of subjects
•    Thrive in a fast-paced environment and be able to respond to news as it happens
•    Be able to spot a hot-button story or a viral video from a mile away
•    Be passionate news junkies, familiar with all of the web’s top news sites and blogs, and with current national politics and business news
•    Have excellent organizational skills, be meticulous about details and be able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed
•    3+ years experience in online journalism, very strong writing skills, eagerness to learn and take risks
•    The Editor will work Thu-Sun: The Thursday and Friday shifts would be 9AM - 3PM while the Saturday and Sunday shifts would be: 8AM - 6PM

About AOL:
At AOL we’re focused on radically redefining the world of online communications. We are transforming how people around the globe connect with information, entertainment and one another by bringing together award winning journalists and innovative technologies to create rich and engaging consumer experiences. We look for people who are exceptionally imaginative, collaborative, and truly excited about our mission - to inform, entertain and connect the world.

AOL is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other classification prescribed by applicable law.

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