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Jan 07, 2013
Feb 06, 2013
Mr. Human Resources
Full Time
Specific Duties:
• Writing (not assigning) a minimum of two insider posts each day before 12:30 pm ET, one centerpiece (600-800 word feature), and one slideshow each week.
• Assign and edit freelancer stories under the director of the news director or editor in chief.
• Work with and assist the news director in ensuring political news is being appropriately covered in a timely manner on Advocate.com.
• Anticipate political developments and events that are important to the core reader and ensure these development and events are accurately and responsibly reported on a timely basis in the magazine and/or on Advocate.com.
• Scrutinize all political news events for possible gay angles, and present the editor in chief with possible political stories every issue.
• Apprise the news director and editor in chief of his or her whereabouts, projects, and schedule each day and via a weekly phone meeting.
• Represent the magazine and it’s viewpoint in all-things gay that are happening in Washington, D.C., both for interviews with other print and online publications and television news programs and in company-produced video pieces
• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the editor in chief.

Skill Requirements:
This person in this position must be well organized, have a strong interest in public-policy questions, a commitment to The Advocate brand, and a broad knowledge of the LGBT rights movement as well as the proven ability to think critically. Must be a highly proficient reporter who is able to master The Advocate style. Must be self-motivated and politically obsessed. Must be extremely discriminating when considering story pitches and know the elements that make an article an “Advocate story.” Must be able to work independently and maintain a schedule outside of a traditional newsroom environment. Blogger experience preferred; CMS proficiency preferred. Must be able to work well and remain calm under pressure and be willing and able to work evenings or weekends when needed to meet deadlines, or to respond to breaking news. Must be sufficiently flexible and knowledgeable about the Here Media production process and to work with editors to turn around news stories quickly. Must be able to work on relationships with newsworthy personalities and the publicity people who handle them.

Please submit cover letter, resume, minimum salary expectations, and work samples/links to: jobs@heremedia.com

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