Creative Director

New York
Feb 04, 2013
Mar 06, 2013
Romana Claretta Hussain
Full Time
Hazen and Sawyer seeks to hire a Creative Director for its New York City office to conceptualize and provide preliminary design of marketing and communications materials that fulfill business objectives. We are looking for an individual who will draw people together to share ideas and help technical staff articulate winning themes by visual means that they would have never considered. The Creative Director must take great pride in the quality of their work, savor the expanding capabilities of technology, and “get” that victory in the current hypercompetitive market comes only to firms who produce work greater than the sum of the individual contributors. We are looking for an individual who can be both a compelling leader and a supportive teammate. The Creative Director must be an energizing person, not only in the content they create but in both work ethic and style, as they will be tasked with working with a team of engineers, proposal development staff, and graphics department staff for each assignment.

•Strong conceptual skills, including the translational ability to listen to and understand complex technical information and approaches provided by an engineer for a client/opportunity and use their talents and visual translational skills to develop winning visuals and info-graphics that would be simple, easy to understand and appeal to prospective clients.
•Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch-up or similar program, Quark. Experience in Adobe Director and web design preferred.
•Experience in branding and corporate identity programs preferred.
•The ability and desire to foster the professional development and readiness of the creative team, to grow the team’s skills and drive constant improvement of the work product, and to embrace technology’s ability to differentiate our firm.
•To demonstrate passion, integrity, and energy in the role of Creative Director.

Hazen and Sawyer is an engineering firm with $100M to $200M of annual revenues; our Northeast Region competes for 150 new jobs annually, most in our core markets of water, wastewater, and stormwater providing a spectrum of planning, design, and construction management services. Proposals, which can range in size from $50,000 of revenue to several million dollars, include a written component, with follow-up interviews for shortlisted firms on larger opportunities. Major pursuits are a collaboration of several engineers spanning multiple disciplines and offices, marketing staff, a graphics department of 3-4 employees, and Joint Venture Partners/subconsultants.

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