Reporter, Delaware Courts

Feb 08, 2013
Mar 10, 2013
Ms. Lynn Starace
Full Time
Law360, published by Portfolio Media, Inc. is an online daily newswire that covers breaking legal news for a sophisticated audience of lawyers at firms, corporations and government agencies.

We currently have an opportunity for a reporter in Delaware to report on events in the Delaware Bankruptcy Court as well as the Delaware Chancery Court for our daily online news service. The Delaware reporter will be responsible for keeping track of events in these courts, attending selected events, communicating with editors about which events to attend, and filing 2 news stories per day on court events attended.

- BA/BS degree;
- Two plus years of paid, full time reporting experience or relevant graduate degree;
- Demonstrated reporting, writing and organizational skills;
- Must be willing to attend court events.

Preferences (one or more would be desirable):
- Graduate degree in journalism
- Experience in court reporting
- Experience in covering legal and regulatory affairs
- Experience in covering business news
- Experience in meeting daily deadlines