Assistant/Associate Editor - Fine Woodworking

Feb 14, 2013
Mar 16, 2013
Full Time

FINE WOODWORKING magazine seeks a journalist or experienced writer with a proven passion for woodworking. You'll be based in our Connecticut headquarters, but you'll travel monthly to visit talented furniture makers around the country. Professional video skills are a plus, specifically storyboarding and shooting. Attach a cover letter, resume, and pictures of your woodworking projects and shop space.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

• EDIT - The associate/assistant editor is the front-line player in moving articles from raw manuscript to layout. He or she collects text and other material from the author and schedules concept and manuscript meetings with the chief editor and art director to focus and adjust the article and plan the photo shoot. The associate/assistant edits the manuscript for clarity, technical accuracy, and style. He or she works with the author to iron out any vagueness or to answer technical questions that arise during the editing. The photography generally requires travel.

• ACQUIRE - At the editor’s request and on their own initiative, the associate contacts new authors, and helps them prepare proposals for staff review.

• WRITE - On assignment from the editor, the associate editor researches and writes articles on topics of interest to the readers. This may involve travel, phone and Internet research.

• PHOTOGRAPH - Associates will have to acquire workable photography skills appropriate to the magazine.

• VIDEO - Associates should be able to quickly learn how to storyboard video shoots with A-roll and B-roll shots, and shoot that raw footage.

• TRAVEL - At least one week in five or six is spent traveling to take photographs for the magazine and shoot video for the Web site.


• Must have strong writing and editing skills, preferably related to newspapers, magazines, or Web sites.
• Must have personal woodworking experience.
• Photography and video skills are a plus.



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